Schoolings' good, degrees no good

Joseph Schooling scored a gold for Singapore in the Asian Games in Korea, and with a record time of 51.76 sec in the 100m Butterfly event.

Well done young man. We need more Schoolings to do us proud.

Given the right motivation, training and support, we can do it. No need more foreign talents. Singapore has talents.



Veritas said...

All Singaporeans will cheer for you. So long as you are here for your formative years, we are one of us, never mind where you are born.

Singaporean racist?

Anonymous said...

Well done. Please continue your study. A degree would be an insurance just in case there is no suitable job offer by the swimming association.

Anonymous said...

He was born in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Joseph Schooling scored a gold for Singapore in the Asian Games in Korea, and with a record time of 51.76 sec in the 100m Butterfly event.//

Despite coming from a tiny population base of 3.2 million against the other more than 3.5 billions or about 60% of mankind ( Chindia 1.4 + 1.2 billions, Bangladesh + Pakistan + SL 400 millions, ASEAN minus SINKIELAND 600 millions, ROK, DPRK + Japenis 200 millions, etc etc ), SINKIELAND talents come out tops.

SINKIELAND can have niche market and do have comparative advantage in certain areas. No need to import everything and call sinkies daft and no talents.

Old man, MOM-MY boy, ai hum-mai hum, Tua Char Kong, MaborokTan have been proven wrong!


It is EVIL and NASTY to " 埋没本地人材" and splurge $$$$$$ on 3rd world "system gamers, opportunists, spring boarders, economic mercenaries and migrants ".

SINKIELAND, if there is any need to import world beaters, should get genuine, bona fide talents and NOT Team B ping pong discards who cannot even be the ASIAN CHAMPION because in a crunch, it cannot beat the REAL A TEAM!

Worst is no or fake talents and even plain crooks with premeditated and meticulous scams to defraud authorities and individuals alike with fake credentials, fraudulent evil hatched schemes and EVEN HORRENDOUSLY IMMORAL acts like faking love and commit extramarital affairs with octogenarian woman ALMOST as old as old man to swindle her entire fortune taking advantage of her mental incapacity.

Some more posING in HUGE pic with such people?

Is this plain 呆 or a blatant DISREGARD for morality, public opinions and sinkies in general?

Anonymous said...

Make up your mind RB. Do you want more schooling or not?

Anonymous said...

Yew better vote out the PAPigs so that more Singaporean talents have a chance to bloom & grow.
If Schooling was an alien;
He would be going back home soon to spend his millions.

Does Schooling get paid less than aliens because he is a Singaporean?

The said...

Schooling is good.
Universitying is bad.

Anonymous said...

From Junie Sng to Ang Peng Siong, David Lim, Jocelyn Yeo, Tao Li and finally Joseph Schooling.

From JBJ, CST, FS, TLH, CSJ, LTK and finally ....... doesn't matter Schooling, Polytechnicing, ITEing, Kindergartening, Primarying, Secondarying, JCing, Bacheloring, Mastering, Doctoring, RedBeaning etc. As long as HE/ SHE can get the cats skinned, HE/ SHE is the next SINKIELAND CHAMPION.

所谓 "皇天不负苦心人".

请RedBean and 各位苦心人再接再厉吧!


为SINKIELAND与SINKIES 未来的存亡,希望,以及SINKIES' younger and future generations 的前途,前程,前景一同奋斗,众志成城,共创共同目标,理想,一个 SINKIES 及 SINKIELAND拥有希望的未来!

Anonymous said...

Don't be daft anymore lah.

Go read history n U know 2 types of beans are born rich n powerful, those born to royal familees with sons suceeding the fathers as rulers. The other ones are born to tycoons.
As for rulers, few if not nine was/is Mensa rated geniuses. Most were offsprings of tyrants who later became worse than their parents.
Realistically speaking, the next better off are usually not fron the scholastic kind and these, those artistes in performance arts and musics, many of which were/are highly talented.
Schooling is only for the enlightening of dull minds. Those born talented teach, guide and rule those that need schooling.
Nature dictates intelligence, no amount of education adds talent to anyone born dumb and stupid.
Daft shall be daft.

Anonymous said...

Well said anon 832.
There is living proof here in MSNs in a primary educated commenter who travels the World, make his piles and screws the educated others here.
He alone shows You what a born talent means.

Anonymous said...

Yes and he will not stop screwing till he cums.
He cares not your gender, age and stature even if you are head of state.
He knows all ends up same same when the day comes.

b said...

There are many sg born that are extremely talented but those foreign born ministers purposely downplayed their achievements or terminated their fundings.

Anonymous said...

What's so good or meaningful about hiring a foreigner to win a medal for the country? How silly can these people be?

And wasting public money, huge amount of money for it. It is wasteful and criminal.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Schooling is an angmoh kia. But we all know that he is one of us.

Anyone doesn't know please kee chiu.