Singaporeans have another stake in this island

It was the govt’s policy to make sure Singaporeans have a stake in this island, at least owning a HDB flat. This was the old govt’s policy. Never mind those Singaporeans that were banned from buying a stake in this city state. Never mind if they have served their NS and still kpkb caused they could not buy a stake in a city state they have pledged and trained to defend. Never mind if foreigners turned new citizens are allowed to buy and have a stake in this island without having to serve NS.

The govt now has created a new stake for all Singaporeans here. The govt is making sure that the citizens will have a lot of money in the CPF, as another stake for them to feel there is something to protect and die for.

Now NS men will have to protect their CPF until their die, maybe 90 or 100 years. The govt has worked it all out to make sure you will always have CPF money, a lot of money,  in your CPF account. This is a new stake in addition to your HDB flat.

So for those not allowed to buy HDB flats and claimed that they have no stake in this city state to protect, there you are, now you have a stake in the CPF. You can’t take it all out when you need it at 55, so you better defend it with all your life and not allow anyone to take it away.

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Virgo49 said...

Singaporeans served National Service and choose not to marry.

Now can only buy 2 room flats or studio flats if they are over age 55. No flats to trade off buying studio units as considered as rental due to purchase back by the Board in depreciating terms.

Foreigners came and even single can even stay in five room flats not even forming a family nucleus.

Singles especially also the WHITES as their color of the PAP converting the flats into joints and clubs brought social problems into the neighborhoods.

When Dr Goh Keng Swee was the Deputy PM and Defence Minister, he gave ALL NSMEN who had served him priority in the allocation of HDB flats regardless of size and locations.

This is the privilege of ALL who served the Nation and not to those instant trashes who came and enjoy our hardships and sacrifices.

Now, own monies also controlled by them and gets permission what and what not to use!!

This government is really

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Goh Keng Swee and Toh Chin Chye and their colleagues were wise men.

Since then, all we have is very clever men and women. They have yet to find wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Daft.. medicine also useless, stupigity have no bound

U dun owned a hdb cunthole, merely a 99 years lease.

Will reallee last full term b4 papigs decide to upgrade

How many hdb "sold" .. $500 per unit for paperwork. ... wah liao eh, at least half billion dollars revenue

Leemember... papigs provide a shelter for daft not God but god..

Anonymous said...

"You can’t take it all out when you need it at 55, so you better defend it with all your life and not allow anyone to take it away."

Please lah, when a Sinkie renounce his citizenship, he can take out all his CPF what. And at any age above 21 too, tio bo?

Of course that is provided the Sinkie is smart enough to be able to find and get a better life elsewhere lah. And I believe there are lots of such smart Sinkies.

So what is left behind are those daft Sinkies who need money but cannot take out CPF at 55 and so kpkb lah.

Or smart Sinkies with lots of money in their bank account, so the issue of whether can take out CPF money or not does not arise for these Sinkies. And I believe there are about 60% of such Sinkies, including new smart Sinkies, in Sinkieland.

And depending on how fast the numbers of these new Sinkies are growing, it could even exceed 60% by 2015 or 2016.

If I were PM Lee, I am very assured of Sinkieland's (aka PAP) future.

Anonymous said...

If I were PM Lee, I am very assured of Sinkieland's (aka PAP) future.
Anon 10:47 am

Tiok. And I think he knows better than RB or anyone else. Because he is PM and also that's why he is PM.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Some factual errors @ RB:

»» owning a HDB flat. ««

There is no personal "ownership" of HDB flat as it is STATE property owned and managed by the stat board known as "HDB".

What you "own" is a LEASE to the HDB flat assigned to your name.

Points to remember:

1. You do not own HDB
2. You do not own the money in CPF

However govt ministers and many other people will tell you that you "own" the aforementioned....without offering any proof or testable evidence

Similarly there are people who presume "authority" who tell you that there are invisible immortal beings living in the sky, and about 75% of all the worlds' peoples believe this to be true...without any proof or testable evidence.

So go ahead and believe whatever makes you feel "safe" and "comfortable"....even if it's a LIE ;-)

Anonymous said...

Stake or no stake may not be the most crucial consideration in the coming years for many sinkies. Living and breathing space are likely to be more pivotal factors whether many sinkies in the midst choose to uproot or stay. Friction between humans in SINKIELAND could likely be more pronounced down the road given that leaving space is shrinking in this tiny red rock of 715 sq km relative to the continued and relentless influx of people at net increment of about 100,000 annually.

At 9,500 to 10,500 people per sq km by 2030, sinkieland may be surpassing the tipping point of sustainable population density for people to live, work, study, play and procreate. Coupled with high cost of living, humid warm equatorial weather, high pace and stress of living, heightened social inequality, selfish policies, hypocrisy aplenty among the YEW know who, etc etc, it could be a perfect storm in the making for explosive and even deadly encounters at abnormally high frequencies.

Being a small city state in this current ultra competitive and highly globalised uncertain world, SINKIELAND natural fate is akin to being between a rock and a hard place.

Without wise, far-sighted, enlightened leaders and selfless, non-self serving, non-self enriching, non-hypocritical leadership, lives for the masses can only be like rats packed in a more and more crowded cage. To survive in such cramped conditions, countless experiments had shown that the rats would end up clawing, biting, hurting each other to stay alive in such a sardine packed living space, if there is any left.

In recent decades, by migrating to a labour intensive service centric economy and a large proportion of which is low value-added such as food and beverage etc, highly friction-filled incidents and even disastrous outcome are almost inevitable in SINKIELAND in such an economy that needs more and more labour inputs to sustain it without much real per capita growth generating out of such state.

The window period to avoid going down such a path in SINKIELAND' s economic growth and development may have been squandered in the 90s and early 2000s.

Over the next 10 to 20 years, many native sinkies among the masses have to make the choice of whether to continue staying like rats in an over crowded, friction prone environment or uproot and go to some foreign land with plenty of breathing space and room to stretch the elbows and legs.

Indeed sinkies may have been led to more wilderness and desert-like destination in the past 24 years. From being caught between a rock and a hard place in the earlier years, sinkies now and going forward may find themselves being caught between an even HARDER rock and an equally HARDER place.

The difficulty and frustration to survive in such a cramped and stress-riddled pressure cooker environment could rise exponentially for more and more sinkies in each passing year in this cruel and unforgiving tiny red rock. Sooner rather than later, this could end up as an accelerated race of attrition for many.

The absurdity of making this 715 sq km tiny red rock as an independent nation state by old man may come back to haunt him and his successors 60 or 70 years late by 2025 or 2035 and onwards. This possible outcome could have been avoided if the chances were not squandered by self-serving and self-enriching leadership in the 90s and 2000s.

When leaders start renumerating themselves with millions in tax payers fund, sinkies should have guessed the leeders' heart could not have been in the right place. Which caring leaders in history ever helped themselves to the millions of tax payers monies in salaries and bonuses and yet still have the interests of the masses in the heart of their policies?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Dun swet it so much lah. The "old man" has not long to go.

IMO he'll be dead within a month. Definitely no Xmas or NY 2015 for him. So you'd better go and buy your Cordon Bleu cognac now ;-)

Redbean, have you checked my grandiloquent claim or not?

Anonymous said...

/// AnonymousSeptember 06, 2014 9:17 pm
" Stop bullshitting Matilar. You should not say things like this. Our Great leader will always be with us."

Yes anon 8.14pm, think YEW are probably right!

Old man, based on Chinese astrology, can likely live beyond 2016.

Btw, his 91st bd is coming up on the Tues ( 16 Sept ) after the coming one. His likely appearance would dispel the untruthful "info from undisclosed sources" ......... ///

Anonymous said...

One good example of lack of breathing, living, studying spaces is the public libraries.

If any ministar bother to visit any library, he or she will realize that he or she cannot bring any YAKULT to drink in the library.

Besides, between 10.15 am and 5pm, he will also realize that YEW cannot get any seat at any table.

If YEW walk and look around, more than 50% are probably foreign students taking up the spaces and seats meant rightfully for NS serving Singaporean students.

Many students try to study at alternative places such as coffee joints but on weekends, students are often chased out by the staff due to insufficient dining spaces.

With lack of foresight and hindsight after probably drinking too much Yayapapacoob, many public libraries are either one or two storeys high in a city with population density of 8,000 every square kilometres of its 715 sq km area. Even the 3 miserable libraries in the east, west and north are no more than 4 storeys high when they are surrounded by catchment areas of more than 1 million population.

Yew think SINKIELAND' s paper generals are of any use other than on paper!?

Anonymous said...

Typo @ 12.23pm

Should be " even the 3 miserable REGIONAL libraries"

Not " 3 miserable libraries" ......

Anonymous said...

"If any ministar bother to visit any library..... between 10.15 am and 5pm, he will also realize that YEW cannot get any seat at any table.
Anon 12:23 pm

But that already happened even before 2011! I know because I was there.

Yet 60% still voted for PAP in GE 2011!

Which shows that lack of breathing, living, studying spaces and majority voting for PAP are separate issues.

So why should next GE be any different, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

"But that already happened even before 2011!"
Anon 12.47 pm


And I think overall, the PAP now is better than the PAP of 2011.

That is why PM Lee said that Singaporeans are more happy and satisfied now than they were 2 years ago.

And I think he has valid reasons and backed by reality to say that.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Library-loving anons:

Personally, I don't think school / tertiary students should be allowed to "study" in the PUBLIC libraries, as the students have their own libraries in their respective schools.

Public libraries are for the public -- notably the TAX PAYING public. The fucking students don't pay tax, so they can FUCK OFF from STUDYING IN the public libraries and use the ones in their schools. If they need to borrow or to read books, sure; read, borrow then fuck off.

Once you finish your studies, get a job and start paying tax, then you get to enjoy the other "privileges" which come from being an adult: you can gamble, smoke and buy alcohol, watch R-18 movies, get drivers' licenses, vote....etc etc..but until then, you are just STUDENTS -- we PAY ==> YOUR <== way. So a bit of fucking respect, consideration and appreciation please (as if we have to ask for it!)

Anonymous said...


According to Chinese Astrology.....
Old Fart will live past 2016......
Good Omen, he shall see the Mobilization of the Army and the Consequences of it. He deserves to witness it happens, he is the One who puts it in place though he does not know that is the End of Sin.

Anonymous said...

Anon // But that already happened even before 2011! I know because I was there.

Yet 60% still voted for PAP in GE 2011!//

Ha ha ha

Anon 12.47pm,

YEW and the paper generals are probably of the same mode in terms of "si niao" thinking.

What does that mean?

YEW and "si niao " paper generals are still thinking that the next 10 GEs are in the pocket becos of your "si niao cleverness "?

The issue now probably is whether 20 to 30 % of sinkies will continue staying in SINKIELAND or to work overseas and dun come back for good. These sinkies are probably the cream of each cohort.

Many are already leaving every year and the momentum is picking up. Dun believe ask Teochew Ah Hia's MPs to table such a question in the next parliamentary sitting and see for yourself what the statistics show?

20 % to 30% sinkies, if they do uproot over say the next 10 or 15 years or eventually, is about 700,000 to 1,000,000 of SINKIELAND 's population. And probably the cream of the lot.

YEW can get another 7m to 8m ah neh and pinoy to work here but the "glue" to hold the social fabric together will be missing. The quality also will be different as illustrated in the Dec 2013 Little India Riot.

Instant trees or instant "Big babies " and newly born Sinkies raised to adulthood in SINKIELAND are almost 100% "2 different creatures ".

As old man said time and again over his entire career, it is difficult to change a person once he or she has grown up. In fact, he went on to categorically state that "by the time a person is 30, his character is formed ". No?

Dun believe try changing your husband or wife in some little ways after marriage?

So the up to 1,000,000 native Sinkies who might uproot over next 10 to 20 years to work overseas and never to come back are replaceable in quantity BUT irreplaceable in quality.

Actually any election victory likely will be more and more "HOLLOW" in each passing GE. When the 民心" is gone, "nationhood" likely goes with it.

With that gone, who are the eventual victors leading or what are they leading? "乌合之众" or some "stateless economic migrants "? What is that supposed to mean? What would that mean? Where is the glue to gel such "stateless economic migrants "?

The PG leaders and their generation took about 2 and half decades to try and forge a common identity among sinkies and give them a stake through physical stuff like HDB flats before winning their hearts, minds and souls over.

What about now?

Has it become better among the younger generations or has it gone backwards?

Where is that strong sense of belonging and nationhood among many sinkies?

How much "民心" is left?

Can YEW still call SINKIELAND a nation state in 30 years time if majority of natives are gone for good? Maybe in name. Unlikely in essence!

Anonymous said...

If any Singaporean thinks he or she owns a piece of this miserable red dot, please wake the fuck up. You do not own anything here. You have the privilege to live, work and grow a family here, but you own nothing. Of course you "own" your CPF, but only if you decide to leave the island. Only the smart Singkies have left. The rest dumb asses are here waiting to be slaughtered.

My advice for you dumb asses is to pack your bags, gather up your asset and collect your CPF and go. Nothing can be worse than living here in this pressure cooker environmrnt.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


»» Nothing can be worse than living here in this pressure cooker environmrnt. ««

Actually I think there are worse environments to be in -- like Iraq where you can lose your head ;-)

No one says you HAVE TO stay your entire life in S'pore. In fact you can just concentrate on your self interest and maximise your profit as a Singaporean. There is a definite POSITIVE SIDE to being Singaporean...but it is up to you to EXPLOIT IT TO THE MAX, and damn the naysayers and no-action cock talkers.

Just because there are incurable losers in Singapore, doesn't mean you have to be infected with their debilitating disease ;-)

Please lah, there are loads of opportunity waiting to be exploited. If you dun do it, some "undeserving" foreigner just might, and eat your lunch...only because you ALLOWED it.

So don't blame the FT's. They are here. And they are motivated -- much more than your lazy complacent ass ;-)

Anonymous said...

Amongst the Exodus are the children and grandchildren of the Rulers.
Many are probably domiciled in foreign lands with studies as their reasons.
Soon, the Ousted and Retired Rulers will leave. Even if they do not physically go, most of their fortunes do.
See the Need to grab as much as they can?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


»» See the Need to grab as much as they can? ««

Why not? That "need" is available to everyone.

As I've said before, in Singapore there are loads of opportunities to "profit" and to "prosper". If you don't take the free kicks given to you, you are a damn fool.

And you don't even have to aspire to live in the west -- previously "favoured" destinations of Canada, UK, Australia and USA. Nowadays looking at Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia...all make perfect sense, especially when your Almighty Singapore Dollar buys you a king's lifestyle in many other SE Asian cuntrees.

Got self-interested driven, profit-seeking, exploitation mindset?

P.S. Embrace your greed. Other people will tell you that you are "evil". Fuck them :-)

Anonymous said...

Knn Matilah.

Please do not take everyone as
EVIL and VAIN as Yew.

Yew shall turn to dust and dirt no matter how rich and powerful.

Please do not cause your successors to be spitted and cursed at.

Anonymous said...

Scotland maybe independent soon.
Later Ireland will follow.
Whilst some states are going independent, some independent states will be come provinces due to ineptness and abuse of the Leaders. Nothing unusual as they are repeated quite infrequently in history.

Sin is unique, the Best in the Whole of South East Asia for hundreds of years despite been a tiny dot with little resources. It boomed as a colony. The Colonial Master made Sin its control centre and developed it into a trade centre that made Sin prospers for hundreds of years attracting much immigrants.

The Immigrants made Sin so prosperous that it now attracts a lot of gold diggers. There are so many of them now that the golds are running low and short. Fights for them(golds) are likely to be ugly.

Sadly, much of the golds have migrated somehow as Sin is the Land of Migrants, golds migrate with the Gold Diggers. Not much left for the stayers.

Anonymous said...

Why must true blue Sinkies leave?

The answer is VTO.