The end is near

What will Singapore be in 2015? What if 35 years later, in 2050, mother earth calls it a day? Is it possible, given the facts of a climate change caused by the abuses of humankind, to produce and produce, more lives and accessories to keep lives going, that we will destroy our one and only liveable habitat? We believe that we can live till 85 years or more. Can we also believe that the world will be so sick in 35 years that it is futile to think of living to 85? People can believe the good news, that they will all live till 85 and must start to prepare and save for that day. I say all because all will be made to prepare for that day because the human gods have said so. For those who believe in a different group of human gods and see the end is near, that by 2050, there is nothing much to look forward to actually, should they be preparing for that day by living to the fullest everyday that they can have now? Whichever way one chooses, it is just a matter of belief. Both scenarios are highly possible. Unfortunately, in one case one cannot chose but must do, compulsory, to prepare to live till 85. The other is still a free choice. So the former must be the greater truth, or tooth. All resources are committed along that belief. It will surely happen.


Abao said...

If they believe humans will live until 85, then they better start protecting the earth so that that will happen. Otherwise when they reach 85 they will need a hefty sum to keep their lives in a polluted earth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

oh dear, looks like all the insurance will never be enough.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fuck lah. This is meaningless. What a negative bunch of gloomy "victims of circumstance" <-- no such thing.

Doesn't anyone believe in living the the present and enjoying the moment any more?

TIP FOR THE DAY: If you want the future to have a good chance of being "good", then make sure every action you take hence forth is "good". Oh, yah, before I forget: you can only control your actions, not anyone elses.