Top talents - got or no got?

Bio-tech Suffers another blow Britain’s Dolly-creator is latest of three scientists to leave. Reuters. Dec16, 2007 By Daryl Loo British scientist Alan Colman, who helped clone Dolly the sheep, is leaving Singapore, dealing another blow to the city-state's biotech ambitions. Stem cell scientist Colman, who had been lured to the city-state with grants and research facilities, now heads a Singapore consortium in stem cell research.... The latest move follows news in September that two other top British scientists, David and Birgitte Lane, will also leave next year, giving weight to the World Bank's criticism that Singapore's biotech drive was overly reliant on "footloose" scientists who could leave at short notice.... Lee Wei Ling, a paediatrician who heads the National Neuroscience Institute, said that it was an inevitable that foreign researchers "will go where there's money available" as more Western universities raise funding for biomedical research.... The above is an extract of a Reuter article I copied from www.littlespeck.com. The tooth is the tooth. Foreign talents are 'footloose' and will go where the money is, especially the top talents. But what can we expect. Even our local talents who are good enough will go where the money is. Only those that cannot get a good offer will remain here and tell you they are worth millions. I am waiting for a top Singaporeans to head an American or European bank or MNCs. We can't even find any local good enough to head DBS after Jackson. The best Singapore can hope for is 'borrowed time.' Have them here for a while and learn as much as we can. We cannot have a FT like Jackson Tai here for so many years and still learn nothing and needs another FT to replace him. Or the tooth is that we don't have real talents locally?

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