Our stock market is in the pink of health

I learnt something yesterday. Had this discussion with some very well versed businessmen on how to clinch a deal and was told that in many cases there were vested interests at stake. It is not a matter of how good is your service or product. They just would not give you the deal as that would mean losing their own stake. The best way is to go around it. One way is to include their share. Another is not to ruffle their feathers. A third way is to tell them their service or product is good but they can use your product or service and be more rewarding.

I have been singing the song that the stock market is dying. That is obviously wrong. It is better to sing songs of praise, that the stock market is in the pink of health, the best. That way everyone will be happy. Now that they are feeling elated, maybe I would like to suggest to them that the market can even be better if they restructure, revitalize, remodel the market to make it better. One way is to remove computers from being linked to the SGX computer system. This way would make the funds to trade more without the aid of computers. The volume will increase definitely as everyone will then be trading on a level playing field.
In addition, raise the bid value, minimum lot size go back to 1,000 shares. This way the computer traders would have to pay more and the exchange and brokers will stand to make more fees and commissions. London is more expensive than us, and we should aim to be like London at least in terms of trading fees or commissions.

And because everyone will be trading furiously, they need to have a break. Computers no need to take breaks, human beans need to. It will be healthy, kind and humane to reintroduce the lunch break. The traders can take a break, the punters can take a break, and the restaurants and foodcourts would be doing roaring business. Everyone will be happier and healthier and be very grateful to the SGX for such a great move.
And when everyone is happy, they will trade more and a positive cycle will result. And the stock market will become more active and trading volume will increase. The management of the stock market will be rewarded with bigger bonuses too.

See the contrasting approaches? Now everything is sounding so good and looking so positive. I am sure these suggestions will sound more palatable and can be implemented. One caveat, if things have not rotted to a state of beyond redemption.

Other suggestions to make the stock market more active: Follow the casinos, let each punter have $200 free to trade. Set up trading halls with a lot of TV screens like before for the punters to gather and chat, and better still, free kopi for them. This will replace the lack of stock price info removed from the TV. There are many more incentives to bring the crowd in.

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

"How To Win Friends and Influence People"
Book by Dale Carnegie.
- This is a good book that teaches you how to kiss ass to get what you want.

"How To Vote Wisely and Influence PAP Government Policy"
- a book that very badly needs to be written

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I like the second book.

Anonymous said...

have not trade/dare not trade
for the last few years.......

so just sit still and collect the
FAT dividends from some STI index
stocks which I bought in the past
on the cheap........


Anonymous said...

so just sit still and collect the
FAT dividends from some STI index
stocks which I bought in the past
on the cheap........
Anon 10:08 am

Sounds familiar leh. I heard before, and from a somebody some more.

Worth giving it a try.

Anonymous said...

Feeling verlee happy for red bean

Like zorro lim, must be verlee happy looking at his bank statements

Let's pop the pek chew for him

Thanks to papigs talents bank, creating riches for daft

So ... vote 4 papigs

Anonymous said...

Wth investors like MS around, SGX will always be having roaring business.
Remisier and brokerage agency can retire and close anytime they wish, trading will be as hot.
SGX will make money forever and more as time goes.

Anonymous said...

The SGX has been so screwed that the brokerages are encouraging their clients to trade in other markets. No one wants to trade in this market anymore.

Countdown has begun.

We shall stand on the side and watch how the multi million dollar foreign talents can do or is going to do to kill the market faster.

Anonymous said...

Brokerage and remisier may have to eat grass, but SGX will thrive.
Like Sinkies will fall through the cracks and traps, but Rulers will enjoy lives of plenty and opulence.
That's Life in Sin.