New definition for Singaporeans?

Flexible labour policy has helped Sporeans This is the heading of a letter by Jean Tan, Director, Corporate Communications of the Ministry of Manpower. Her letter talked about how foreigners have helped Singaporeans to be employed. 'Singaporeans have also been taking up better jobs - nine out of 10 jobs gained by residents from 1997 to 2007 were those of Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians(PMETs). Singaporeans and residents are now synonymous.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha. She obviously is out of touch with the ground. Some professionals, managers and executives who lost their jobs have to make do with lower paid jobs.

If what she says is true, employers must have been reinventing jobs with high sounding names but low pay to qualify as 'better' jobs. Did she mention 'better' pay?

Oh yes, they have high sounding job titles for cleaners, toilet attendants, gardeners etc and I think she was thinking along that line. But better jobs?