This is my country

You want to come to my country, you behave properly. If your behavior is unacceptable, we will not let you in, even for a holiday. ‘The Immigration Officer  has the right to take stern action if Singaporeans behave in an inappropriate manner, he said. “Expulsion is allowed under the law.”’ An Indonesian spokesman confirmed this on air.’

When people visit another country, it is only expected that they behave well and stop making themselves a nuisance to the country. 50 Singaporeans have recently been barred from entering Batam for talking loudly. Why not, this is their country and you don’t treat it like it is your fish market. The visitors need to respect the rules and norms of a country as a guest.

But in some countries, or non countries, visitors can go there and do anything they want, like littering, shitting in public places, scolding the citizens, insulting the citizens and beating the citizens. And there is no law to put these disgraceful visitors away. Maybe the people of these non countries forgot the meaning of ‘This is my country’. They do not think they have any country anymore. Their countries belong to everyone. And they are the guests, the visitors and the visitors, the foreigners are the owners.
Got this type of country meh? Oops, got this type of non country meh? When a people become daft and silly, this will happen. Then they start to emigrate voluntarily from their ‘used to be country’ to other countries thinking they will get a better deal. They simply gave up their ‘used to be country’, gave their country  away, eased out of their country by the foreigners they invited to their country.

Just look at the Indonesians and the Malaysians or any other countries, they hold on to their countries closely to their hearts. For some countries, even if they seized some other people’s countries, like Australia, they would not allow other foreigners to come in freely. But some non countries like the USA, seized from the natives, the Red Indians, it is ‘free’ to other immigrants, provided they want you. But they make it very sure they are the owners and the visitors are called aliens.

Only silly non countries will turn themselves into aliens and let foreigners take over their jobs, their countries, with open arms. And then got kicked around by the foreigners and ended being evicted from their own countries without knowing why, without fighting or trying to defend their rights to their non countries.

And everytime a foreigner threatens to go somewhere or take their business somewhere, we wet in our pants. We even have to send our ministers to affirm ties with other countries when we sense that they are not happy with us. Is this true?

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Anonymous said...

"This is my country"

Sure or not?
And what part of Singapore do you own, since HDB flats don't belong to you?
An idealist is a person who don't know how to implement an idea.
Are you an idealist?

Personally, I think redbean is not an idealist.
And it is difficult to enslave a person whose mind is free.
And at the very least, redbean is taking action with his blog.
Spreading ideas which hopefully will survive 10,000 years amongst Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful writing the best from redbean in my view.
please duplicate it 77 times to send to the 77 traitors and their obnoxious lunatic pink punk.

Anonymous said...

'Used to be my Country', Redbean may like to update or upgrade it to ' My USED UP or SOLD OUT Country.


Matilah_Singapura said...

What redeban's ranting has highlighted is the IDIOCY of invisible lines on maps called "sovereign borders".

No borders, no cuntrees. Like John Lennon's famous song "Imagine", I support no borders and no cuntrees, as well as no religion and no heaven....but you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

»» Just look at the Indonesians and the Malaysians or any other countries, they hold on to their countries closely to their hearts. ««

Those fuckers have nothing much else to hold onto than their cuntrees and their genitals...these are flag-waving tribal morons--brains locked in "automaton" mode. Singaporeans are a little more COSMOPOLITAN: generally we are better educated, well-travelled and more sophisticated.

»» even if they seized some other people’s countries, like Australia, they would not allow other foreigners to come in freely.

But some non countries like the USA, seized from the natives, the Red Indians, it is ‘free’ to other immigrants, provided they want you. ««

The Abos/ Red Indians are essentially a "conquered races". Hundreds of years ago white white man armed with their god, alcohol, guns and CRAZY IDEAS came and fucked the coloured man good and proper -- conquered the poor cunts and seized their lands...and then 100's of years later gave these "conquered races" WELFARE (aka "guilt ransom") so that the white man could remain IN CONTROL of the conquered races.

In nature, the struggle intra species is observable. For e.g. chimps and lions can be observed to frequently kill each other for a variety of reasons from domination to pay-back justice. There are no "rights to life" in nature: either intra or inter species

Thus "HUMAN RIGHTS" are pure FICTION. They were created by other human creations: philosophies, including religious philosophies. In reality, there is no such things as human rights. Which is why I think ISIS, Israel in Gaza, Putin in Ukraine, China and Japan into each other, the US in everywhere, every which way IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE -- especially from an entertainment point of view. And before the creation of "human rights", the white man's conquest, domination and enslavement of much of the rest of the world: PERFECTLY OK -- also fantastic "entertainment" value judging by the numbers of historical movies made, and books written.

Mainland Chinese and Indians make up around 30-35% of the worlds population. What's more they are not like the fat, lazy Mat Sallehs secure and comfortable in their welfare-state, debt-ridden collapsing western demo-CRAZIES -- these ChIndians are fucking MOTIVATED -- and not always in "good" ways. So what? They are out and about -- you man the fuck up up and deal with it. You are not going to stop them, and they are going to do WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY LIKE because they can. :-)

Feeling "conquered" yet?

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. In case you forget, no, neither the CPF nor the cuntree is "yours".

If you beg to differ, offer some empirical evidence. If cannot, go home, cry and suck yr mama tetek...

Anonymous said...

You were conquered, or at least your grandparents were conquered. Now they loosen the leash and you came out here to bark like a mad dog. Wait till they pull back that leash and see your tongue hanging out, eyes popping out, and not a single bark coming out, not a whimper from you.

The said...

This is my country - you come here don't anyhow shit all over the place, okay?

Anonymous said...

The Reality in Sin now is either Sinkies put down the PAP Clowns.
Sinkies get sold out by them(PAP Rulers) soon.


Virgo 49 said...

Many of these chi chi chak chak so called instant Singkapore lans got their instant Singkapore red passports freshly baked with complients from the sicko PAP government.

See how they rushed thru ICA of other countries without queuing ahead of others in queue.

See how they chi chi chak chak among themselves in front if the immigration officers.

The Indonesian and Malaysian officals had actually no love for even true blue sinkies.

Now these instant migrants Sinkies of pinoy/ah ney and ah tiong and the whites made their blood boiled.

The whites with their 30 kgs backpacks and bundles of rappelling ropes with shackles taking bus 170 and dumping them next to the empty slot next to driver as though bus belongs to them and clearing customs and immigration producing newly minted sin passports with their heavy gear made them see RED all over.

The Ah Tiongs behaved as though they are Masters of the Universe infuriated the Melayu officals further.

The Ah Neys with ten to twenty bags of goodies for profit making made them see Sin passports redder and reddest as proclaimed by LIm Sia Suay.

So how to hvee these ICA officals welcome you???

Anonymous said...

Matilar, please change your logo your mum was loving it. It is the least you can do to show her some respect in public after the life abuse u dish out to her over a life time just because u wanted to save a few dollars at geylang.
You proudly state that u spray her till cum comes out from her ears, eyes , noise and mouth. You are reall bastard asshole. Please show some respect. I hope your mom will have the courage to report you to the police and let u get assfuck in the prison by the rest of the prisoners so beware, that is the deserved punishment u will get one day.

Anonymous said...

Matilar asshole smell and look like half rotten oyster lah. No one, not even a blind desperate jailbird want his asshole.

b said...

Sinkies must learn from ahnehs and ahtiongs and go for greener pastures and not stay around and kena bang upside down by papist system.