My trip to Hong Lim on 27 Sep 14

I did not want to make a trip there today. The appeal letter of Han Hui Hui changed my mind. I just got to be there to see what was going on. There was another big event organised by YMCA that virtually took over the whole of Hong Lim Park according to Han Hui Hui, and her team would have problems pitching their small tent and doing a token march around the field of Hong Lim.

The sun was very unkind, contrary to the prediction of our resident geomancer. Too damn hot. While at the traffic junction waiting to turn into Fook Hai Building I could hear Han Hui Hui’s voice piercing through the car window. And there was an equally loud male speaker alternating from her speech as if they were screaming for attention. A clash of loudspeakers perhaps, and it was just 5 minutes past four.

I hurried to the park only to be greeted by several huge red and white tents, the biggest the size of 3 basketball courts at least, pluck right in the centre of the field. There was no sign of the Return Our CPF tent. There were at least a couple of thousand people under the tents and in the main stage area. At the mole hill that resembled what Charlie Brown stood, there stood pint size Han Hui Hui screaming her heads out, under the hot sun, no tent. It was blazing and maybe 200 people were around her in a little corner squeezed between the tents. See photos.

The little mole hill is in between the two tents on the right.

The little lady did not want to bow out in defeat. Apparently there were some negotiations with the police and NPark officers earlier and she was using the loud speakers to thank them profusely for the privilege of the little mole hill to exercise her freedom of speech. And of course  to the police officers for making sure her safety was not compromised. Roy joined her later plus a couple of fiery ladies. They blew their lungs out under the blazing heat of the tropical sun. By the end of the session, Roy almost lost his voice.

The climax of the event was the march around the big tent when Teo Ser Luck arrived. By then the spectators of the Rally had swell to possibly a thousand or more. It was quite difficult to count when they were intermingled with the participants of the other event.  Roy caused a stir and some worried faces when he carried the national flag and  headed for Teo Ser Luck. They had a friendly chat and there were smiling faces all round after that.

There were many things to cheer and shared with the very supportive crowd. And they shared with the participants of the other event as well. It was a good thing after all as Roy and Hui Hui found a bigger audience to speak to. I overheard some saying that the next event should be held on a Sat when there is another big event at Hong Lim to capture their participants. The supposedly clash of event did not really affect the mood of the Return Our CPF crowd. In fact many went there specifically to support Han Hui Hui’s call, fearing that she would be in some kind of difficulties. Many in the crowd said the same thing, that they did not plan to attend this round but must turn up to support Roy and Hui Hui in view of the presence of another big event on the same day and same time.

Looks like future events will be held when there are other events organised at Hong Lim and at the same time. It was a good thing, getting a bigger audience without any effort. No need to pay for drinks and chicken rice. The slight problem would be that Roy, Hui Hui and their fellow speakers would have to drink more ‘liang teh’ to soothe their throats.

I have posted more photos in the previous posts before this.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 27, 2014 10:37 pm
HLP is the only place to "protest" without ending with the "whole machinery all over protesters' heads and what have YEW"?

Have YEW not heard of the "HAMAS" "using children, women and old folks " as human shield against "missiles" ?

As much as it is not right to "frighten" special needs kids with "sound from a protest ", would it have made sense to hold such a charity event say in "ISIS controlled territory in IRAQ AND SYRIA " and "blame the whole world " if the "kids" are frightened?

Similarly, if YEW would not make sense to hold a children's charity in "war zone ", does it make sense to have it at a "protest site "?

Unless the intention is similar to "HAMAS" to use the "kids" as "human shield "?

Who is more "EVIL" ?

Pls KEE CHIU if YEW have the answer?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 27, 2014 10:47 pm
Who agree some people's " 良心" already eaten up by the Sub Saharan Savannah desert's hyenas and use "children" as "human shield ", pls KEE CHIU?

Anonymous said...

Rb. // The sun was very unkind, contrary to the prediction of our resident geomancer. Too damn hot.//

Rb, would YEW rather "astrologer" predicted clear weather and 5,000 to 10,000 people turned up?

Is it fair to the kids being "used as human shield "?

Can anyone guarantee nothing will happen if 10,000 turned up under such "HOT" weather?

Just like in the jungle, so what if the "DUMINANT" antelope emerged victor in its herds, it is a herbivore?

Other predators still waiting for them in the "jungle" ?

YEW see the point?

Do YEW think a tiny barren rock can ever be a "predator" in the "jungle of nation states "?

Anonymous said...

Does it make sense to up the ante?

What would be the end game?

Who can guarantee a win-win outcome pls KEE CHIU?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 27, 2014 11:20 pm
Imagine tomorrow what might some "state" "slime " leedia leeport in their front pape leepers?

"Astrologer" already GIVE "HINT" "HINT" but to "NO AVAIL "?

But "lackey" oops "lucky" "turn out " NOT SO "big" ?

Otherwise if " ..........." in front of children , imagine "....................." ?

Think astrologer also " give up hope " liao?

Why some people " 明知山有虎,偏向虎山行"?

" 有必要吗"?

Even if this time "ok" , what about the next "one" ?

With now " 黑心会" in vogue, isn't it " 明枪易挡,暗箭难防"?


Who doesn't agree, pls KEE CHIU?

Does it matter if the DUMINANT MALE ANTELOPE emerged victorious?

What is the price to "pay" ?

Astrologer decided " plastic 盆洗手"?

从此 "退出" " 枪 壶"?

Leemember, this time use "children" ?

Next time " 黑心会" use " 80+, 90+" old people as "human shield " how? Still go? If some old people kena " heart attack " and ........., "state slime " how going leeport in their leedia?


Astrologer " 从此告别了"?


Anonymous said...

Mango god turn up to suppork 死了?

死了looking verlee happee, dinner god new blood trying to press her nehneh against his bodee.... photo on TR website.

Many youths wearing red advertising 4 ymca ,dunno from which organization youth wing, but guarantee career made for life, like koochar saf advertisetits... when u made it to the army, u had it 4 life

Anybolee see Mango anot...

Y ymca bring subnormal kids there? Stinkapore woo talents show? CNN, new york x, BBC, fox news etc woo turn up boh?

Leemember.... cum next leelection, vote papigs out.

Knn hsien loong, u fucking bastard, limpeh everlee night cunt not sleep.... scared sakalee 3am knocks on door...

Anonymous said...

I don't know who advises the PAP on public relations.
But I think they are doing a good job.
Wishing PAP more good years with their PR advisors.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese have a saying:

" 心毒如蛇蝎 "

Whose heart as " evil as snakes and scorpions ", pls KEE CHIU?

Anonymous said...

How to trust LEEDERS anymore when they have hearts " as evil as snakes and scorpions "?

Anonymous said...

When LEEDERS hearts are like "snakes and scorpions ", the people have no more hope?

Anonymous said...

Dear readers, if YEW know any LEEDERS hearts like "snakes and scorpions ", pls KEE CHIU?

Anonymous said...

But not that many Sinkies there leh.

Nowhere near the standard like those protests in Hong Kong, tio bo?

Maybe majority Sinkies are scared of the hot sun.

Like that ah, I think they also scared to vote PAP out lah.

Virgo 49 said...

Just read The Shit Sunday Times online and very the fast, PAP ministers and MPs condemned the protesters for heckling the poor special needs children.

Texts all ready to condemn the Singkapore lans for their unruly behaviours.

wah, do fast get so msny views from their political masters. Even codriver WP spoksman join in yhe fun to condemn their actions.

Really, Plot better than Wag The Tail- the Americunts plot to scare and divert attention from the Sins of their Leaders.

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting to read redbean's account of what happened and also to read the Straits Times account.

I hope Roy and Han Hui Hui learns from this lesson.
History repeats itself.
I remember a young Chee Soon Juan who got himself a bad name through the mainstream media so very long ago.
Majority of Singaporeans have been brainwashed into frowning on such spontaneous acts of protests ... without investigating the merits behind the protests.

Hopefully, all of us will now better understand why Workers' Party have to operate the way they do as an Opposition Party.

Focus on converting pro PAP voters amongst your friends and relatives.
60% of them voted PAP.

Roy & HHH
- we got your message
- and we are spreading the news
- please maintain your equanimity to protect the fruits of your labour

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Rb // The sun was very unkind, contrary to the prediction of our resident geomancer. Too damn hot.//

Rb, no matter what is the objective, do YEW seriously and sincerely think it would help the "cause" to "walk into many potentially big and deep holes" already "dug waiting" for YEW?

Is the "cause" so "acute" and as if "in the ER room" that "die die" must "walk into the potential holes"?

If "protest" hold back one more week or reschedule due to "human shield event" oops "humanitarian event" going on "WILL" derail the "entire cause" or "objective" of it?

Cum on RB, when YEW "take on" somebody and "an issue" as BIG as "these", do YEW expect people to give YEW "any quarters" or "breathing space"?

Before the protest even begins, the "potential whole story line" is already been "scripted" and "predictable"?


Can YEW not see any "young CSJ saga" not unlike in the early "2000s" playing out all over again?

Would it help the "cause" YEW are "fighting" for?

In 2001, after some "silly incident" and "holes made for somebody to walk right into", Char Tow "ROMPED" home with "COUNTLESS" home runs and more than "75%" victory?

So is it "clever" to let "history" somewhat be "REPEATED"?

Do YEW "seriously and sincerely" think "walking into the potential holes already dug there" can and will "help the cause" YEW are "fighting" for as far as the masses and public opinions are concerned "WHERE IT MATTERS"?

Think again?

In a "war", it is always "seizing back" the initiative that matters and possibly deciding the outcome?

Does "walking straight into potential holes already dug" in any way able to seize back the initiative?

Think about it?

If another "cause of action" and "grace" is shown, how would "public opinion" be shaped?

For example, "postponing" the "protest" to another weekend?

If there is another event "AGAIN", postpone again .......

Doesn't that make more sense?

Who do YEW think would gain in the eyes of the "public opinion"?

If YEW still have no idea what would be the next thing to happen when YEW do sthg like this, pls go read again "old man's books"?

He is "kind enough" to "state the consequences and what to expect"?


September 28, 2014 7:42 am

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 @ 4:18 am

Taking advantage of and hiding behind the shield of special needs children? "Vile. Total and absolute disgrace."

Anonymous said...

Does anybody here seriously think PAP is on the side of "special needs children"?
- NO!
- If PAP government really want to help, then why force the parents of such children to contribute to CPF?

CPF is for a rainy day.
When you are a parent of a special needs child in Singapore, your rainy day has arrived.
- no need to wait for 65 days anymore

Singapore Reserves is for a rainy day
- so when is this "rainy day"?
- the rainy day arrives when you have a medical emergency and hospital bills to pay
- and how does the PAP government help you?
- by making you pay GST on your hospital bill
- by forcing you to continue with CPF contribution even as you try to pay off your hospital bill

Anonymous said...

- no need to wait for 65 days anymore

It should be;
- no need to wait for age 65 YEARS old anymore

Anonymous said...

//AnonymousSeptember 28, 2014 8:42 am
Virgo 49 @ 4:18 am

Taking advantage of and hiding behind the shield of special needs children? "Vile. Total and absolute disgrace//

Rb, when it was "reported" that a "human shield event " oops "humanitarian event " is going to be held "in conjunction", don't YEW "smell a snake or a scorpion "?

"Thousand and one scenarios can play out right "?

"It is up to them how they want the wayang to be enacted and scripted "?

The " inexperienced " protest "organisers" don't stand a chance in such a "pit holes laden " ground ?

Leemember, (lau) heros "die young "?

"孙子" may have to resurrect to help daft win the "fight" ?

Anonymous said...

Rb, "by walking right into the holes prepared ", have not the "protest organisers let the main issue in focus being HIJACKED and SIDETRACKED "?

Anonymous said...

Wah lau eh.
Can Yew please take a look at this video.

Just to "take care" of Roy & HHH.
We have;
a) a Director of NParks
b) maybe six policeman (out of uniform) ... including one ASP
c) an accompanying cameraman on the side of the "authorities"
d) I suppose these group of people just spontaneously turn up together at Hong Lim Park? It was an unplanned & spontaneous gathering of "authorities"?

If they can do this to two young Singaporeans.
What will they do to us and our children?

Do Yew think Roy and HHH are dangerous?

Anonymous said...

As an " elderly ", experienced and learned political scientist, how cum YEW din sound out timely advice and alarm to the "young, highly inexperienced organisers " not to walk right into the "holes" ?

Virgo49 said...

HHH and Roy must organize another protest when Parliament meets.

True blue Singaporeans should just learned from the Hong Kongers and marched into the Parliament House to unsettle the SPECIAL NEEDS MINISTERS AND MPS.

Sad to say that Singaporeans sang we are Singapore with gusto many years ago and served National Service together for the last forty odd years cannot muster just half the courage of the Hong Kongers who do not even have a Nation.

Wah Piang eh!!

Anonymous said...

Why Singaporeans are not allowed to march anywhere in Singapore?
Why must ask for permit and permission from PAP government?
Singapore belong to PAP or Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Hongkies such angmoh cocks

Stinkaponang r so daft that they enjoyed being fucked by papigs n feelverlee shiok

Anonymous said...

// Why Singaporeans are not allowed to march anywhere in Singapore? //

Can lah?

YEW sign on RSM, everyday can march in parade square.

Every 3 months 24 km road march some more, march until YEW shiok shiok?

Anonymous said...

Oso technically no law say cannot walk like American soldier or PRC soldier?

So YEW want change your walking style to American marching or PRC goose steps oso possible lah?

Every just march like a soldier from point to point like anywhere YEW like?

E.g. from your flat to MRT STATION?

then from there to your office oso can?

"March" until YEW shiok shiok?

Where got "cannot march "?

Anonymous said...

"Where got "cannot march "?
September 28, 2014 12:57 pm

Are Yew saying Singaporeans can march to Parliament House?
No permit require?
Sure or not?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @1.42

Singaporeans will march with pride to the Parliament House when the NEW GOVERNMENT - NOT pap hoh will swear in!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, not by the KFC President please.

Cheers- Soon, Very Soon.

The OWL had HOOTED!!!!

And we shall have one SOON, very soon- CSJ.

b said...

Seriously, every sinkies should think about migrating or seek asylum in other countries. Constitution rights are being violated.

b said...

Rather than depending on papists or roy or any other to return the cpf, sinkies should help themselves by migrating or seeking asylum. Else, these poor naive people will get screw by the youknowlah people.

Anonymous said...

Forget Hong Lim.
This is Hong Kong.

This is how they protest in the most capitalist of societies.


Anonymous said...

Just spray permanent dye on these stupigs hongkies n it will be over

Here... send in RETARDED n it's finito

Anonymous said...

In Hong Kong the police say:
"Disperse or we fire"

In Singapore it is;
"If you assemble here, we will take down your particulars"


Anonymous said...

Riots in Hong Kong?
Quick. Send in the "special needs children brigade"!

Anonymous said...

A govt must not be seen to turn against its citizens.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chua complain about the hot sun at Hong Lim Square.
Hongkies put on ponchos and eye protection in cazse the police use pepper spray.


Hongkies behave like citizens.
Like they own their own country.
No need permit to have a friendly meeting in town.
Singkies behave like slaves.
Everything also must get a permit.

You want to own a car in Singapore?
Got a COE or not?

Anonymous said...

The whole point is that after this "episode", the entire ORIGINAL AGENDA is being "over shadowed "?

Would the entire "cause" be derailed?

Lucky NOT near or in the midst of "ERECTION" otherwise "2001 played out all over again and the bad guys again........."?

Anonymous said...

Beside CPF not able to provide the necessary "umbrellas" for many sinkies where it matters, several other "dangers" lurking in the horizon are NOT at all being "未雨绸缪" and a "ring of defence " setup to safeguard SINKIELAND?

Instead "use the time and resources " to "fix fella cuntry antelopes "?

Globalization "can 载 a sampan "?

Globalization " can also 沉 a sampan "?

When YEW bring in " 2 hopeless goons ", only outcome is "circus" and " 惨不忍睹"?

There is no such thing as " 100% peace through trade " ?

YEW " have to assume nation states system like jungle " and all " going for each other throat " in a " crunch "?

Only 17% annual global production traded?

In a "crunch" , big nation will and can survive?

Have YEW made SINKIELAND Sampan "unsinkable" in a "global storm "?

Globalization as "new" as SINKIELAND?

When next "storm" hits and derails "Globalization" , SINKIELAND also " 完蛋"?

Next "storm" can be "anything" ?

"Financial" , "pandemic" , "war" , "natural disaster ", "trade" , "weather" , "911", "dotcom" , etc etc?

Is SINKIELAND "ready" ?

Are paper " tigers " for real?


Could some be like "MOM-MY BOY " and hide under somebody's skirt or under the table when "storm" comes?

Heard about. "狐假虎威"?

This is " what they realLEE " are?


With such "2 goons " around, SINKIELAND is doomed to "sink" in a "storm" ?


Many sinkies " have had enough of paper generals " especially "the last two "?

They will be "erected" next time over "many sinkies DEAD BODIES "?

Can SINKIELAND afford anymore such "goons" ?

Can sinkies "accept" such "goons" when "mai hum retire "?

History will " be the judge "?

The "prognosis" is "NOT OPTIMISTIC "?