Singapore the flag bearer of TPP

After putting the intelligence of our super talents together, Singapore carved out an idea called TPP. It was so convincing that this TPP thing is so good, they never tell you any negative things about it, so it must be one of those things that only have goodness and no bad effects, they also think that it is good to all the countries in the Asia Pacific region. Hsien Loong even travelled all the way to the US to convince the American law makers that this TPP thing is the ‘koyoke’ to save the declining American economy. Obviously Obama could not sell this ‘koyoke’ to his colleagues and the American people.

And because this is our baby, we have been trying all means to get the Chinese, Koreans, the Japanese and Asean countries to come on board. Ouch, someone just elbowed me. Oops, this is NOT our baby. It is an American baby, an American construct for American domination and control of the Asia Pacific countries again. Then why are we in such a state of frenzy in pushing for the TPP? Do we get a cut for the effort?

You see, there have been many free trade agreements signed in the Asia Pacific region without the Americans in them. How can that be, how can they exclude the Americans in these agreements and not allowing the Americans to be the leader and calling the shots? America must be the leader of all world and regional organisations so that it can continue to dominate and control the world. Now, why are the Americans taking the back seat and Singapore carrying the TPP flag?

Look at the MH370 incident. What expertise or technical knowledge do the Australians have to be dictating to the countries involved that they knew the aircraft sank in the Antarctic Ocean? Are the Australians the technical experts in satellites, are they in control or in touch with the captain of MH370? Did any Australian radar actually pick up signals or radio conversation with MH370? Zilch. How is it that Abbott thinks he knows all and the whereabouts of MH370? Think.

Why is Australia calling the shots and acting like the front man in the new coalition against the ISIS? Why are the Australians hyping up the terror threat in Australia when the war is half way across the world? Why is Australia the flag bearer of this coalition?

Let’s get back to the phrase, ‘If the US did not do this, it would be “giving the game away”’. ‘Giving the game away’ could have different meanings. One is to lose the game. Another is to let out a hidden intent or agenda. Put this in a proper context, in Rachel Au Yong’s article, Delays in TPP ‘could affect US presence in Asia’ in the Sunday Times on 21 Sep, the whole intent and purpose of the TPP is about ‘a strategic and significant presence in the Asia Pacific’. It is not really about trade and commerce. And Hsien Loong had this to say, ‘having a presence “is not just battleships and aircraft carriers and aeroplanes. You have to have trade, goods exchanges …interdependence. And the TPP is your way of doing this.’

Agree, TPP is the only disguise the Americans could have to pretend that its presence is about trades and not about war and domination. And this is followed by the quote, ‘If the US did not do this, it would be “giving the game away”’. Now the meaning is clear, the true agenda of the TPP.

In the same article Hsien Loong was quoted to say, ‘We are all in Asia, interacting and trading with one another…So, you don’t promote trade, what are you promoting? What does it mean when you say you are a Pacific power? It just does not make sense’.

To the Americans, their presence of battleships, aircraft carriers and aircraft make perfect sense. It is all about American power and control of Asia Pacific countries. Trade is secondary and a guise to promote the military interest of the American Empire. Do I still need to explain what the TPP is all about?

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Anonymous said...

Singlish Teacher
I believe the word "koyote" should be spelt "koyoke".
"Ko-yoke" would be the pronunciation of the cantonese word for medicinal ointment.
A cure-all ointment sold by pimps along the alleys around Deskar Road in the old days.

I agree with redbean's contextual use of "koyoke" or "koyote".
I just disagree with the spelling.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, thank you for your spelling check. I will change them to koyoke.

My fake spelling checker from Financial and Trade University is now saved by a genuine spelling checker : )

Anonymous said...

Would the Americans be stupid enough to listen to our koyoke seller, the wise man arriving on camel backs from the East and bearing gifts?

Anonymous said...

Too much opposition from farmers. Will never fly. Unless of course the IB can somehow break into the online farming forums. But even if they can do that. It will take them too long to learn the parlance to influence those against the TPP.

It's fair to say the TPP will be stillborn.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

I used to be in the doom and gloom camp of the TPP. Not any more.

Now that its ides have ben mooted and thrashed out, I doubt this thing will fly. There is NO WAY all cuntrees will agree to the terms...Ok, I will agree: that could change and issues hammered out and re-negotiated, just to kep the spirit of the TPP alive...but it won't be for long.

I now remain confident that this TPP thing will fizzle out, and eventually disappear, like bad ideas are supposed to do.

Anonymous said...

If signing up... ensure the continuous existence of the papigs aka leempire

WHY NOT... anyway the traitorous character is a gene.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Would 300m Americans be wrong to oppose this TPP? Or would a handful of people in Washington and in Sin be right?

Matilah_Singapura said...


»» Would 300m Americans be wrong to oppose this TPP? ««

Please lah uncle. You give the US population too much collective intelligence. Most of them don't even know what the TPP is let alone what it's about.

Whether one is for or against the TPP would depend, at the end of the day, how one's own personal self interest is affected.

Essentially, if you are a powerful corporation -- then the TPP is most definitely for you.

It is so good to corporations, because corporations can SUE SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENTS -- if you can prove to "independent tribunals" that the government in question directly impacted your enterprise negatively by their policies. When corporations sue governments and win, the corporations get TAX PAYER FUNDS paid directly to them. It could even make good financial sense to BRIBE GOVERNMENTS to make "sure fail, sure lose money" policies, so that corporations have solid grounds to sue the govt. for damages and win, then pay off their complicit policy-makers -- aka corrupt government officials.

If you are a wage earner dependent on local job opportunities and public health care, or small business operator of a conventional brick and mortar operation, then chances are you will be WORSE OFF under the TPP.

Me? I'm neutral. If the TPP happens (which IMO won't), I'll configure a certain way. If the TPP doesn't happen, but something else does, I'll adjust accordingly.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. The TPP essentially lays the foundations for a one-world government, appointed and installed, not elected by democratic process.

Should the TPP succeed, that would be a sizeable jewel in King Obama's crown. In fact, if a world govt finally does come to bear, Obama should be the President. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't even know what it's about. As all the negotiations are conducted in secret with only the industrialist and politicians in the know. Sounds to me like a very strange way to make social and economic progress in the 21st century.

As any reasonable person would assume if something that has such far sweeping ramifications (if it ever comes to fruition) on their livelihood, prospects and well being.

Surely whatever 'process' would have to respect the legitimate rights of stakeholders and they deserve the right to informed, consulted and represented.

Who even elected these people to represent us all in this medieval manner?

b said...

TPP is basically a tool to make the rich even richer and the poor even poorer. Naturally, everyone wants to cherry pick. There is no one size fits all policy. That is why power is so important to stop others from cherry picking to enable the empire of darth vader to grow.

Anonymous said...

TPP another CECA?

Anonymous said...

hosei liao ...

soon daft becum the slaves of the americunt ... thanks to the bastard lee hsien loong .. mudder fucker, ccb, yaosiewkia, puborkia

leemember .. vote for papigs for more good years