Top 3 posts in TRE by number of comments

Below are this week’s top three posts in the TRE by the number of comments they have attracted.

“Khaw: Best to live with children & rent out flat” - 3rd position

“Teo: Degree no longer a ‘one-way ticket to success’” - 2nd position

“Lim Swee Say: Cleaners are no longer cheap labour” - top position

The article on Boon Wan’s comment has hit 97 at this point of writing this post and is at Number 3 position. Chee Hean’s is at number 2 with 102 comments. And top of the table is Swee Say’s comment on ‘cleaners are no longer cheap labour’ with 107 comments at this moment of writing this post.

The comments are very colourful and often borders on PG stuff. When you are unable to sleep, these are recommended readings to keep you occupied.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

Haha hehe......

All Three Mentioned are as popular as the Prime Minister Of Sin.
They could be on the Altars of many sinkied and offered limitless joss currencies for their appetites.

Anonymous said...

Swee Say wins first prize.. Cleaners upgraded to better position and S$1000 pay. Well done cleaners, you have achieved recognition.

b said...

Ministers are humans. Their comments are all just guessing only. If they know everything, they will buy a big toto, strike it and retire. No need to work and kpkb by voters. They are not gods so subject to human errors.

Anonymous said...

They strike toto First Prize every year lah so long as they are in the Cabinet.

You do not know?

Anonymous said...

Rb // “Teo: Degree no longer a ‘one-way ticket to success’” - 2nd position //

Apparently some people never hear about the following phrase as far as Chinese culture is concerned:

" 万般皆下品惟有读书高 "

Is it really a smart political move to tell countless parents and students alike that degree is not the ultimate goal in one's education journey? Or at least to give that kind of impression?

What is the actual message?

Anybody has a good answer? Pls kee chiu!

On the surface, will it not back fire when the next GE is drawing nearer and nearer?

Who are their target audiences?

What is the real message intended?

So far many sinkies don't seem to be able to fathom the objective of such a stance and what purpose it intended to serve?

Does it ultimately benefit our society as a whole?

Anonymous said...

Teo: Degree no longer a ‘one-way ticket to success’”

Anybody want to tell Teo?
"PAP no longer a one way ticket to success"
- don't believe me?
- why not you ask Temasek whether being PAP helps them make better investment decision?

Anonymous said...

// “Teo: Degree no longer a ‘one-way ticket to success’” - 2nd position //

" Pump And Pump: " OPEN LEG BIG BIG FRONT, BACK, UP, DOWN is the ticket to success? " ? "

"HUM is very shiok: " Vices, casinos, pimps and prostitution are the tickets to FILTHY success? Got smelly $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, no matter how dirty or immoral can LIAO? The rest NOT IMPT?" ? "

" TUA CHAR TAO: " Tua Kee is the ticket to success to the juicy HUM? It can make a female betray her cuntry, forsake her family duty and obligation and QUIT her cuntry? Also the next ticket to success to lead a decadent, filthy, despicable life and existence is that the peanut must not be small and worth only $600,000. Make sure it is a Big, Giant, Golden peanut worth $60, 000, 000, 000.00 According to one TJS, it is still small change relative to sinkieland's reserve?" ? "

Anonymous said...

another classic from the foreign talent khaw ...

stinkapornang pay hundreds of thousand capital outlay to lease a cunthole ... okay, call it a pigeon hole from the garment and rent it out to more foreign talent for a measy sum of monthly rental

AND THE papigs will tax these dafts for rental incomes, SO U ALL C HOW SMART FT ARE!!! THUS U MUST PUT FAITH IN THEE PAPIGS, VOTE FOR THE PAPIGS ...

aiyah ... east coast grc will be craved out b4 the next eRection, zerro lim will be make hononary mp, not need to stand for erection

leemember ... papigs is bastard,.. oops sorlee it bestest

vote papigs for stability and continuity .....