Pictorial essay of Return Our CPF Rally 27 Sep


Anonymous said...

Rb // The sun was very unkind, contrary to the prediction of our resident geomancer. Too damn hot.//

Rb, no matter what is the objective, do YEW seriously and sincerely think it would help the "cause" to "walk into many potentially big and deep holes" already "dug waiting" for YEW?

Is the "cause" so "acute" and as if "in the ER room" that "die die" must "walk into the potential holes"?

If "protest" hold back one more week or reschedule due to "human shield event" oops "humanitarian event" going on "WILL" derail the "entire cause" or "objective" of it?

Cum on RB, when YEW "take on" somebody and "an issue" as BIG as "these", do YEW expect people to give YEW "any quarters" or "breathing space"?

Before the protest even begins, the "potential whole story line" is already been "scripted" and "predictable"?


Can YEW not see any "young CSJ saga" not unlike in the early "2000s" playing out all over again?

Would it help the "cause" YEW are "fighting" for?

In 2001, after some "silly incident" and "holes made for somebody to walk right into", Char Tow "ROMPED" home with "COUNTLESS" home runs and more than "75%" victory?

So is it "clever" to let "history" somewhat be "REPEATED"?

Do YEW "seriously and sincerely" think "walking into the potential holes already dug there" can and will "help the cause" YEW are "fighting" for as far as the masses and public opinions are concerned "WHERE IT MATTERS"?

Think again?

In a "war", it is always "seizing back" the initiative that matters and possibly deciding the outcome?

Does "walking straight into potential holes already dug" in any way able to seize back the initiative?

Think about it?

If another "cause of action" and "grace" is shown, how would "public opinion" be shaped?

For example, "postponing" the "protest" to another weekend?

If there is another event "AGAIN", postpone again .......

Doesn't that make more sense?

Who do YEW think would gain in the eyes of the "public opinion"?

If YEW still have no idea what would be the next thing to happen when YEW do sthg like this, pls go read again "old man's books"?

He is "kind enough" to "state the consequences and what to expect"?


b said...

Must put up more sexy ladies photos so can attract hum sum uncles to show up next round.