Unbelieveable! Taxi drivers not happy with fare hike

The taxi fare hike is coming to town and taxi drivers are unhappy. Some. Others think it is good as it will pay for some of the higher costs. For the unhappy lot, the reason is simple. All the consumers are feeling the pinch not just because of higher transport cost but everything is up. Even a 30c increase will affect a significant portion of the people. And this will affect their income. Why is it that only the taxi drivers and the commuters are the people to bear the brunt for the increasing cost? Why are taxi operators still protecting their income without having to bear any of the increases? A 30c increase for 100 passenges daily will bring in an additional $30 to the taxi driver or about $900 monthly. This will definitely be enough to cover the additional costs and maybe even pay for higher rental fees to the taxi operators. Whatever increases the commuters pay. So commuters who cannot afford the rising cost, just go for substitution. Take public transport. And if public transport also goes up, ride bicycle. For those aged or have difficulties in moving around, don't move around. Everyone must adapt to the rising cost and change their lifestyle. Lifestyle is changeable according to one's pocket.


Anonymous said...

i thought it was said that taxi drivers wanted to raise the fare. after raising the fare now say taxi drivers not happy with fare hike. what the fuck!

Anonymous said...

Not all taxi-drivers favour the increase, if you listen to their views on radio phone-in talks.

Incidentally, all these years of taxi woes and fare increases, did we hear any suggestions about taxi operators reducing the rental charges to help the taxi drivers? It is always 'commuters must pay more to enjoy the comfort of taxi rides', or 'taxi fares must be increased to help the taxi drivers', never 'taxi rentals must be reduced to help the taxi drivers'. Hypocrites!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I watched the vodcast st the ST website today.

Notice it is THE WOMEN passengers who are complaining about paying more. The guys, definitely more rational, just accept it, and even give the fare rise the thumbs up.

I notice too here in Thailand, that farang women are the worst tippers — really fucking stingy. Oh well, I suppose they're saving their dough for the liposuction to get rid of their fat arses and plastic surgery for god-knows-what.... they're still not going to look as delectable a a cute Thai chick... whatever...

Anyway, I digress...

Getting rid of the excess taxes and charges imposed on the cabbies is a good idea. However I doubt if the S'pore govt will sacrifice its lucrative revenue stream to help the cabbies and their customers. Oh no, the govt revenues are important... more important than the people.

The Oriental Express said...

I have always enjoyed my BMW. It has a special number plate - KAM

It needs no licence, petrol, taxes and will never incur fines or fear taxi fare increase. It also helps to save the earth:-)

Contentment - an important state of mind in this otherwise stressful country.

Anonymous said...

we all have kam 11, so keep it to yourself.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

the orient express:

> Contentment - an important state of mind in this otherwise stressful country. <

You have to be joking! S'pore is one of the least stressful places on earth.

It is too easy to live in S'pore—everything works and is at your fingertips.

I'm not being sarcastic. I'm serious.