Japan never fired a shot in anger – Another Japanese lie

A REUTER report in an article in the Today paper on 10 Sep on the discussion between Japan and the USA on how to arm Japan with offensive weapons had this quote from a Japanese official, ‘ …a country that has not fired a short in anger since its defeat in World War II.’ Now why is this a lie? Actually it is a misleading statement. The Japanese has never fired a shot in anger since the First World War. Every shot fired was for conquest and aggression. The Japanese fought the Chinese, Russians and invaded Korea and China, never in anger but with colonial and imperial intent. It bombed Pearl Harbour in perfect serenity of mind. No anger, pure ambition to destroy the American fleet in the way of its conquest of Asia and the world. Every shot the Japanese fired is premeditated, calculated, planned coolly to achieve a military objective.

Today, the two most belligerent countries are negotiating on how much offensive weapons Japan should be allowed to have to conduct wars of aggression again. And again it was all done in quiet civility, no anger, business like. It was all about world domination, about controlling the world. The Americans and the Japanese are plotting to control China and East Asia today, two willing partners of war.
Which is more dangerous, a country going to war in anger over some wrong done to his country and people, or one going to war in all civility, with no anger, but only the desire and ambition to conquer and rule over other nations?

There are very serious enmity between the Americans and the Japanese. The sinking of their Pacific Fleet and the destruction of the Japanese dream of controlling China and becoming a world super power were clipped by the Americans. And the anger and deep hatred for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the colonizing of Japan, a high humiliation of the Japanese pride were all etched deeply in the Japanese psychic. And the Americans are thinking that for immediate political expediency, they could afford to rearm the Japanese to the teeth. They believe the Japanese have changed and have forgotten the defeat by the Americans.

Americans, just you wait. The samurais have not forgotten, and playing good boys for now. Letting out the Arab genie from the bottle was bad. Wait till they release the Japanese samurais armed to the teeth with WMD.

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Anonymous said...

"They believe the Japanese have changed and have forgotten the defeat by the Americans."

Actually I agree the Japanese have changed lah. From the kind during WWII to become like what they are now lah, interested more in making money than making war.

Just like the PAP also changed what, tio bo? From the kind in the 60s and 70s to what they are now, interested more in making money and GDP growth than thinking about Sinkie welfare and interests.

It happens everywhere lah, no matter the race or land.

Some more now, u think so easy to go to war and to win is it? Just look at how powerful America and the Middle East are in a mess now due to war.

So the smart Japanese, just like smart Sinkies, know what is the best thing to do, which is not to fight.

Anonymous said...

What do you think Abe and his gang are doing, making money or making war?

Anonymous said...

If Abe dare to fight his shot, he would have fired already lah.

If PAP can be voted out, they would have been voted out already lah.

Anonymous said...

C.... japenis neber attack pearl harbor

It's was an americunt lie

Old fart kuan yew reallee a man of wisdom

Thus vote for papigs ... neber wrong

Anonymous said...

Yes! And no one bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was earthquake.

b said...

The jap emperor sit and dine at the same table with the darth vader and his allies. The bombs on H&N was to minimise casualties else it will be on tokyo and kyoto instead.Many people died and suffered in this war and they still have an emperor. It is the biggest injustice in this world.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what it would be like today with a nuclear bomb in Tokyo or Kyoto that is 100 times more powerful than the A bombs?

This fucking Abe still thinks war is ok and wants to engage in wars.

Anonymous said...

On the bright side

Old fart kuan yew n familee can serve the japenis Sun king again

Anonymous said...

Very nostalgic.

Anonymous said...

He maybe tasked to bring the Two together to make alliance and be more powerful against the Rest of the World.