OPG? Only heard of OPM

I confess that I have not heard of this OPG. I thought it would be something like Other People’s God, Other People’s Govt, Other People’s Gas, or something like that. Actually this is an official public institution to protect the people, to look after the welfare of the people. It is called Office of Public Guardian.

The OPG has lodged a police report against Yang Yin after the news broke of the tour guide boasting after increasing his wealth to $50 million on line, and this is after he obtained a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) to take charge of Madam Chung Khin Chun’s assets. ‘We reported this to the Commercial Affairs Department highlighting our concern of possible financial abuse.’ Public Guardian Daniel Koh said.

Now that the OPG has come into the picture, Madam Chung’s asset could be safer from her guardian holding the LPA. Thank God we have such an institution to protect the people. Maybe the OPG can do something to protect the oldies’ CPF money as well if they go and complain of being robbed.

Daniel Koh also mentioned that the LPA scheme was launched only 4 years ago and there had been no problems until this Yang Yin’s case.  And he assured the public that ‘there are enough safeguards to prevent abuse of the LPA scheme. Not only do LPAs have to be certified by experts – such as a doctor or a lawyer – and approved by the OPG, but the body also has the powers to investigate complaints of abuse.’

Daniel Koh ‘also made it plain that the onus was on LPA applicants to make sure they pick a trustworthy guardian – it is not the OPG’s responsibility to judge “the quality” of the decision’.  In the Yang Yin’s case, presumably he had gone throw the whole process, the LPA was certified by a doctor or a lawyer, or could it be both, and then approved by the OPG.  And no one can blame the OPG as it is not its ‘responsibility to judge the quality of the decision of an LPA applicant. But they could investigate when things go wrong and they are investigating now. Good work OPG. OPG has also sent its staff to visit Madam Chung and found her well.

I think the OPG would have a lot of investigation to do when more oldies got cheated of their CPF monies and start to complain.  Anyway good to know that there is an OPG institution to protect the people.

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Anonymous said...

Below are the contact details of OPG.
I suggest you go visit the physical office of OPG and determine for yourself whether they have the resources to do what they say they are supposed to do.
For general enquiries:
Hotline: 1800 226 6222

Email: enquiry@publicguardian.gov.sg

Ministry of Social and Family Development
510 Thomson Road
SLF Building, #15-03
Singapore 298135

Remember the old fart's advice.
Open your eyes big, big.

Anonymous said...


If Yang Yin can cheat an old, dementia stricken woman, one can understand.

But to be able to cheat an MP, MP grassroots, the ICA, OPG and etc, how to understand, u tell me lah?

No wonder so many Sinkies, including daft ones, are so outraged! And rightly so.

But what to do, since majority Sinkies are not ready to vote in an opposition which is not ready to be govt.

Blame PAP? But are they the losers, u tell me lah?

If not, must blame the Sinkies, the Sinkie opposition and dementia old Sinkies who all end up as the losers, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

/// But to be able to cheat an MP, MP grassroots, the ICA, OPG and etc, how to understand, u tell me lah? ///
September 28, 2014 10:08 am

You take a look at this video of HHH and Roy questioning the 'authorities".
- if more Singaporeans were like them, then Yang Yin would not have such an easy time.
- but Singaporeans have been brainwashed by PAP government into believing that such behaviour is unacceptable. And that we should just trust the PAP government.

- but what happens when you just trust and depend on the PAP government to look after you?
- Well.
- just ask madam Kathleen Chung
- just ask our Singaporean mini-bond investors

Anonymous said...

Video of HHH and Roy questioning our PAP government authorities:


Virgo49 said...

60.1% of Sinkies had their balls castrated by the PAP fifty odd years ago.

Eunuchs to serve the EMPEROR and SON, their cronies and their dynasty.

So powerful just like our Vivi said- Politics is about power and
we are the Masters and you the servants.

Hypocritically declared their Great Leader that they are the servants.

Civil servants that had the Power rubbed onto them behaved as though they are the also the Masters and we the Slaves.

So how the NParks Director behaved with the mountains behind him.

Must get rid of these useless special needs Ministers and MPs and their cronies Once and For All.

oldhorse42 said...

Office of Public Guardian! What a comforting name. It really makes one feel safe that one is guarded by a big and strong Govt agency.
It reminded me of the good old day when one bank employed burly sikh guard to grace the entrance to the bank branded as big strong and friendly bank.
The big strong guard was there for show only. For image building only.One guard was not enough to guard the bank from robbery.
Our OPG is also like that. It does not protect and guard the public. Did it ever scrutinize and reject any application for LPG in its many years of existence.
No wonder RB aka Chua Chin Leng exclaim LPG and OMG( o my god ) in the same breath.

b said...

Whenever there is money to be made, all kind of charitable, concerned, caring organizations spout out from nowhere.

Anonymous said...

methinks it is just a rubber stamp organisation. Since lawyers and doctors are qualified to judge, and it is not, then what is it for? Only when the fox had left the coop?

Anonymous said...

OPG no use.

SPG a lot more fun and more useful.
Helps attract ang moh talents into Singapore.
And if we are smart.
We should offer an SPG incentive programme.
In exchange, the ang mohs will work for free.
And we boost our population at the same time

Anonymous said...

When a vulnerable old lady signed away her fortune to a total stranger from god knows where and no one thought it warrants some attention...what do you think?

A LPA in such a case is very dangerous to the old lady's well being isn't it?

Anonymous said...

OPG now visits and talks to a dementia old lady and found her fine.
Fine and sound in body and mind?