We have added Merrill Lynch

With UBS in the bag, we have bagged another biggie, Merrill Lynch. This round of financial crisis is much more than what Nick Leeson had done. We are seeing a spate of financial institutions crumbling down. And we helped to pick up the pieces. And so were other Sovereign Wealth Funds. These SWFs, once feared and hated, are now the white knights to the troubled banks and financial institutions. The world is changing. And so is the little Red Dot. We are in an enviable situation.


Anonymous said...

Isn't someone being paid a few million dollar salary looking after the reserves or is he sleeping on the job? Isn't he suppose to safeguard the reseves against risky ventures that may wipe out the money invested? Who is to help us pick up the pieces if we loose our pants in the process?

I suppose if the venture goes well someone will reap all the credit, but if it fails, it gets sweep under the carpet confidentially without anybody being the wiser.

Anonymous said...

$5 billion is loose change when viewed within the perspective of Temasek's huge revenue-producing asset base. Temasek will have no problems withstanding any potential fallout from this investment.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i must say that this is a good risk and investment to make. who is going to claim the credit?