Celebrating Singaporeans - Dr Seet Ai Mee

I should have added Dr Seet Ai Mee in this celebration. She is the force that is the deciding factor for Dover Park Hospice to dissociate from the Medifund. If people want to be kind, compassionate and generous, it is very easy to do so. It is time to use the heart and not the head. To put people under more stress and to dehumanise people just to receive a few dollars of help is mean. We cannot treat the downtrodden this way. If one wants to help, just help, wants to give just give. It is very wicked to strip people naked to see if he still has a dollar stuck in between his butts. The money to charities and charitable homes are given out of human kindness. Given freely and to be received freely. Turn them into a machine, and we will become senseless machines.


Anonymous said...

Haha, isn't she the one who was kicked out of Parliament by Ling 'Don't talk cock' How Doong ? Thought she would quietly live her life out of the public spotlight after such an embarassing loss.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

losing an election is normal. in a contest there is a winner and a loser. no big deal.

important is that she is a good person.

Anonymous said...

I agree with redbean. My late mother and father-in-law, both stricken with cancer, benefitted from HCA hospice home care (Dr Seet is president) and I know their dedication. Their nurses visited weekly and where necessary, and their volunteer doctors called once in a while, all this without us paying a single cent. My family did make a reasonable donation to HCA after my mother's death and my family still donate annually to HCA, all because we have seen their good work.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

luckily they are not thinking of putting aside the donations for 20 years to prepare for the rainy days.

what comes through in this organisation is that the leaders are thinking and wise enough to break away from the mould of conformity.

it pains to see suffering people being pressed to suffer more, humiliated, ridiculed and insulted when they were made to go down on their knees to beg for charity and mercy from mean administrators.