Comparing a well against an ocean

Dr Wong Jock Onn wrote to the Straits Times lamenting how well he was received and treated by the Australians while living and working there. He said that the Australians did not have a 'us and them' mentality vis a vis foreigners. How true. He is born way pass the time when there was a 'white policy' with regards to immigration. In fact that policy is still in place but watered down. But his gist is that Singaporeans must welcome foreigners with open arms like the Aussies and make foreigners feel at home. He forgot that Australia is a continent of less than 30 million people while Singapore is a dot with 4 million people and everyone is fighting for space and air to breathe and a job to feed themself. Think carefully before comparing a well with an ocean. Australia has all the space for people of the world. Do we? We are even fighting for a seat in the train with foreigners. One day they will come to blows. In Oz, you can drive for hundreds of km without seeing a human bean.


Anonymous said...

> We are even fighting for a seat in the train with foreigners.

Shows how childish and silly Singaporeans have become, just so that they can stake their misguided claim on the country. Absolutely and pitifully pathetic. When are you going to realize that having foreigners living in your midst is now as real as the sun rising from the east every morning. You are itching for a fight, well I tell you foreigners aren't going to meekly let Singaporeans slap their faces. Bring 'em on, I say. Let's see whose arses end up with boot marks.

Anonymous said...

>In fact that policy is still in place but watered down.

Please substantiate your statement.

Anonymous said...

Anon above, don't mind him cos he is talking through his asshole again, as usual. Australia now has a PM who speaks such fluent Mandarin that he can bring even some ethnic Chinese Singaporeans to shame. They've now also got the first Asian-born minister Penny Wong, a former Malaysian from Kota Kinabalu.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has its own 'yellow policy' in place for decades. Typical Singaporean Chinese double standards and prejudices.

[start quote] The numerical preponderance of the Chinese must be maintained or there will be a shift in the economy, both the economic performance and the political backdrop which makes that economic performance possible. [ end quote]

a former Singapore PM in his 1989 Rally justifying the Government's program of giving out residency permits to ethnic Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It comes down to CULTURE. Notice in Western culture one rarely sees the level of animosity between say an English person and a German. Sure, there's light bantering. But it is harmless.

But compare that to the animosity between China mainlanders and say S'porean Chinese, or between an S'porean and just about any foreigner...who is looked on as an economic and social threat to whatever mindless, arbitrary "status quo" these S'poreans have in their air-heads.

Oh how easy it is to be totally DISGUSTED by your own fellow countrymen — and the country fucking bumpkin mentality many of them choose to possess.

Xenophobic motherfuckers!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

are singaporeans xenophobic? singaporeans are just like any other people. they live and let live. no where in the world where the citizens are becoming a minority in their own country. we are something like 2 singaporeans to 1 foreigners or 1 to 1 if prs are regarded as foreigners.

if australia or england or which ever country reaches this ratio, mind you how the locals will react. in fact the foreigners in these countries could be beaten on the streets long before such a ratio is reached.

the foreigners are still testing the tolerance of the locals. i bet you, it will get increasingly difficult if the foreign elements keep going up.

singaporeans are no saints and neither are foreigners. there are a lot of adjustment and tolerating going on. when will the straw breaks the camel's back?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

read the comments in msm and cyberspace and you will find some very accommodating to foreigners and some very irritated by foreigners.

we are still at a level that singaporeans find bearable. but how long more?

Anonymous said...

The accommodating ones are the truly enlightened. They understand the reality of today's globalised world. They know their status as a citizen os this country is worth jack shit if they do not possess the skills and bilities to compete with FTs. Instead of having their heads firmly embedded in their arseholes like so many of the whining, sissy Singaporeans, they choose to tackle the competition head on. These are the ones who will survive in the new employment landscape. Those who choose to continue blaming everything else other than themselves will end up being the underclass of society in no time.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

it is true that the concept of state needs re examining given the breaking down of national barriers. but this barrier is broken not for everyone but the very rich and very talented.

sad to say, what we are getting are not the real talents that we need. what we are getting are mainly cheap labour to do works cheaply which singaporeans can do.

how many of the white collar fts in raffles place are talented when they can't even earn $5k? i will consider them talented if they are able to get more than $10k. otherwise they are just cheap labour. period.

they are here because they are not good enough to go to the west. with our world class education system, our graduates are anytime much more well trained and qualified than those coming from third world universities.

believe me, singapore trained graduates are good but not given due recognition at home. our universities are among the top in the world and not for nothing.

just like what the scripture said, the prophet has no place in his homeland.

Anonymous said...

The fact that FTs can do the same job cheaper than a Singaporean already means they are better. If as you say Singaporeans are so much better, why then do they not stop whining and go seek their pot of gold overseas ?

Anonymous said...

>> they are here because they are not good enough to go to the west.

Now this is amusing. Amongst the many complaints I have heard of foreigners here is that they are using Singapore as a springboard to go to the west. Yet here you are saying that they are here because they can't go to the west ? Both of these assertions can't be true. Also, what makes you think all FTs want to go to the west ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

if our govt accepts this reasoning, that all the jobs that fts can do cheaper shall be given to the fts, then we will no longer be a country. but this is what all fts will want. and singaporeans will be replaced by fts eventually.

then singaporeans will all become beggars in their own country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

some fts will like to live in this paradise. afterall it is a world of a difference to live on paved floors instead of hardened mud.

some will be here to gain language proficiency before they jump boat.

some will want to get employed in a mnc to be given a leg up for employment in the west.

some will need to bolster their third world degrees with a singaporean or a western distant study degree as passport to the west.

some are just marking time as an average third world degree will need longer time to get pick up in the west.

there are many reasons for them to be here.

Anonymous said...

The Singaporeans who choose to get off their butts, work hard and compete with everyone else will be fine. The beggars will be those whose only talent is whining on forums and blogs and believes this country owes them a living just because their ID cards or passports are of a certain colour.

Anonymous said...

Speaks volumes of the standard of so-called world-class trained Singaporeans if professionals with third-world rated qualifications can beat them on their own home turf. Only one word can be used to describe them: losers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:07, what do you expect from the products of a system that only churns out rote learners and regurgitators. All they're good at is following a prescribed sequence of steps and instructions. Once some unknown is introduced into the mix, watch them stumble and stutter. Oh, they're world-class alright, world-class robots that is. hahahaha

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

> Speaks volumes of the standard of so-called world-class trained Singaporeans if professionals with third-world rated qualifications can beat them on their own home turf. <

Ouch! Man, that's gotta hurt...
(and it should)