Celebrating Singaporeans - Noreen Chan and Dover Park Hospice

Noreen Chan and Dover Park Hospice The Hospice has withdrawn from the Medifund scheme. The reason as explained by Noreen is that the philosophy of Medifund is in conflict with the Hospice. Its practice 'has always been to subsidise needy patients from its coffers before they reach such dire straits,' said Noreen. The practice of Medifund is 'typically (have) to produce documentation to show that they and their familymemebrs have little or no money left in the Medisave and bank accounts.' This is when Medifund will cough out some subsidies. In practice, none of the Hospice patients have reached such desperation to benefit from the Fund. What really is the problem is that you must be really in deep shit and dying before you get a little help. I salute Noreen Chan and the Dover Park Hospice for taking the wise and humane decision to back out from such draconian conditions. Where is the compassion for the desperados?

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