Two pieces of good news yesterday

In a trouble world of deceit and treachery when everything is all about self and money, two good pieces of news came out yesterday. The first, Obama has decided to go bombing the IS in Iraq and Syria all over again. Now why is this good news? To the Americans they have found a way to spend their weapons and probably getting someone to pay for it. Or if not, the defence industry would be getting the American citizens to pay for the rounds fired and the soldiers doing the bombing, not killing of the innocents. And this would keep the Americans in Washington very busy and got no time to cause mischief in other parts of the world. 

The pivot to Asia can take a break and China would have some breathing space. So did North Korea.
Hopefully Putin would increase the stakes in Syria and Ukraine to keep the Americans busy busy. Sorry Arabs and Ukrainians, your troubles are a sacrifice for peace elsewhere. I hope the silly Asian and SE Asian countries learn a lesson or two from what is happening in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and don’t invite trouble into the region. And when trouble offers itself, they must be smart enough not to welcome trouble here.

The second piece of good news is the growing tolerance and acceptance of drugs in the West and in Latin America. They are raising the white flag. They are claiming that even countries like Singapore and Malaysia with death penalties could not wipe out this scourge. The conclusion, might as well live with it, live with the drug menace. Oops, the new drugs are not that dangerous anymore. A little drug can be quite an acceptable lifestyle choice. They are quite fanciful and with nice names and very good looking too. Many celebrities are using them too. It is the new in thing, to replace the damn smelly cigarettes.

Many of these states are going to legalise drug consumption as a new and harmless lifestyle. I said this is good news. Just hope Singapore and Malaysia would not follow suit but increase the penalties for drug abuses. This will become a carrot and stick situation and all the drug addicts and lifestyle choosers would flock to those countries to enjoy their new lifestyles within the law and be very happy. There is no need to risk capital punishment in Singapore and Malaysia. It is a win win solution. Those who love the life style of drug taking can find their safe havens in those countries that legalized drug takings. Those countries that frown on this lifestyle choice would have lesser drug takers in their midst.

Now, isn’t that good news? Nobody’s freedom of choice is curtailed. Everyone is happy.

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Anonymous said...

MNCs can become and have strong tendency to become stateless entities in the modern international nation states system?

For those producing and selling economic "bads" ( the opposite of economic goods), they are like viruses or parasites feeding onto whichever entities most available or accessible?

With modern days political and economic vested interests and lobbying, profits and selfish individual gains will rein supreme over community or national interests?

Just like the menace created during the 2008/ 2009 GFC, another global "menacing legalized business model " is fashioned for some people to make as much $$$$$$ as possible?

Then when the problems become too big like the GFC, main street resources will be mobilized to bail out the problems created by the profiteers?

The best economic system created on earth cannot self sustain without going through the boom, bust cycle? Going forward, the cycle is not just business cycle? It will also come in the form of the good, the bad and the ugly cycle, not unlike old times Western box office blockbusters?

Below is the link to the music and videos to relieve the past and test taste what to come in the future? Just that when it comes, it will be reality, not western blockbusters?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly …: http://youtu.be/krTrQIy9GA8

Old time favorite with Clint Eastwood as lead actor and good guy beating the hell out of the bad guys.

When the scene roll into real life down the road, perhaps MSN readers can nominate our champion REDBEAN as the good guy to wack the hell out of the bad and ugly guys?

Anonymous said...

Today is just Thursday lah.

It will be really good news if today is FRIDAY!


Anonymous said...

What else can they do with obsolete weapons like missiles, bombs etc. Used them on other people who will pay for it even though those are obsolete.

Ever wonder why the US manufacturing is so rosy nowadays? They had originally wanted to start a war in Korea, then Syria, then Ukraine. Now it is a war on IS, which is even better for them because they can start to throw their bombs and missiles on any country where IS is hiding, which means 'any country'. Time to get rid of the old stock and manufacture new weapons and fighter jets.

Even if it is just a cocked up story fabricted by the West, just as they did in Iraq, the poodles will buy it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To INCREASE the entertainment value of war, I am all in favour of going to war completely stoned -- i.e. under heavy influence of drugs.

In that way you cannot be blamed nor responsible for your actions. You can bomb schools. You can bayonet children -- no problem, you are not responsible.

The use of drugs tends to lower inhibitions and even moral "barriers". So people who are stoned and engaged in combat are likely to take BIG RISKS and thus vital to keeping the pace of the entertainment EXCITING and ENGAGING.

Got "let's get high and kill each other"?

Anonymous said...

At this rate, mankind will destroy itself.

They tinker with the genes of animals and plants to produce more and grow faster and we consume the meat, fruits and vegetables. They also told us it is harmless. Even radiated rice is now marketed as harmless.

No need for wars, E-bola, E-cigarettes, E-what the fuck. The signs of the end is pretty close by.

Anonymous said...

Rb. // Two pieces of good news yesterday //

With the modern day propaganda mills, oops, media, working in overdrive gear, many GOOOOOOOOOD news will cheeeeeeeeer everyboooooooody UUUPPPPPPPPPP reguuuuuuuularrrrrrrly .........

Dun whorerrry, be "pappy"?

YEW are in safe hands, " the bestest hands of the worst"?

Anonymous said...

Shit, conned by angtow...

Damn it...

Onlee have 2 piece of news that worthee for celeebration

Lee kuan yew is not immortal as he declared.. .. found dead atop a gecko

Lee hsien long had as massive stroke upon realizing he no son of god..

Leemember.. Alto they no god, they made stinkapore a first world cuntry

Anonymous said...

No news is good news.

Got news means trouble?

Good or bad news are just spins put on by propaganda mills, oops, media?

Just like a ruthless, glib tongue, $$$$$ centric lawyer, black cam become white? Muderer become free man? Mass murder become project peace? Legalizing drug taking is freedom? Bad news become good news?

Next FTs to open leg and bring in: Spin Masters?

FTs spin masters make believe Sinkieland become master of universe?

YEW are in " the bestest hands of the worst"?

Dun whorerrry, be "pappy"?

Everything will be fine?

Golden era yet to cum, according to one wise man?

Anonymous said...

According to Chinese Astrology, the current period and going forward is the darkest of the present cycle. The last two periods were relatively morally upright era and basic human values were strong and prevalent among various population on earth.

In the present era or phase, it is one of deceit, selfishness, loose moral values, decadence, extreme excesses, huge inequality, extreme suffering among the unfortunates, wars, killings, excessive crimes, almost everything is "Gospel" of $$$$$$, etc etc.

It is a phase the human race has to undergo before rebirth of hope, morality, values etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed, I hope China has long memory. At the moment there are countries in SE Asia that have US bases and countries that are very pro-US and kowtowing to the almighty US against China. Very soon, say in 25 to 40 years time, China will assume the position USA is at now. When that day comes, it will be a day of reckoning for those who are used by the US to annoy China. I am not naming those countries, we all know which they are.

oldhorse42 said...

Two good news?
One on legalizing drug use and the other on legalizing weapon use on hapless people who are not christian.

Yawn! I thought for once RB aka as Chua Kim Leng is going to tell us what two stock to buy that is going to quarantee him bottomless coffee for life.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Malaysia is reported to be offering its air base to the Americans to spy on her neighbours. Now Hishamuddin is denying. Could they be negotiating and before an agreement is reached, someone jumped the gun and blow the whistle?

They sure have short memory of the Americans spying on their leaders and think of allowing the Americans to spy in the region, and not forgetting at them as well.

Oldhorse, I will send you some numbers to buy 4D ok? BTW I am not Chua Kim Leng.

Anonymous said...

If only Dr Mahathir has a say, Malaysia will not be a US Ally, not even friendly.
Now, it is hard to say, however Malaysia has to be mindful that the Americans are not just fighting for political gains, they are doing their Crusade to overwhelm others Beliefs.

b said...

End of term for omama so need to show achievements and leave a legacy. Large piece of deserts for them to bomb and charge NATO (aka members countries) for the costs. Circulation of money is necessary for economic reasons.

Death sentencing for drugs mules is really not necessary. Gov should take over the growing, selling and distribution of drugs so that it can be controlled better. Else, the druglords are winning the game.

Anonymous said...

American objective is very simple, you are with me or against me. If against me, they will stir shit to keep you in trouble, fighting and fighting with no peace.

See what they did to the Arab world? See what they did to the Russians? See what they did to North Korea? See what they are doing to China?

b said...


Anyone becoming big brother will do likewise if not worse. Letting go of power is never easy. Else, can always check with youknowlah.

Anonymous said...

Mudland cunt afford 2 have any more aircraft "accidents " or a leegime change...

Leemember... onlee becuming an americunt dog, stinkapore is a pissful n prosperous cuntry

Long live old fart kuan yew

Anonymous said...

But how does these 2 piece of good news benefit daft, money no enough and suffering Sinkies?

And does it make the Sinkie opposition more ready to be govt?

If no, as far as poor, daft and suffering Sinkies are concerned, where got good news, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

It is bad news when daft Sinkies are at most only 40% of all Sinkies, and continue to suffer due to money and CPF no enough, and at all times.

Anonymous said...

News can only be good if ministars remuneration are reduced to 30 times the income of the poorest in sinkieland instead of the current more than 300 times?

The audited accounts of THARMASICK and G AI SI are made transparent?

The assets of all senior public office holders are declared just as in most of the developed cuntries. How can sinkieland be a first world cuntry when such practices of assets declaration are as transparent as the hermit state of DPRK ( North Korea)?

Anonymous said...

The other possible good news is Char Tao, like GY, lose his next election?

Also others who should go and really become good news for the suffering masses are the "useless" "tooth pick burglar", "the marboro shortie", "the self proclaimed non grad higher mortal in little Vietnam", etc etc?

Obviously, the mirror image of such good news is another 3 GRCs and some SMCs captured by Walkabout Party and Nicole Seah Party in the next GE?

Anonymous said...

Nicole will don white soon.

Will she get the same support as before or be liken to a Chinese working for the Japanese during WWII ?