Human Rights - Confucianist version

Long before the western world talked about human rights, Confucian had clearly defined what human rights were meant to be. These rights were enshrined in the principles of destiny or fate. People were born to be kings or workers and all were expected to live through their destiny in the best they could. A king shall be a good king and shall rule the country in the best way he could. For that he is bestowed with all the powers and authority to do as he pleases as a king. The people who are born to be workers shall be examplary workers, be they carpenters, taxi drivers or production workers. They shall just put in all their energy and effort to be good workers. And that is their right. The ministers or government officials shall be good government officials and manage the country for the king. They shall all be obeyed. The father shall all be good fathers and children be good childrens etc etc As long as everyone does his part and live within his destined life, live responsibly and does not interfere in matters outside his realm of existence, there will be order and peace on earth. That is the Confucianist version of human rights. Everyone has the right to live his or her life as what he is born to be. And I believe all the Asean countries will love to live by this version of human rights.

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