War against the Islamic State getting closer

The Axis, from Washington and London, has reached Canberra. The three European colonial powers have joined hands to take on the ISIS. They have formed a ‘Coalition of the Willings’ once again to take on the Islamic fighters they called evil. On the evil Islamic fighters side there is a real coalition of more than 80 countries, fighters from these countries who marched there with their feet, to fight on the side of the Islamic State. This kind of volunteerism and martyrdom is frightening and very difficult to defeat.

When we were part of the first ‘Coalition of the Willings’, many knew it was the ‘Coalition of the Unwillings’, we could be excused for being forced into a situation when we were either with George Bush or against George Bush. We had no choice. Do we have a choice this time? Has the armed twisting started and we would again be volunteered to fight in this war against the Islamic State?

In the first instance, fighting to topple Saddam Hussein was a pretty isolated event. Invading Iraq on a fake charge of WMD, a serious violation of a country’s sovereignty, a very serious precedent set by the evil Empire to justify an invasion, given the predominance of the Empire, it was quite safe to do so with minimal repercussions.

To be actively involved against the Islamic State is not going to be a cake walk, and not going to be pleasant. In particular, living in a sea of Islamic states and with many sympathizers quietly supporting, it is deadly crazy to incur their wrath. We cannot afford to be involved in this war. We are too vulnerable and exposed.

May wisdom rule and we be spared from becoming a party to this Coalition of the Willings or Unwillings. We have no choice but to walk away. And pray there is no hero who thinks this is another party for a bit of glory and chest thumping. This war is disease. There will be plenty of gory.

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Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire is in a perpetual state of war. Which idiot said they are a friendly and peaceful people?

They thrive on warfare and war is their biggest means for a good life, the only thing they know how to do well.

Anonymous said...

Cameroon talking big time. He does not know that Britain is the most vulnerable with its huge muslim population and sympathisers. Britain just you waite.

Anonymous said...

Rb. // We are too vulnerable and exposed. //

Rb, sure or not?

YEW neber heard about "ONE SHOT ONE KILL " by SINKIELAND paper tigers, oops, correction, should be paper generals. Who neber heard about it, pls kee chiu.

Btw, kee one chiu enough. Pls dun kee 2 CHIUs. Liddat become "surrender" .Haven't fight kee 2 CHIUs "surrender" like neber give face paper tigers, oops, should be paper generals.

Think uncle sam no need so lay chay lar!

Just get paper generals buy in then send them "fight " ISIS, "ONE SHOT ONE KILL " in no time ISIS "surely wiped out "liao.

Rb, why YEW liddat say "SINKIELAND very vulnerable "? Neber give face paper tigers.

Are YEW saying paper tigers "boasting" about "one shot one kill "? "吹牛皮"? Jiatlat, "牛皮吹破"?

Anonymous said...

The Empire and its European allies are adept in getting the Arabs to kill each other. Teh Arab countries would constantly be manipulated to be in a state of war and turmoil.

Now there is likely to be another willing partner coming from Asean. Malaysia is flirting with the idea of sleeping with the Americans. So Malaysia's participation in this war against the Islamic State would be a major victory for the Empire.

The Americans must be working very hard to get the Muslim states on its side and Malaysia is looking quite ready to do so.

Anonymous said...

This war against the Islamic State is not something yew want to trifle with. It is an unending war across national boundaries.

Yew will be smart to stay out of it.

Anonymous said...

Singapore once again will do only what benefits Singapore. If there is gain at the end of the tunnel, Singapore will be there. If not Singapore will hide behind big brother the US of A. What a shit way to run a country.

Anonymous said...

Other than fighting the battles in enemies' territories, no fighter can win any war in their very own homeland. It is plain for all to see but, some just do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Piss lah, this is probablee an angmoh outfit like many others

A stepping stone to oh invade Syria n Iran

Maybe our old fart god advised them..

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It's not just getting close. Today Aussie PM Tony Abbot declared war.

Here we go again....

Anonymous said...

Is it like giving Sinkies masks to use for haze RATHER THAN TO STOP THE HAZE AT SOURCE???

Anonymous said...

Don't ever think this is a game that yew can start or join and quit any time yew want.

And hope the ISIS knows who are fighting them and limits their fight to their enemies and not starting fires randomly and burning the innocents and bystanders. If they do that, they will bring the whole world upon them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


»» the ISIS knows who are fighting them and limits their fight to their enemies ««

You must be joking. The whole idea of psychological warfare is to strike terror into peoples hearts.

ISIS/ ISIL are also very well funded, they have training resources, huge financial means, and technological sophistication. They self declare as a STATE -- i.e. the ultimate legal authority for justice, regulation and taxation -- total GOVERNANCE, which makes them far more powerful than any previous terrorist group.

Anonymous said...

You be the judge,





Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I posted my article looking from the political aspects of the conflict, political domination, national interests, economic interests. Touching on the religious point of view can be very hot and inflammatory. I often choose to read in silence.

Basic human values, killing and taking lives under whatever pretext is evil.

b said...

Better not fight with vikings and cowboys lah. They are not very civilised one. Try to go for peace talks and abolish the old religion and convert to another new religion if old religion is bringing so much trouble. Religion is like a tv and must change sometimes if it is broken or outdated.

Anonymous said...

Changing religions is like changing fashion, it does not change the person wearing it.
Worse, it does not make the Believers any less superstitious or more enlightened