Medal for model worker

I read about a post in Sammyboy of a bus driver 'arresting' a youth for cheating 20c. He stopped the bus, called for back up and the boy was taken away by the bus representative. All for 20c. This is the most honest, enthusiastic, dependable and conscientious bus driver that should be made into a model worker. Give him a medal on national day, make a bust of him and display it at Changi International Airport. Then write some stories about him and how he captured a commuter cheat singlehandedly and turn them in a Singapore legend. Cheating is a very serious offence. Bashing someone is not. A crime is a crime even if it is 20c. I think the bus driver is trying to make a statement on honesty and don't cheat the bus company's money


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I pity the bus driver's family. He must be an insufferable prick.

I would understand if his children were planning patricide.

Anonymous said...

many bus drivers are waiting like hawks for something like this to happen, so that they could sieze the opportunity to go into action, to show their employer that they have done a good deed. that is why there were a few incidents before concerning confiscating of the ezlink cards.

these people simply dont have a little bit of kindness in their heart.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

that was why many drivers were bashed up by the commuters. this case the driver was a big guy and the youth was a small guy. it is simply a case of bullying, with a little power or righteousness behind.

now you know why people were hanged or burnt on the stake. it is a mixture of self righteousness and bullying.

when people can get away with cheating millions and get away with a pat on the back, this poor peasant kid is being humiliated for 20c.

this is justice and fair play in the red dot.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If beating up people, bullying the weak and causing grievous bodily harm to others wasn't so darn entertaining, Shakespeare would not be famous, and folks like Arnold and Sly wouldn't have gotten so rich.

I say if you are going to smack someone, do it with intent, and most of all PASSION.

You have to put your heart into the thing you do, that will give it an endearing quality.

Anonymous said...

Cheating is cheating, be it 20 cents or 20 million. You can't expect kindness in return for committing a crime now can you ?

Anonymous said...

Reddie, your attitude in this is really... hardly commendable.

Anyway, 'cheating' on an overpriced service for 20ct is like Robin Hood committing a crime against the big and rich in such case.

However the real headache is cheating of commoners' money by the bigger and richer. This type of cheats have no shame, and make Singapore looks like complete idiot.

Righteous eh...? Maybe somebody should cheat you a million bucks... hopefully you'd feel elated instead. Hahahaha...

This case should not be confused with other 'cheat' cases in Singapore. Honestly speaking... it's not as if our local transport is soooo affordable... to such a small commuter.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

anon 742

> Cheating is cheating, be it 20 cents or 20 million. <

That's correct. However, there is a priniciple in justice called "proportionality".
The response to a particular wrong is based on this principle. We wouldn't execute people caught jay walking, for example. Beating someone up for 20 cents is the wrong response. Fighting to protect yourself from being robbed of any amount is the correct reponse.

I would say in this case the correct response was for the driver to ask the culprit to leave, and if he refused physically eject him with the aid of some ("deputised") passengers--who would respond because they're all busy people and don't want to be held up.

> You can't expect kindness in return for committing a crime now can you ? <

"Kindness" is NOT a conceptual opposite for "justice".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

dear elfred, read carefully. never jump the gun. if you want to give a fair comment, you must read carefully and know what you are reading.

this is christmas. i am very generous: )

matilah may sometimes do the same but mostly he reads and understands first.

Anonymous said...

Shit~ Hahahaha...

Your generosity is indeed welcomed! Hahaha... Alamak, my sincere apology for reading you wrongly, Reddie.

Once a while, 'I am only human'. Hahaha...

Lemme hug and kiss you with my bad-breath mouth to thank you, Reddie. ^.^

Nowadays, I many things to read lah... be understanding mah... I old customer oredi. Hahaha...

BTW, merry X'mas!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i am straight ok. no hugging and kissing.