2007 - A great year of give and take

All the news in 2007 is simply great. It can best be described as a year of give and take. The govt and corporations are the generous givers and the people and employees are the happy takers. The employed see their salaries and income rising in leaps and bounds. The unemployed also benefitted from the giveaways by the govt. It is a happy story. And even as prices keep spiralling up, housing, cars, food, services and cost of living, no sweat, as long as money keeps coming in. Cost of living up, salary and income up, everything still affordable. What happens when the music stops? For the lucky few where the income will continue to flow in regardless of come what may, nothing will change. For those takers whose income or handouts will stop as a matter of time, then what? As the balloon gets pumped bigger and bigger, more air needs to go in to keep it afloat. Without air, it will deflate. But it will also burst with too much air. We have seen 1997. It was the same old story. Everyone was hilarious and delirious. Maybe 2007 and beyond will be a new miracle. The bubble will not burst. Income and salary increases will be the natural order of the day. Singaporeans have tapped into a nature's oil well that will not go dry. What a wonderful year.


Anonymous said...

When the music stops, and the handouts stop, they will sing a different song like 'we cannot do much because this is a global thing'. After all. the salary increase for ministers is a foregone conclusion and even if they stop doing anything, what can we say.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

to redbean and anonymous

Despite your whining and complaining, and veiled sarcasm, IMO everyday is a GREAT day—but you have to make it so.

2007 may look "fucked up" but on the individual level, who the fuck do you think is responsible for creating a sense of "worthiness" and "fulfillment" in one's life?

> What happens when the music stops? <

The music has stopped before. And life went on. Most people who have experienced a few past bubbles, know that sometime this one will burst.

So therefore, they have the fore knowledge, and just about every week a new "sign" appears.

Never mind what these other people are doing about it...what are you doing about it?

Me? I'm prepared, and honing my preparation. Recessions are great because all the inefficiencies get expunged from the system. And once you've "made your move", so to speak, you can just head to your nearest (Thai) beach and bum out until the bloodletting and turmoil stops.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matilah, I was in Pattaya recently for a whole week. I can understand why you chill out in Thailand. What a place!!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

when in pattaya for one week, no need to live the hotel room. have massage for breakfast, massage for lunch and massage for dinner.

the world outside can collapse it doesn't matter : )

Anonymous said...

Familarity breeds contempt.