The genuine problems of the MOM Jobs Bank

After more than a month of the Jobs Bank coming into operation there were high expectations that many Singaporeans would have found jobs through this strictly pro Singaporean apparatus of the Govt. So I was looking for some happy statistics to clap for my star minister for a job well done. But no data, really, can’t find any data. Now want to cheer for him also no chance to do it.

Then I read a few comments in the social media, including the authoritative comments of Leong Sze Hian, and it is confirmed that anyone hoping for some useful data coming out from this Jobs Bank Scheme is going to be disappointed. I am of course. And I was angry initially. I want to cheer, I want to clap and tell the citizens, especially the jobless PMEs and the PME taxi drivers that there is hope. Now I can’t. So don’t blame me for being angry. Felt being let down by another scheme that looked so good on paper. You mean they didn’t know that everyone is watching and looking for some numbers on this scheme?

On reflection, on hindsight, admittedly foresight not very good, I have second thoughts. It is really an impossible task for our boys and girls to design a programme to track the performance of this scheme. No way they could do it. There are just no good programmers to do such a simple job as the programmers are all foreigners. And very likely MOM cannot use foreign programmers for this job to show that this is pedigree Singaporean stuff.

What about having a few boys and girls thinking through a manual procedure like we used to do before we become an intelligent city and people? Surely must have some procedures for the companies to make monthly reports to MOM would generate some numbers, not up to date to the last minute and not computer perfect, but some data would still be good and available.

Now I have to figure out why our boys and girls could not think through a simple administrative procedure that works. First guess, they never approach the Administrative Service where all the talented administrative officers work. So they probably depend on non administrative officers to do an administrative job that they are not trained to do, sure would not work.

Or maybe they need some financial incentives like a doubling in pay. I think a doubling in pay from the ministers to the clerical stuff would be a good start.

So there you are, the MOM could not produce any data to tell how many Singaporeans applied for the jobs in the Jobs Bank and how many were successful and employed by the companies putting up advertisements for jobs for Singaporeans. And definitely they would not know how many of these companies already recruited foreigners after failing to find any suitable Singaporeans for their vacancies.

But MOM has many good data, like 65,000 jobs available in the Jobs Banks and something like 10,000 companies participating. Dunno if they know how many Singaporeans applied for these jobs. No need to ask how many were successful as they have confirmed they did not have such data.

Let me volunteer a suggestion. Since no Singaporean can design a decent programme to capture all these necessary information that the people would like to know, perhaps MOM can make an exception and outsource this task to the foreigners to design one. Make sure they write the programme quickly so that we can have some data to chew on.

And please don’t jump the gun to kpkb that MOM is useless or the Jobs Bank is a another wayang. There are obviously some genuine problems like lack of programming talents or administrative officers to design an administrative procedure that could produce the results expected.

PS, I am just speculating and I did not have access to how they work. Maybe I am just drumming. Please forgive me for my ignorance.

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Anonymous said...

RB, knn lar they can provide the data if they wanted to but the data will look ugly lar then defeat the purpose of the job bank where the FT will out smart the MOM or was it wayang in the first place?

Anonymous said...

just back from my usual breakfast
with kakis over a cup of thick
coffee O and a bowl of "law mee"..

every morning the coffee shop is
very crowded, many of them are
same familiar faces.....

they are in their 40s to 50s
having their breakfast at the
coffee shop......

although I didn't ask them, I
think many of them jobless...

they are able people, I really
don't know why they cannot get a

why why why......

Matilah_Singapura said...

The govt has to be seen as if it is actually doing something beneficial especially if there's a specific "issue" requiring attention... hence silly doubtful schemes like MoM's Jobs Bank.

There is no "problem" with things like Jobs Bank. The real genuine problem is gullible people actually believing in govt schemes like Jobs Bank actually helping people on an individual basis.

Seriously, if you want more, you have to make yourself valuable, and then let potential hirers know of you. Comes right back down to personal networks, personal "branding" and REPUTATION.

Here's the screwed-up "logic": Chances are the govt didn't get you a job in the past -- you probably got it on your own by your contacts or applying for an advertised position.

So now, in the present WHY THE FUCK should you "believe" that the govt is "qualified" to get you a job now ??

It doesn't make any sense lah.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed here, maybe it is still too early in the project to come up with figures. Give it time and maybe some figures can be manufactured. I am sure you will get a surprise if or when the figures actually appear. On the other hand if it was all a wayang in the first place, you will hear of it no more. Maybe Job Bank ver.2 will be introduced to enhance ver.1

Anonymous said...

The logic, what the hell do I call it logic in the first place, of this MS, is strictly refined Pri 6. Yes, he said so, and this comment by him confirms it.

Matilah_Singapura said...


»» is strictly refined Pri 6 ««

Yes. Pri 6...they were the hardest 3 years of my life!

Anonymous said...

Spent 3 years in Pri 6?

Anonymous said...

You know why he spent three years in p6 cause by then he was 15 and this sexual predator at that young age already focus on the 12 years old gullible gals mah. This motherfucker is beyond redemption lar. God bless

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, Chuan Jin was reported to say they did not know how many were employed through the Jobs Bank. No need to say more.

Anonymous said...

Since they need to only advertised 14 days before submitting the employment pass application, by now they should know how many were submitted lar mah? Tio Bo?

Anonymous said...

To know or not to know? To tell or not to tell?

Who wants to know who does not want to know, who does not want the people to know?

Always read the intent to understand the actions.

Matilah_Singapura said...

cocksucker @ 1039:

»» This motherfucker is beyond redemption lar. God bless ««

May the zombie-jesus give you a great BLOWJOB! :-))

Anonymous said...

The Jobs Bank
- P(owerless) to A(ct) P(arty)
- Hard Truths & Soft Stools.

Anonymous said...

I prefer u matilar to give me the blowjob so that like u said I can spray my love juice to your face and come out from your eyes, noise, ears and mouth! U volunteer so don't blame me for fantasizing

Anonymous said...

Would MOM come out and tell the truth that the Jobs Bank was blown, a blown job?

Sounds like a complete failure and better to say no data than to say only 10 Sinkies got employed when 65,000 jobs are availale.

And the companies are asking MOM for permission to bring in 30,000 foreigners.

Anonymous said...

If there is no feedback loop. Then how do they even know whether the solution works? And if no one really knows whether the solution works. Then how can the solution be further improved to remain relevant and effective to the changing business environment. Furthermore if no one even knows whether it works badly, so-so or well. Then what is the basis for justifying the allocation of tax payers monies to drive this initiative? And if it cannot be justified empirically, then what is the whole points of the Jobs bank?

I don't understand. I want to understand. But I simply cannot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.49

You are not the only one who does not understand. Join the crowd. We are all very slow in our brains so someone should come out to explain to us. Maybe instead of explaining the success or failure of Job Bank project, they should come out with Job Bank ver.II or ver. 1.1

Anonymous said...

Daft .... reallee fucking daft

U reallee expecting data n info from this wayang

Lidat... please vote for the backyard ..... oops, best ... papigs

Anonymous said...

Maybe they don't expect daft Sinkies to ask questions leh. So after bank set up everyone happy leow. No need to answer question. Problem solved or forgotten.

Now Sinkies suddenly become so smart know how to ask difficult questions. Better don't send them to universities. Send to poly ok leow.

b said...

There is this simple conclusion. When a cumtree has all the functions outsourced to FTs, that cumtree will not receive any useful information or data that will jeopardize the FTs ricebowls. The people can wait to be ruled by FTs soon.

Anonymous said...

Woody Goh now negotiating with the Indians. Sure kena hantam. I am sure he will say he has had a good deal for Singapore. He will say that the Indian gave him everything he asked for. Would you believe if he says that? The Indians are so good at this bargaining business. He will make you think you have won, but in actual fact you have lost and he has had the upper hand. Woody Goh will not know even if he was conned. Poor Woody, more so poor Singapore.

Anonymous said...

A good example is our top architect firm not allowed to practice India despite the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement.

They never read the small prints. Comprehensive is applicable only for the Indians to come over here to work and to do business. One way only.

Anonymous said...

@ September 11, 2014 4:24 pm

I think they need to employ an FT Indian to go to India to negotiate with the Indian govt.
Or maybe employ George Yeo to explain to PAP government what exactly was signed when he negotiated with the Indian govt.
Or just vote in an Opposition govt. to tear up the treaty with India.

Anonymous said...

That would be doubly dangerous.