And today is Christmas

A handsome couple appear on the frontpage of the Straits Times, happily smiling and holding the Book of Baptism Rite. At first I thought the man was Goh Keng Swee. The resemblance was remarkable. And the story goes, about a grateful couple finding God and were full of joy on the day of their baptism. They were born again. It is Christmas and Christ was born on Christmas Day. George Soh and his wife Anne are now born on Christmas Day. It is a beautiful story to be told on Christmas. I feel like converting as well. Few days back the ST reported profusedly on the EID, the sacrifice of goat by Ibrahim to Allah, or Abraham to God. And the Muslims were equally joyous and Minister Yaacob even reported that the sacrifice will be doubled. Few weeks back the Lord Ganesha's Temple had a celebration and pictures of all the pious devotees were flashed across the pages of the ST. Soon the Chinese New Year Celebration and then Vesak Day. CNY is non religious but Vesak Day will be more meaningful to the Buddhists. It will be a day of compassion and no killings or taking of lives. We can expect pictures of devotees in Kong Meng San or Waterloo Streets carrying joss sticks for their worships. Our responsible and enlightened press has been reporting such religious activities fairly and sensitively and it is a sign of how well we managed interfaith relations in a multi religious society. Cheers to all the believers and devotees.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

> It is Christmas and Christ was born on Christmas Day. <

One reads the most amazing things on the internet, ;-)