Human Rights in Singapore?

'It should not be there just for the sake of advocacy. Human rights issues have to be conginzant of the society they are applied to, and the degree of sophistication of the country and people.' Baey Yam Keng This has been the talk of the town since we took over the Chair of Asean and people are expecting that Singapore should take some kind of lead or leadership in promoting human rights. In my view, Singapore does not need any human rights organisation not that we are not sophisticated enough for it. Also our society does not need a human rights group for the sake of human rights movement. We are free from human rights abuses. Compare to all the Asean countries, no one can come near us as far as human rights are concerned. We are the best. Even the US, the champion of international human rights, is our best friend. That speaks volumes for our human rights record. Other countries should follow our examples on human rights and treat their people as fairly as us. We deserve a medal from the US and the UN on human rights.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, just wondering! Ranked among the top 100 human rights offenders in the world. Oh, they will say human rights movement cannot work in Singapore, just like Western Style Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is unique and requires a special kind of democracy and also a very special kind of human right.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The people will always get the government they deserve — whether it is a democracy, theocracy, monarchy... or organised criminal gang.

There are still many people walking around in a stupor on this earth believing that the "cracy" they believe in is going to be the saviour of mankind.

Hitler, a social democrat was voted in. Chavez, a socialist, just got voted out. Putin, a communist, just back in. Gordon Brown, a social democrat is likely to be voted out.

So it seems that the majority still pick (or allow themselves to be manipulated to accept) the politician who captures the hearts and minds of the people, or who gets in by default—because the predecessor gets thrown out.

If S'pore has such a terrible human rights record, how come it is so prosperous and attracting so many economic opportunists — many of whom are from countries with worse human rights records, such as China, Philippines, Africa, Russia.

Locking up opposition politicians and restricting the freedom of speech is often confused with violating human rights.

That is complete bullshit.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

it all depends on what is human and what is right.

or who is human and who is right.

Anonymous said...

Similarly, if China has such a terrible human rights record, how come it is attracting so many economic opportunists - many of whom are from countries with BETTER human rights records such as USA and the West European countries?

Also complete bullshit?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

To anon 806

Economic opportunists rarely consider the issue of "human rights' when it comes to pursuing their objectives. All they want is to be able to make money, and in many cases — especially in the short-term — having a govt who suppresses the "under classes" by keeping wages low, controlling the masses with laws and "social manipulation", using the press to pontificate "values"... all this works in favour of those who want to make money quickly, especially if one cuts the authoritarian govt in on the deals.

But even China is changing. The world is more open now, and it is hard to suppress the truth. China has many eyes on it — from the way some business people corrupt the system, to the latest mine disaster (yesterday), to th poisoning of children's toys... etc.