Story of a Super-Wealthy Widow Fell into the Trap of a Tour Guide from China

Please see the story I have written on my long time family friend who was cheated of all her possessions by a Chinese tour guide, Yang Yin. Yang is unemployed but is now rich enough to enjoy a leisurely life! He volunteers his service to Ang Mo Kio community centre and posed for photos with MP and PM Lee. Did these helped him to obtain his PR status? Would other senior citizens become his next targets? ….

Kathleen's situation raises a number of question:

(1) how our law could allow a foreign national to obtain a LPA so easily, without the knowledge and consent of any relative?

(2) Why did our medical and legal professionals help Yang Yin apply for a LPA without contacting her relatives and friends in Singapore? Would they do anything, including harming a fellow Singaporean if they were sufficiently well paid. I am sure Singaporeans would be grateful if you can interview them and know their views a reasons.

(3) It also makes a mockery of our government’s expressed wish to attract Foreign Talents. How could such a selfish and scheming Chinese national be treated by our government as a Foreign Talent and granted him his PR status? The criteria for PR appear to be very lax. I fear that there is insufficient investigations of the PR applicant’s background.
If this kind of person is permitted to remain in Singapore, he is likely to target other senior citizens by offering himself as their adopted son or grandson to rob them of their CPF and life savings.

(4) What criteria, if any, are used to assess the suitability of volunteers and leaders in grass-roots organisations? ….

The con-man must be brought to justice, prosecuted for his crime, stripped off his PR status, and barred from ever entering Singapore to harm other senior citizens.

It Koon

The above is a condensed version of a letter by a Dr Tan It Koon that is circulating in social media. Dr Tan must have found this episode very tragic to have happened to a helpless old lady. Now that she has been reduced to a non entity, suffering from dementia and her wealth stripped from her, many questions are being asked.

I would like to touch on a few more pertinent questions raised by Dr Tan about how a vulnerable old lady could so easily be stripped of her assets and possessions so easily and legally. There are likely to be medical and legal professionals involved in the whole process and everything seemed to be done legally and with medically acceptable given her conditions.

My questions, are there anything that would have warrant the medical and legal professionals involved in the process to have raised a red flag or eyebrows? The processes involved a very rich and lonely old lady with probably signs of medical conditions and a totally unrelated young man from a foreign country. And the whole process is putting the old lady at the complete dependency on the young stranger with totally no relations to her. And did anyone bother to ask about the possibility of the old lady having some living relatives that may have an interest in her well being and her assets?

No? Everything is absolutely normal and legal. No further questions need to be asked?
Another question, would any normal person of sound mind, no need to be a medical or legal professional who probably have access and experience in such cases, think that something is just not normal? Or would it be a case of everyone just their job they are paid for and mind their own business?

What have we become as a people if no one thinks that this is very unusual and suspicious?

I will leave you people with this sad story to ponder over the weekend. We have heard of politically apathetic Singaporeans. We have heard of Singaporeans that would not lift a finger when someone is in trouble in public, someone being bullied, being beaten. Etc. What more shall I say? Passionless, conscienceless, bochap?

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Anonymous said...

Another PMET shedding crocodile tears.
When the flood gates were opened wide at the beginning, I want him to tell us what political party he voted for.
I also want him to tell us who he is holding accountable and responsible for his friend's predicament.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed, this is one story that touches the heartstring. There are people in this sad world today who would take advantage of the innocent, the vulnerable and those who place trust in others. There have been many cases like this in the past. I remember the case about the fungshui man from Hong Kong. There will be more cases such as this in the future. All one can do is to be on one's guard. Sad world we are in, but on the bright side I do believe that there are many good people around.

b said...

Rich people being taken advantage of is less worse than poor people being taken advantage of. How come no one speak up for the poor people community?

Veritas said...

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Since the PRC tour guide Yang Yin fuck her, he is her "pseudo husband". Base on superstitious or "religion", once you let someone fuck, you are "one body" with the person.

Yang Yin is her "pseudo husband", and he has rightful claims to her wealth according to God's law. Why cant the old lady be a born again virgin?

Why would she want somebody to play her chao chee bye and shit hole. She has herself to blame.

Anonymous said...

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Veritas said...

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You do evil, you cannot escape. Fear God.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder who these million dollar members represent. They seem to go gaga for foreigners.

Anonymous said...

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University of Financial Trade and
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b said...

This guy is not the only one who con people. There are plenty out there that get away with it. It is also an important prerequisite talent for certain professions such as politicians, lawyers, bankers etc.

Anonymous said...

Indeed very very very sad !

Anonymous said...

The men in blue better make ten times sure this guy don't escape from paradise or it would be very very embarrassing.

No more Mas Selamat Datang please.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, at 80 plus I don't think she looks for sex from that guy. Likely companionship lar. Also from the prc viewpoint, u really think he can hold meh screwing an 80 plus old lady so I think your assumption not correct.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So sad that we are being programmed from cradle to grave to kiasee kiasoo and kiachenghu so we are become bochap isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Bochap is a Singaporeans habit. To be a true Singaporean you must be Bochap. What do you expect? A country that has been screwed for the last half a century by one single ruling party.

Anonymous said...

"By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise".

Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

Please show the link to Dr Tan's story

Virgo49 said...

Maxwell Market and Beach Road or Kallang Airport Hawker Centre or at Army Market (Beach Road), one chicken rice hawker with photos taken with ex PM/MM Lee and also his son LHL smiling away.

Wah!! Long queue everyday. These people on the photos must have obtained their PBM/PMB or what BBB?? by now??

Or Pure Red Passports or Pink I/Cs???

Anonymous said...

"What have we become as a people if no one thinks that this is very unusual and suspicious?"

I think u are confused between moral and legal principles.

Morally wrong does not mean it is legally wrong. Or even wrong from a medical point of view.

For instance, u may disagree on moral grounds on the law allowing for abortion, or even euthanasia.

However a doctor may not think so, and from the medical viewpoint.

So if the law allows for it and the doctor executes it, then there is nothing illegal about it, tio bo?

And if there is nothing illegal, what justification and action is there for the authorities to take, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

The moral court of law lies with the 60% who voted for the govt which allows for such laws to be passed in Parliament through majority votes of elected MPs of the ruling party(aka the govt).

SO if 60% think the laws are not morally right, then they have the absolute power to vote out the govt.

The new govt then can change or make new laws which are morally acceptable to the majority (aka 60%) who voted them in.

Tio bo, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Such a talented foreigner... it's god sent n a blessing for the cuntry n daft

N u kpkb as usual

Innovative, resourceful, these r traits that shitty daft are not born with

Papigs as usual the bastard, to spot such talents n utilizing them in the RC.

B grateful. Vote for papigs

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59.

Let me correct you. There is such things as legally wrong and medically wrong. If the lawyer knows that the woman is mentally unsound, he cannot make her sign the will. If he is suspicious of a wrongdoing that is within reason and continues to make the woman sign the will, he is abetting a crime.

In the medical case, if the doctor knows that she is suffering from dementia, he must certify it to be so and cannot just say there is nothing wrong.

So, can be morally wrong, legally wrong and medically wrong at the same time.

No, RB is not confused, you are. Depends on the facts and circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I will say, we need to consider confiscating the assets of all widowed women age above 65; before they befall into the hands of young travel agents. Thus far, raising the min sum for CPF have prevented horny old men from losing their shirts goldiggers. But old women also have feelings and can be vulnerable in the same way. Help them help themselves before its is too late.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 4:35, this is the bestest suggestions so far. There are a lot of assets and lonely women to protect. Might as well extend to lonely men as well.

Our caring and paternalistic govt must be proactive and do something fast. The principle is the same as protecting the people's CPF money.

Anonymous said...

Rb, from your 2 posts or stories, what contribution, if any, can they make to society at large?

The answer is yes.

Often, many know what they are doing, where they are going, what is the likely outcome......

So can kpkb change the political system per se.

The answer is probably no.

But for any person or system to improve, to move forward, YEW need an opponent or a competitor or a sparing partner.

Bloggers are but opposition members, albeit virtual sparing partners.

Bloggers cannot replace law makers per se but they probably play a big contributory role to a "healthier " growth of the entire political system.

From the tour guide episode, it has exposed some "loop holes" in the system that probably need to be looked into and remedied if necessary.

From Jack Ma's story, it exposes the lack of enterprise of the GLCs led system and the over reliance on scholars and paper generals in taking the lead when they rather hide in their comfort zones.

Only when the players in the system are "pushed" either by social media or opposition MPs can meaningful, necessary and significant strides be made in society.

Whether there will be sufficient numbers of opposition in parliament down the road to make the difference is a BIG question mark?

Whether there will always be bloggers and netizens down the road to kpkb is also a question,

Meanwhile, knowing the impact of their kpkb, it is not the final change per se but likely the process of doing the kpkb that keeps bloggers and netizens going in this "devil advocate or adverserial role" chore.

Ultimately, to survive in the long haul, sinkieland probably still needs to loosen much more in its political system and also media industry.

To depend on or expect the predominantly unpaid social media netizens to play the "devil advocate or adverserial role" chore indefinitely may be pure wishful thinking.

With the world as their oyster, able and forward looking netizens are likely to swim into the vast ocean from this small pond or lake sooner than YEW expect.

In the meantime, knowing the limited impact of this virtual kpkb on the politcal outcome, it is likely the process and not the end result that keeps bloggers and netizens alike going.

But in due time, many netizens may need to bid good bye for bigger seas amd oceans to search and fulfil their true inner self. This tiny barren rock is likely too small and/ or too suffocating to nurture any big, world standard, world scale giant squid or whale. Luo Han ornamental fish, cat fish, tilapia fish Yes!

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, you are right to question the medical and legal requirements in this sorry case.

As much as I dislike Rumsfeld, I'll happily quote him in the known knowns and known unknowns.

The known knowns are the lawyer who drew up that POA and the doctor whose certification is required.

Let's now look at the known unknowns. Is the doctor who certified her her regular family doctor, or did Yang had to shop around until he could find a doctor who would do what he wanted? If so, then those doctors who refused the job must be lauded as our true heros, just like the OCBC case who refused a dubious withdrawal that turned out to be fraudulant. Similarly, was that the first lawyer that Yang approached, or was he turned down by more sensible lawyers. The Law Society should give brownie points to lawyers if it turns out that they had turned away this dubious case, and conversely have a long talk with the lawyer who drew up that POA.

These are the known unknowns that our professional bodies have the means to make known and do their job to contribute to the progress of their professions.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 11:30, agree with what you ssid. But this case really smells.

Anonymous said...

Kick this scheming leecher Yang out of here ! NO need to wait for further instructions from the fumbling ministers lah ! What are you waiting for ICA.?

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait. Need to set up a COI or not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How could an old lady who could bring a PRC national all the way from China to live in her home suffered from dementia so quickly?

Any individual who could make such a decision, wanting to bring a stranger to her home, must be of pretty sound mind to do so, to think of doing such a thing, likely to be mentally pretty healthy.

A person with a degenerating mind would have very little desire for anything of such a nature.

Anonymous said...

How could an old lady who could bring a PRC national all the way from China to live in her home suffered from dementia so quickly?

Any individual who could make such a decision, wanting to bring a stranger to her home, must be of pretty sound mind to do so, to think of doing such a thing, likely to be mentally pretty healthy.

A person with a degenerating mind would have very little desire for anything of such a nature.

Of course the possibility of one getting hit by dementia overnight is possible, just like a healthy person dying for no reason the next day.

No very right.