Daft, daft and daft

Don’t Sinkies get it? Everyone has been calling them daft day in and day out and they are so happy about it, or pretending not to know. At 55 years old, got a life time of education, raised a family, some are Ah Kongs and Ah Mahs, some sitting in board meetings as senior management or as CEOs, and they said you are daft. They said you are irresponsible, would squander away your life time savings, and on mei meis. You spent your whole life being a responsible individual, serve your NS to defend your country, they said you cannot be trusted with your life time savings of a few hundred thousand dollars. It would be different if you are in IMH. But no, you are still healthy and employed in very senior and responsible positions in big corporations and institutions.

And the best part, the daft kept quiet and accepted being labelled as daft and irresponsible, and cannot be trusted with their own money by little boys and girls who thought they are really demigods. And these boys and girls are grinning themselves silly at the daft, and laughing all the way to the banks.

And now there are a few boys and girls standing up at Hong Lim trying to defend the pride, honour, dignity and stupidity of the daft. And what did the daft do? They called these boys and girls daft.

And the fake foreigners are flooding into the countries to take up the top jobs, and some daft still thinking they are taking the cheap jobs. And the foreigners are telling the govt or people in MOM they could not find any Sinkies good enough for employment in well paying jobs. And they have to go overseas, especially to their 3rd World villages to hire their Ah Bengs, Ahmads and Aruns to replace our graduates from world ranked universities. And we stupidly keep going back to them to want to hear their explanations and be willingly conned by them, and without knowing that they were telling themselves that these silly people are so easy to be duped.

And to rub salt to the wounds, they brought in fakes to sit on top of our people and order them around and fucking up their careers and lives, and drawing big salaries just to make the Sinkies look daft and believe they are really daft. How’s that for dessert?

And to top it all, we are going to develop our Singaporean core by giving pink ICs to these foreigners and called them Singaporeans to manage us, manage our companies that we built without them, and probably to run our country too in a matter of time.

Why are we so daft and not knowing it? How long are we going to live with this daft reputation and not going to resist it? Anyone passing 55 and not complaining about his CPF money and the reason for not letting him have his money is a daft.

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Anonymous said...

This is why I don't fight for Singaporeans the way Roy & HHH does at Hong Lim Park.
The key is to ask daft Singaporeans:
How does it benefit you if Roy & HHH succeeds/fails?
You have to appeal to self interest.

I'm anti-PAP because i know it's in my self interest to be anti-PAP.
I know I will benefit more if more Opposition MPs are elected into parliament.

Anonymous said...

Why not you write a sarcastic article called "Why I am a die hard PAP voter"
Here are some ideas:

I vote PAP because I want to spend 2 years of my youth working for the PAP army and be paid peanuts.

I vote PAP because I have no self respect and will gladly accept being called daft and ungrateful by PAP politicians.

I vote PAP because I do not need my CPF money when I am 55 years old.

I vote PAP because I am grateful for having the opportunity of being a taxi driver when i lose my PMET job to aliens.

Anonymous said...

bravo ...bravo ...bravo

due to the ingenuity of the papigs suddenly those seniors daft stinkapornang becUm

health conscious and flocking to the clinics and hospitals

mass brainwashing by msm and thru grasslooters;

papigs had successfully free up those cash hoarded by dafty under their smelly pillows n bolsters .. hopefully no cunt juice and lan chiow juice smells

medical revenues increse expotientially aka big fat bonuses

most important ...these dafts swallow locks stocks n barrel that papigs reallee care ... huat ah, soon we see promptions across the board ... ministoons, senior positions created 4 the cuMing election

once again ... papigs care for all ... vote for papigs ..papigs, papigs ...we wanna papigs

aljunied grc will return the the bossom of papigs ...

leemember ... old fart kuan yew will be the honorary mp for tp
vote 4 papigs

papigs forever

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering why Sinkies are not making much noise as predicted. PAP must be doing something right. Take CPF, for those who enjoying a good job now may not need the money so urgently. These people may want to ensure they have steady income after retirement. For those who lost their jobs before 55, they may be more concern about finding new jobs then thinking of getting their CPF at 55. In any case, they also want a steady income after 65. In other words, those who lost their jobs now may not want to take out their CPF which will render them less money when they hit 65 and jobs will be hard to come by.

Maybe and maybe that is the reason why taking out CPF at 55 is not so important for either party.

Anonymous said...

Red bean, there is an old chinese saying that when you get old u become childlike. So the government understand this mah. Hence even if you are very responsible and hold important position etc when u were younger or even now, eventually you will be childlike and hence the need to protect you and hold your life savings for your benefit. In fact the government should go one step further by confiscating the rest of the oldies savings in the banks etc and pay them only a monthly amount as the principle is the same.

If not the damage may be many times larger when the life savings are cheated by mei mei like the recent posting on the internet of that oldie kena con by the mei mei though not a spring chicken type but still look fairly attractive for the oldies. So u tell me lar Tio Bo?

Anonymous said...

Not daft also become daft.

Knuckle-dusted by Con Yew.

Sold out by Woody.

Painted pink by Pinky, rosy on the outside, aching on the inside. 60% already given up, resigned to their fate.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:14 is right. PAP must be doing something right.

And Anon 10:12, you have just done it. You have written all the good reasons why the people should vote PAP.

I can't do it better.

Anonymous said...


Click on this to see the happy Singaporeans having a good time.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

self-deluded @ RB:

»» Anyone passing 55 and not complaining about his CPF money and the reason for not letting him have his money is a daft.

If you still believe the money is "yours", then you are worse than daft: you are DELUDED.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is better to be deluded than to be duped and keep saying there is nothing that can be done. And keep convincing oneself that one's life savings belongs to the govt.

Only losers will adopt such an attitude.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, Speed. Isn't it better for Singaporean to accept the inevitable ? There is nothing Singaporeans can do to change the situation. The policy is already cast in stone. Protest rallies at HLP just go to show the futility of trying to change the situation. During the radio interview by your PM, he told the 55 year old taxi driver to work till 65 and then dip into his CPF for his travel and other enjoyment. The way I see it, there isn't much to be done to alter the situation. We must not imitate the Hong Kongers who are making too much trouble for the Chinese government at the moment. We do not want to go down that road, do we?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, if not because of Roy, would there be any changes? Like you said, everything will be cast in stone. But they knew that what they are doing are untenable and now we see a little changes, though still not enough. But Roy and the protest have worken them up a bit and they are no longer so arrogant. They have to think very carefully if they eant to make more sweeping changes against the people's money.

The govt has not done enough to appease the people. And the people still have a few cards up their sleeves. The next GE could be very telling.

The govt knows that it cannot take the people for granted anymore. Roy has opened the eyes of the people and also of the govt.

Anonymous said...

Not Daft, just too busy. Busy campaigning for LBGT rights, attending Pink dot events, campaigning women's right's, fighting against invisible male oppressors while ignoring real life oppressors, campaigning for save the dogs, no debarking, give them shelter while ignoring the city's homeless and poor and the suppression of free speech. Busy mourning the death of Robbin Williams and celebrating the birth of little prince George. How dumbed down Singaporeans are with their misplaced priorities.

b said...

60% are sure dumb dumb ones. They do not understand that at the beginning (poor) stage, it is ok to have a one party dominant rule but at a certain (progress) stage, a one party dominant rule is not so good anymore. All things go thru a life cycle. Different stage needs different rule.

b said...

"If you still believe the money is "yours", then you are worse than daft: you are DELUDED."

- If fight, still 50% chance will end up yours. If no fight, 100% chance will end up not yours. Its a risk and return exercise. But if only two fighting so very dim chance leh.

b said...

In other words, if opp have more votes (>50%), more CHANCE this cpf withholding will go away.

Anonymous said...

In 2010, SL was "ridiculed" for voicing concerns over proposed huge ministars pay. Despite many red flags, it was ramped through. But after suffered some backlash in 2011 GE, mai hum then asked fat man head review committee cut pay by 30%.

Anonymous said...

Lol. RB tak boleh tahan liao. Every few days write one same kind of post. Roy's protestors need to work harder. Maybe twice a month. If not RB tong buay tiao liao.

Anonymous said...

Many lingering social and economic issues and problems are unlikely to be significantly looked into except superficial and cosmetic gloss over. The countless MRT breakdowns is one good example. Nonetheless, it is for all to see that after trying to solve MRT breakdown problems since GE 2011, the top brass of paper ex 1 to 3 stars Generals are still no where near getting on top of the situation. Likely there would be other MRT issues and problems cropping up even before current problems are solved. Human nature, in particular politicians, is such that many problems would be assumed to be non-existent or left to fester if no attention or sufficient hoohah is raised. Many other issues and problems are far more severe, irreversible and fatalistic than the MRT issues and problems. How and when they will be looked into and solutions proposed is anybody's guess. Meanwhile, the viability issues plaguing SINKIELAND since day one will always remain as long as it stays in current form. The notion of nation states and competing and co-existing in the international economic and political system have been around for about 200 years for some nation states and much shorter for many others. Being leaders, the huge buffers built by the PG leaders and citizens are meant to provide the window period and means to fortify and build further safeguards and advantages to make up for SINKIELAND' s huge natural shortcomings as far as the factors for nationhood, growth and development are concerned. Unfortunately, the 富二代and the 官二代 in SINKIELAND may have not prudently managed it. Without fortifying and building up far more overwhelming advantages over other much more larger and gigantic nation states since 1990, SINKIELAND may have already missed the "window period " and far more odds are now stacked against it. Meanwhile, 5,000 storeys IVORY TOWERS DWELLERS are likely to presume and assume they are doing "O.K." ! The Chinese has a saying "未雨绸缪". When shits hit, the Chinese has another saying: " 屋漏偏逢连夜雨,船迟又遇打头风." Historians shall have their judgment on this period's leadership (esp since 1990) in SINKIELAND' s history. Likely, it would not be favorable. But life goes on. Over the next 20 to 30 years, many things and situations in existent may be vastly different from now. Treasure what YEW have now for they may not last. Many could end up uprooting and scattered all over planet earth to continue their journey while alive. Maybe sinkies should have known long ago that when a leader does not even know mee siam got no hum and yet still publicly bring up such ignorance in his maiden speech after assuming the post, their fate could have been sealed since then.

Anonymous said...

"Roy has opened the eyes of the people and also of the govt."
RB 2:35 pm

But will it open the eyes of the majority (aka 60%) who voted PAP?

Or will Roy get elected if he stand for election even in a SMC and one to one against Ting Pei Ling? Is Roy MP material, although he can write and speak well?

If yes, that's what really matters.

Anonymous said...

There must be reasons why until now, Roy has not even announce joining a political party yet.

What is he waiting for?

Anonymous said...

" The value of a college degree has tripled since the 1980s, report says "


This is why you should not believe a PAP Minister when he tells you not to go to university.

Anonymous said...

I am in full agreement with Kuan Yew when he described the Sinkies as DAFT. That Man is damn accurate in reading the People, one word many targets and all dead. Even the best SAF Weapon is no comparison.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah can't you tell. Opposition got benefit of keeping things this way what. They dun need to invite him to join also he can help them win votes, why not?

But maybe rp or nsp will later parachute him in? Who knows?

Maybe he himself also dun want! He prefer nmp.