Rebalancing of US pivot to Asia

Former US Ambassador Curtis Chin and Secretary of State Susan Rice have spoken about a rebalancing of the US pivot to Asia after it has been stalled by lack of fundings and the expansion of wars in the Middle East. At the moment this pivot is being put on the backburner given the priority to feed the wars in Syria and Iraq and keeping the flame alive in Ukraine. China is having a bit of peace at the moment though Obama is still poking at whatever little holes he can find.

Both Curtis Chin and Susan Rice are talking about commercial, education and cultural balancing instead of war. The American pivot was all about war and about shifting their military assets and soldiers back to the region, warships, aircraft carriers, bases, military alliance, for PEACE! How many jokers believe that?

So, what is the new doctrine, what is the new change? From the pivot to war to pivot for trade? Let’s see what the Americans are doing towards this new direction. It is thinking of selling aircraft to Vietnam and ships to Taiwan. In the former it is about surveillance aircraft for Vietnam to spy on China. In the latter it is about submarines and frigates to fight China. It is also negotiating with the Malaysians for more bases to fly their surveillance aircraft. The Philippines are happily waiting for some aids and handouts, more warships that the Americans could do without.

All these measures are economic and commercial in nature. Not about war but about trade. Well done America, keep the pivot for trade and commercial dealings coming. Sell more arms and warplanes and warships to the countries in the region. Send more soldiers here for R and R activities to promote tourism.

Maybe the region has to wait as the war in Syria and Iraq just hotted up and big money is on the way. For every cruise missile launched, another more expensive will be needed to replace the old stocks. Think of how many bombs have been delivered to Syria and Iraq and all the arms needed to build up the anti ISIS forces and those in Ukraine.

This is big business that the Americans are adept at after continuously practicing it without a single day of rest since the end of the Second World War. American’s formula for trade and pivot to Asia, in commercial terms.

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Anonymous said...

Rebalancing of PAP pivot to Hong Lim Park.

“We must not concede the space - physical or cyber. We will have to learn from the 1960 generation of PAP pioneers - to fight to get our message across at every corner - every street corner, every cyberspace corner, be it in the mass media or social media. We will have to do battle everywhere as necessary."
Chan Chun Sing

Anonymous said...

Does the PAP government listen to the people from every corner, every street corner, every cyberspace corner, be it in the mass media or social media ?

Are they on our side?

Anonymous said...

"From the pivot to war to pivot for trade?"

Please lah RB, for US, after the end of Vietnam War, since when is there a pivot war to Asia?

It is, and will always be a pivot of trade, of money to Asia.

If not, who will buy American Treasury bills? If not, why is US dollar still the international currency, despite the printing by the FED, which also indirectly cause high Sinkie property prices, and making smart Sinkies very rich in the process and so they voted PAP lah?

Anonymous said...

For Sinkieland, it has always been a pivot to trade, even during the Vietnam war decades ago.

When the US soldiers came to Sinkieland for R & R, it is money for smart Sinkies, u know.

And some smart Sinkies even became very rich supplying the Yankees during the Vietnam War, u know. So long ago, there were already smart Sinkies.

With smart Sinkies (may not be the same Sinkies lah), and even until now, PAP will sure win one.

Don't believe, just wait and see lah. And no need to wait long.

b said...

Usofa is a cowboy land. They only know how to use their guns to resolve conflicts. Not trade or other peaceful methods. They are still a long way from civilisation and enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 27, 2014 10:37 pm
HLP is the only place to "protest" without ending with the "whole machinery all over protesters' heads and what have YEW"?

Have YEW not heard of the "HAMAS" "using children, women and old folks " as human shield against "missiles" ?

As much as it is not right to "frighten" special needs kids with "sound from a protest ", would it have made sense to hold such a charity event say in "ISIS controlled territory in IRAQ AND SYRIA " and "blame the whole world " if the "kids" are frightened?

Similarly, if YEW would not make sense to hold a children's charity in "war zone ", does it make sense to have it at a "protest site "?

Unless the intention is similar to "HAMAS" to use the "kids" as "human shield "?

Who is more "EVIL" ?

Pls KEE CHIU if YEW have the answer?