Do the right thing when assaulted

Singaporeans must learn from KM Ho, the communications manager, who was attacked by a drunk US sailor while parking his car. When attacked, do not defend yourself by hitting back. Run if you can, but never strike back. For not hitting back, the attacker got no grounds to counter sue you when you initiated legal actions against him. So you are quite assured of getting some compensation. In this case, the captain of the ship also called KM Ho to apologise and he was invited to tour the US naval ship as well as a reward. Not bad at all. And if you have some friends to write to the msm to blow up the case, even in the internet, will all help to keep the offending party on the defensive, especially big organisations.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fight to defend yourself—but only if you are well trained and have achieved a high level of skill in the combat arts.

Otherwise run, hide or do whatever it takes to lose your attacker. You never know if he's on drugs, or crazy with rage, or how strong he is, whether he is armed... get away, FAST.

Worry about the courts later. The key is to survive and to limit injury to yourself.