An illusion or a deception

The biggest worry of the lesser well off Singaporeans is the rapidly rising cost of living. Whatever income that they have will quickly be eroded away. It makes a mockery of thrift and savings. All the savings are not savings in real terms. It is like putting aside good money, good present day value, to become banana money in the future. Singaporeans savings in the CPF have been held back for what, another 1% interest rate! Why would people want to look forward to another 1% when inflation is going to eat away more than double that amount? Does it make sense to earn a 4% interest over 20 or 30 years when in the same period the depreciation of the value of money could mean that they may become practically worthless? And better still, the additional 1% or 4% is not even guaranteed. Oh, there is hope that it could be more than 4%. If that be the case, you can be assured that inflation will double that. A sure lose option. Why are we believing in illusion? Or why are we made to compulsorily believe in an elusive dream of a better tomorrow?

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The money supply has increased about 23%. The more people borrow for real estate, development and stocks, the greater the rate of growth in the money supply--especially credit money.

That fact corresponds quite well to today's ST report of property prices averaging a 31% increase.

We also know that our dollar buys less now.

So, yes, the universe and its IMMUTABLE Natural (economic and praxeological) Laws are working as they should.

What a Wonderful World!