The USA telling the world it needs help

The Americans are telling the world that they need their help to contain the spread of militant Islam. The genie was then in a bottle guarded by its guardians, the Saddams and the Gaddafis of the Arab World. They were able to keep the genie in the bottle with a forceful hand for decades. Under their dictatorships, the genie had no chance to get out of the bottle to create havoc to the Arab World and threatening the Americans and the rest of the world.

The Americans chose to do it on their own, ignoring the rest of the world, to kill the guardians of the genie of militant Islam. Now the genie is out of the bottle and the Americans panicked. Help, help, the genie is out of control.

Would the rest of the world listen to this notorious international bully who is creating troubles everywhere, in everyone’s backyard and front porch? The Americans have been bullying everyone and dictating to everyone, or to face the consequences of being on the American blacklist and faced all kinds of sanctions and harassments. Now the Americans are calling for their victims to come to the Americans’ aid, to put the genie back into the bottle.

Why should the rest of the world be responsible to put the genie back? Did the Americans consult the rest of the world when they unilaterally went ahead to release the genie? Now the Americans are frightened. The Americans know that they are the number one target of the genie. They forgot that they are the world’s Number One superpower and can do as they pleased, doing it on their own, with all their mighty firepower to destroy whoever they want to. Do the Americans really need the rest of the world to tackle the genie? They could bring back all their trouble making naval fleets from all corners of the world to deal with the genie instead of creating troubles elsewhere. These resources must be more than enough to deal with the genie.

Why should the rest of the world be led by the big bully to clean up the mess it created in defiance of the rest of them? The rest of the world must be grinning and telling themselves that it would be good if the Americans are forced to pull back their trouble making troops from their doorsteps to deal with genie. Why should they want to help the trouble maker to keep their troops in their neighbourhood? They must be quietly saying, ‘It’s your problem, not ours’.

Live by the gun, die by the gun.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Bean can you please intro the six musketeers?

You're the hamsone guy third from the right ah?

Anonymous said...

Now America trying to get rid of another guardian of the genie bottle, Assad of Syria. After they're done with Assad they'll go full force on the big guardian in the north, Putin. They can't really bring him down but they want to show that they can 'control' him or tame him down. If they're successful, China will be next. Then they'll be Master of the Universe.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:02, I have no permission to disclose their names. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

Give them help! Buy more fighter jets, tanks, missiles and guns.

They created the wars, created the reasons for revenge from others, send weapons on the pretext of helping one side fight the other, then denounce the side they supported in the first place and help the other side. Very good strategy for their weapons factory and manufacturing output.

Now they need help. I am sure there will be many in the UN who will help. One that comes to mind will be the Aussies, then the Japs.

V irgo49 said...

Hi Anon@1.18am.

Next Sinkapore- the perpetual ACS- American Cock Sucker.

They will thrown in full support for the Americunts.

Let the IRIS or ISIS killed them as karma had descended upon them.

More the merrier,

Bring it on to the Aussies, the bloody Brits and the Americunts.

NATO, no use TALK only- WHO also sama sama until the EBOLA out of control.

Anonymous said...

Every empire will rise and fall as sure as Newton's Law of Gravity. There is no escape. The Americans and the western powers have ruled the world for several centuries. It is decay time.

Anonymous said...

Empires rise and fall as sure as the sun rises and sets. America will not be an exception, but the way it falls may not be the same as the others. But it will fall.

The same way as everything else. The cycle goes round. Microsoft was once thought of as untouchable and unexpendable with it's operating system that runs computers. Now they are fighting a survival battle with competitors. It will survive, but in what shape, we do not know yet.
Same with all the big dominant names in electronics, photography, sound equipments and television makers. Some are history, some still soldiering on.

And so will history repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

Just like china went through more than 100 years of decline but china is rising again after the decline and humiliation.

As a sinkie chinese I sure hope that china will prosper rather than decline

Anonymous said...

America is at the brink of bankruptcy. It is printing money furiously to keep up with its defence expenditure. Its going broke.

The said...

You got rid of Saddam Hussein on trumped up charges and now you want the world to clean up your mess?

b said...

Attaining supreme power is a big thing but able to let go of supreme power is a greater thing. Few people in this world can accept letting go of that power.

Amerca has offended too many countries in their quest for power. It is time for the rest to turn against them.

Anonymous said...

And yet the fatuous Nobel Peace prize selection committee still thought it right to award the Nobel Peace prize to Obama. What a bunch of mother of all jokers sitting up there.

Anonymous said...

To say US of A is able to overwhelm the Middle East and then Russia and China is certainly too exaggerated a state.
Maybe the US can still print money as she Iikes, even then, it could end.

US calls for help now is not to save itself but for others to murder each others. HOWEVER, It WILL need help when Its' enemies make the US HOMELAND THE BATTLE GROUND.
Sooner or later it shall be done as the Enemies should know by now that the Us Archilles Heel lies there.

Empires rise and empires die, the US like other empires is no exception. Americans will have to face civil disorders of great magnitude inhouse very soon.

Anonymous said...

The Americans can only be brought down to its knees when they are attacked in homeland America. That is the only way to stop the Americans from committing mischiefs and genocides in other countries.

They chose to fight outside American territory and felt very safe doing all the killings. It would be an American nightmare if their enemies could bring the war home to the Americans.

Anonymous said...

The Americans feel great and powerful when they destroy other countries with their missiles and bombs. They think wars will never reach their shores and therefore feel smugly confident.

But this is no longer the 19th century. Missiles carrying nuclear warheads can reach thousands of miles into enemy territory, which is why they are terribly concerned about other countries, particularly Russia and China, testing long range missiles. And that is also why they are worried about N. Korea and Iran getting the nuclear bomb and delivery systems. Sure, they have attempted to erect their missile shields, but how effective are those and shooting down a nuclear missile in the sky before it hit the ground. over their territory is no protection against radiation.

b said...

But they have many sinkholes nowadays. One may occur at the white house someday.