When will the corporate wayang ends?

Minority shareholders are taking to task to sack 3 independent directors from a public listed company for 'not doing their jobs.' They claimed that the two top executives of the company were getting unduly high pays while the company is losing money. It implies that the directors should have curbed the excessive payouts to the top executives. Now they are calling for an EGM to remove the independent directors. It is time that the wayang of having independent directors that are seen as not protecting the interest of minority shareholders be stopped. And honest and respectable individuals who cannot do the job for whatever reasons must honourably step down from such appointments or not to accept them. The practice of collecting fees and not doing the due diligence is becoming cancerous.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

After sacking these fuckers, they should have their balls cut off, then hauled into court (if they've been doing what they have, there's probably something illegal going on), charged and thrown into jail.

Without their balls, they'll end up as "bitches" in jail, and they'll get exactly the same treatment as they've given their minority shareholders—anal rape.


Anonymous said...

What about PAP MP's directorships?
Most of them are sweetheart deals!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

let's presume that all the directors are honest, sincere, well meaning and honourable people and who take the money because they know that they have contributed and are being paid for their worth. i know that this is a singapore tooth.

for those shameless leeches who take but not contributing, let matilah have his say.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

IMO, people who don't experience a "selfish joy" from giving to help others who need help, are simply missing out on one of life's supreme pleasures. When you are able and willing to give to others—expecting nothing but your own good feeling—validates your own self, and is actually wonderful for your self-esteem.

It states, implicitly that "I have abundance and am willing to share it. I don't diminish my "wealth" when I help others, I actually increase it".

The PAP "private"-company directorships are a farce. It is no point complaining about it—everyone is aware of the scam. And because no one is going to do anything, it is will remain a "normal" fixture in our society.

Notice I emphasise "do". Many people talk about it, and say "oooh ho bad this is" "this shouldn't be allowed", but these people are simply NPM—Non Proactive Motherfuckers—people who WAIT—wishing and hoping—for something "good" to happen, instead of initiating change and actually intentfully making a difference.

These same types of people are usually the ones who give to charity and help their fellow man as a means of "buying themselves into heaven".

The human species is indeed fascinating!