Why is Asia so quiet on the ISIS front?

This is the heading of an article by ST’s Bureau Chief in Washington, Jeremy Au Yong, and Rachel Chang in Beijing over the weekend. The gist of the article is that Asian countries, particularly China, are not doing their part to kill the IS terrorists. And it is unfair for to the Americans to carry the can. How so? Everyone knows that IS was the baby of the US, they created them, trained them and armed them. Some Americans even named Hillary Clinton as the grandmother of IS. In fact the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Khorasan were all babies of the Americans when they fit into the American scheme of things.

When the Americans created this monster, did they bother to seek the consent of other countries, did they bother to seek the consent of Asian countries? Now that they have created this monster and stirring the hornet’s nest, the Americans expect the Asian countries to come to its aid? Is this what these two correspondents are suggesting?

That is the impression I had after reading the article. Experts said Asian countries are steering clear of this issue as they are in the midst of a sea of Muslim militant activists. They have many domestic issues especially the Muslim states and fear retaliation from domestic radical groups. So can you blame them?

China is also facing a huge Muslim militant uprising in Xinjiang, the Americans may want to deny it, but can they blame the Chinese for seeing an American hand in their Muslim terrorist violence. So can the Americans expect the Chinese to lend a helping hand when the Americans are inciting terrorist activities inside China?

Experts also said, ‘China will not join the coalition as it suits its purpose better to stay out of the fray’. Prof Joseph Cheng of the City University of Hong Kong also said, ‘China does not want to alienate the radical anti Western groups in the region, and it also is not unhappy to see the US failing to get a clean retreat from the region.’

How so? Just before this flare up, what do you think the Americans were intend on doing, what was their intent with the Asia pivot? Why were the Japanese, Pinoys and Vietnamese, thumping their chests at China? Why was tension rising in the China Seas? The plain truth, the Americans thought they could get away from the Middle East and consolidate their forces to mess around with China. And how could anyone blame China for clapping and egging the Americans to go on and sink deeper in the Middle East? China may even provide cursory support to encourage the Americans to kill more Arabs to stay away from mischief in Asia.

This new war against the Syrians and Arabs, and also the tension in Ukraine are blessings for the Chinese and they could have at least another 10 years of peace to grow their economy and influence.

Shall the Chinese say good riddance to the Americans? What say you, Jeremy and Rachel? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

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Veritas said...

Actually PRC shoot her own leg in Xinjiang by supporting Pakistan. Pakistan then support Taliban and Taliban are guru of Xinjiang Islamofascist.

PRC sow the seeds, and she expect to get shit. In fact, Islamofascist are now awaken to the fact that PRC is Muslims' greatest enemy. Xinjiang is more than 70x of Israel. China is the biggest thief of Islamofascist land.

China, USA and in lesser extend, USSR make use of Islamofascist.

Recently, Russia wake up her idea after Chechen and become defender of civilization against shit head Islamofascist. USA and China is still playing with fire.

Other than that, in Singapore there are many stupid Chinese who are traitor of their own tribe and keep attacking Chinese for racism. Despite the fact that Islamofascist is spread hate, criminalizing apostasy, imposing bumiputera-ism, calling us "cina babi" in millions of blogs and comments, calling "keling" even in formal occasion, monopolizing Allah, there are still traitor Chinese who backstab us, in order to look "self righteous".

Veritas said...
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Anonymous said...

Y wud a normal peace loving person be bothered about this crusade, a family squabble between the jews, xtains n muslim; the abraham siblings

Let them fight, kill, screw, fuck thy kingdom cum

Veritas said...

IS is the vanguard of Muslims doing dirty job. The majority of "moderate Muslims" may be uncomfortable with IS, but the secretly ecstatic when IS are gaining ground.

When you question Muslims about IS, they will say "IS not Islam". Base on the argument, we can say that Inquisition is not Christian.

Since everyone who do evil is "not Muslim", that means all Muslims are good. This is a good strategy to make Muslims good people and to provide a isolation with vanguard Muslims--the IS.

When Teo Chee Hean warn Muslims against going to Syria, Muslims here curse Teo Chee Hean for insinuating them as terrorist. see this. If Teo Chee Hean make more noise, many Muslims will shout discrimination more and feel more aggrieved and even long before this, JI and idiots like Mas Selamat already take up arms, trying to kill a lot of Singaporeans.

In fact, accusing people for discriminating Islam seems to be a hobby of Muslims.

In Thailand, there is a temple who runs a Buddhist missionary Wat Nonjok. A Muslim girl deliberately chose the school and walked in with hijab professing their faith -- despite thousands of other schools to choose from.

Several teachers felt aggrieved and refused to teach her. Then Muslims cry discrimination and hundreds of them gathered outside the school protesting. What else could be a better proof that Muslims are victims. Muslims managed to get Thai Minister to intervene on their behalf. The outcome of the dispute was not reported but apparently it seems that the school relented. It is Islam triumphant against evil Buddhist. It is a victory of good against bad.

Since Islam is so discriminated by everyone in this world today, it is the right for Muslims to take up arms, kill and kill....etc...

Everyone else is so wicked.

Anonymous said...

"Shall the Chinese say good riddance to the Americans?"

No lah, how can?

Because the Americans and the Chinese need each other to make money.

So ISIS or no ISIS, China and America will never fight each other one.

Just like smart Sinkies will never join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP one.

Make money, don't fight, don't bomb, and don't behead people.

And last but not least, don't protest in Hong Lim Park.

Anonymous said...

Actuallee hor, this is a jews, americunt terrorist outfit to enable they to invade sovereign states... no different from those creating social disorders thru out the world in the name of islam

Only solutions .. scorched earth n carpet bombing within the territories by the affected govt concerned

Where the arms used by these terrorists cumulative from?

Veritas said...

As I have said, USA, China, and former USSR have made use of Islamofacism for their own gains.

Many of these countries deserve all their shit from Islamofascist.

China support Pakistan, and hence, Xinjiang got shit because Pakistan support Taliban, the guru of Uighur murderer.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When national interest is compromised, states will do anything, even sleeping with the devil, to protect that interest.

The Americans slept with Saddam, now with Assad against the IS. They created ISIS, Taleban, Al Qaeda and many splinters Arab groups that ther are training and arming now and in the past. They slept with the monarchies and dictators.

China could lock down Xinjiang if the terrorist activities get out of control. China could likewise lock down Hongkong if the Hongkies are not careful. Everything, trade and commerce, can bypass Hongkong and what can the Hongkies do?

China can close down the whole of Hongkong for a long long holiday.

Veritas said...

Locking down of HK may start China on the path of downfall. PRC may not seem as strong as she is as all her elites vote by their legs -- out. All these elites after massing large fortune through their crime are worry that they will get lynch.

Today, China has some of the world worst rioting problem, because the government is too corrupt. HK is a good example of China shooting her legs AGAIN.

China neglect the HK people and choose to side with elites. At the end, the exploitation of people get so serious that people want a democratic elected chief to stop exploitation.

But this arrangement hit the elites and also China.

If HK people keep quiet and meek, the future for HK is a shit hole. HK will become the worst modern slave land. And the corrupt ruling system of China that never align with good side, make HK people rise up, for dignity, equality, not unlike Singaporeans rise up against PAP.

Anonymous said...

Y u write as if lslam is the root of terrorism?

R u a god fearing man?

Me... I confess, is a papigs self appointed ib, hopping to suck n lick these fucking assholes

Wah liao, wp finallee revealing their religious chauvinist nature? Hantuming the 2 souls trying to help daft regain their blood n sweat cpf money... be4 these turn into holey play monelee

Anonymous said...

"At the end, the exploitation of people get so serious that people want a democratic elected chief to stop exploitation."
Veritas 9:55 am

So simple meh. Sinkieland also got democratic elected chief what. And for almost 50 years already.

And how come some Sinkies, maybe 40% or less lah, also feel exploited and unhappy , u tell me lah?

Veritas said...

So simple meh. Sinkieland also got democratic elected chief what. And for almost 50 years already.

And how come some Sinkies, maybe 40% or less lah, also feel exploited and unhappy , u tell me lah?

At least when we kpkb, PAP will give ah ma some goodies. You never get a chance in HK. Democratic election is just the first step.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Appearences can be deceiving. Actually Asian cuntrees are on alert and discussions are on-going -- BUT they are not making a "big deal" out of it i.e. "BIG TIME NEWS STORIES to fill up the 24 hr news cycle culture of big conglomerate media".

Asia has significant sectors of Muslim peoples. Have to tread lightly.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you for treading lightly. Hope Veritas can learn from you on this point.

b said...

The more they aired about muslims on tv, the more the muslims feel 'shiok'. Thats their addiction.

Love one another lah. Afterall we are all living in the same planet.

Matilah_Singapura said...


I say "tread lightly" only for the media -- don't make a big sensation. As for the military, the security services -- they are not and SHOULD NOT TREAD LIGHTLY. Their fundamental duty is to protect the cuntree and its people by use of deadly force if the circumstances demanded it, also by arresting suspects by PROFILING, and locking them up without trial in military prisons if required.

This is no time to go soft on radical Islam. Fuck them. Kill them all.