YMCA under scrutiny

This is an interesting development and would change the nature of this episode. It is now an international issue involving the YMCA. And YMCA is now put under scrutiny. The fire is spreading and getting more difficult to control.

Here is a petition posted in TRE

Petitioning Rev. Johan Vilhelm Eltvik

This petition will be delivered to:

Secretary General, The World Alliance of YMCAs
Rev. Johan Vilhelm Eltvik

Investigation into YMCA Singapore for using children with special needs as Human Shield. YMCA’s Master of Ceremony shouted “WE LOVE OUR CPF” in presence of group of Protesters to stir up anger.

This is important because Charity Organisation supposed to help the underprivileged. Yet the action of YMCA Singapore goes against their own principle to bring social justice and peace to young people and their communities, regardless of religion, race, gender or culture.

They have placed the underprivileged kids in the line of FIRE and interfere in Politics in Singapore.

Petition by

Yee Meng Kum
新加坡, Singapore

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

YMCA is an International Religious Organisation which is not politically affiliated.

Why was YMCA Office Bearers in Sin active in political issues and staye matters??

Anonymous said...

Why did the MC for YMCA shout "We love our CPF".
- Isn't that very political?
Why didn't he shout "Stop scaring the children"

Can we guess at a person's motivations from what he shouts out loud?

Anonymous said...

Where was the most powerful man at Hong Lim Park?
Teo Ser Luck.
Why didn't he stand up to protect the children from the two skinny kids (Roy & HHH) and their brigade of grandmas & grandpas.

Anonymous said...

'staye matters to be corrected to state matters.


Anonymous said...

Knnccb... just as I had always opined

Xtains r no saints.... as with most religious organizations,

Those leading have invested interests secret agenda

Leemember... kuan yew is no god despite his claimed of jumping up

I guarantee u daft he will die with a limp n shrunken dick.

Anonymous said...

It has been politically motivated move since the beginning. They want to use some excuse to win votes and distract main hot issues. The fact that such event is held in HLP is already fishy.

Virgo 49 said...

At least Surhato died with his dick upright.

see his beautiful third wife Dewi.

Heard about LKY'@!°s elevator joke about him and his wife in Europe???

Raymond said...

You people just like to stir shit up, don't you... careful the shit don't blow up in your face... again! :)

Anonymous said...

U threatening, warning or advising us?

b said...

Sinkies deserve/entitle to whatever happened or will happen to them. No need to spend energy fighting for them or the return of cpf for them. They voted for this gov for many many times.

Anonymous said...

Raymond cautioning due to his concern for your safety from potential
Those warned may want to thank him for his kindness.
Raymond maybe an insider and knows
much more than those outsides.

Anonymous said...

I won't say these are facts but all of us should consider the following possibilities:
PAP = Ukraine
YMCA Sg = Ukraine Air Traffic Control
Special needs children = MH17
CPF protesters = Ukraine freedom fighters
Main stream media = main stream media

Then connect up the dots. My apologies to readers who are not aware of the controversies over MH17, you should stop reading.

In Ukraine, ATC permitted flights over the war zone, an area about twice the length of Singapore - that is a small dot in Ukraine which they can easily avoid.

In Singapore, there are so many public parks that YMCA could hold their event, many of them with shady trees much cooler than Hong Lim. Hong Lim is the only park in Singapore where citizens can give speeches in public without being arrested by Police. We cannot speak in any other part of the country. You have to wonder what made YMCA choose to clash in this park, a small dot, when they have so many other venues to hold their event?

A bit like Ukraine Air Traffic Control? Just a thought, it's a possibility, not an accusation...

Anonymous said...

Cheesus... my panti is getting wet,

Must be cuming due to fear of suck kind intention

Fook papigs... c I dare not type fucK

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB attempting to mislead (caught red-handed):

»» "YMCA under scrutiny" ««

Talk cock. "Under scrutiny" y whom, *exactly*? Don't bullshit lah!
Now to the petition:

»» YMCA’s Master of Ceremony shouted “WE LOVE OUR CPF” in presence of group of Protesters to stir up anger. ««

Nonsense. If even true, he could be merely statING HIS OINION in the spirit of free speech.

Here's a tip you fucking morons: IF you consider speech to be FREE in a place like HL Park, then you simply cannot judge the intent behind the said speech that you (supposed "champion" of free speech) DISAGREE with.

WTF? "Free speech" only applies to what you like? Fuck off, grow up and grow a brain, you dumb CPF-Loser.

»»They have placed the underprivileged kids in the line of FIRE and interfere in Politics in Singapore.

Oh, fucking nonsense. Look at what you're saying...do you really believe that?

»» Petition by ««

Petitions are ineffective, useless and a total waste of time. If you had brains and BALLS to back it up you would do it properly and FILE A LAW SUIT against the big, bad YMCA.

Anonymous said...

You think you bark and bark like a rabied dog not a waste of time?