‘Heckling’ at HLP – What would Ravi say?

Looks like Ravi is going have more businesses than he can handle at the rate things are happening. Roy and Han Hui Hui are going to need his help again after the ‘heckling’ incident on 27 Sep. A lot of heat has been generated and a lot of strong words have been uttered in the heat of the moment. In nature when dogs are in heat, nothing goes into the head except emotions and animal lust. Some people are going to regret for saying things they should not be saying. I am going to avoid participating and contributing more vile comments to the situation.

I was there at Hong Lim and without getting ‘emo’ and with the benefit of hindsight, I must admit I don’t have much foresight, at best not further than the tip of my nose, but I would like to pose a few questions that were shared with me by some senior gentlemen. Ok, the seniors may not be too careful and may be irresponsible with their money, but for an event like this, the wisdom of age counts, much better than boys and girls in heat, definitely.

And these are what they said, or the questions they thought Ravi would be asking should he have to appear in court on behalf of Roy and Hui Hui. Ravi would likely be asking the judge, ‘Your Honour, if a reasonable man were to know that there is going to be a mass protest in Hong Lim Park, what would he do?’

The facts are as follows: The Return Our CPF protest had ever attracted 5000 protestors and averaged about 1,000. And from hindsight, such protest can turn violent even if the participants are old uncles and aunties. They are very nice people for sure. But there is no guarantee that their behaviour would be as expected. They could be provoked by saboteurs.

‘Would anyone approve another event involving vulnerable young children and senior citizens that could add another one or two thousand people in the park? Would the organiser be putting these young children and senior citizens in a situation when their safety could be compromise?’ Remember that a friendly picnic at East Coast Park was not approved by the sensible police for fear of unexpected incident, like people rushing to meet the MP. Here we are talking about a mass protest, not a picnic.

‘A second question your Honour, would it be so easy and appropriate to inform the second party applying to hold their event that the park was already booked for another mass event?’

Would someone think it is wise, if Han Hui Hui was the subsequent applicant, to tell here to book another date? There was no strong reason for her to die die must hold it on the 27 Sep to clash with the other event. Did someone bother to tell her that the other group were vulnerable people that could even be scare of big crowds and loud noise? If she were to know that such an event was being held, it was likely that she would change the date of her event.

Or, if the organiser of the event for children and seniors were to know that there was a protest on the same day, would it not be reasonable for them to avoid taking any undue risk and change to another date? Would they think that the safety of the children and seniors are paramount and they could not afford to expose them to unnecessary risk?

I think these are very straight forward and simple questions that Ravi would likely ask if he were to be in court for this ‘heckling’ incident. Ravi does not even need to think like a genius to ask these simple and reasonable questions. If ordinary senior citizens could ask such questions, any reasonable person would be able to ask them as well. And the answers are obvious, and the two events would never have been allowed to be held at the same time and same place, and riskimg some uncomfortable and unacceptable incident to happen.

And Ravi will say to the Honour after asking the questions, ‘I rest my case your Honour’.

Coming back to the wild and mischievous accusations and condemnations, were those people there to know what was going on at ground zero? There were plenty of police officers there and if there see anything going out of hand, they would have stop them there and then and may even make arrests on the spot. And Ser Luck was the best person to give the order. He was right in the centre of the ‘heckling’.

Are the boys and girls with their loose mouths saying that they knew better than Ser Luck when they were not even at the scene? Ser Luck is not a greenhorn politician and must be fully aware of what could happen and mentally prepared to take swift and appropriate actions. He did not and the atmosphere was cordial. You want me to post a few photos of Ser Luck walking around with a smile on his face immediately after the ‘heckling’?

Boys and girls are best to behave like boys and girls and not to cry father and mother without knowing the real situation.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I pity those young children and senior citizens at HLP on Sat.

The weather was extremely extremely hot.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I pity the grass. It was so hot. And they got trampled. I picked up a blade of grass and gave it a kiss. So poor thing.

I recommend no more functions to be held at Hong Lim to protect the grass.

Anonymous said...

A protest rally is not a children's party.

Anonymous said...

The children in your photo....so sweet!

The children in your photo....so sweet!

The children in your photo....so sweet!

Anonymous said...

"Ser Luck is not a greenhorn politician and must be fully aware of what could happen and mentally prepared to take swift and appropriate actions. He did not and the atmosphere was cordial."

Tiok lah as u said but u are not a PAP MP or minister what. So what if u and I said are tiok?

Because only PAP minister can said tiok or no tiok and can also take action if it is no tiok.

Tiok bo, u said lah?

Anonymous said...

RB, you want to post a few photos of Teo smiling after the "heckling"? You would do him a great favour. He would say he was unperturbed by such outrageous behaviour. A true leader, calm under great provocation.

Anonymous said...

The children in your photo....so sweet!
Anon 9:09 am

Ya lor, if it wasn't mentioned, I don't even know that some of them are special needs children. They look so normal.

Raymond said...

So.. you're one of them hecklers.


Anonymous said...


Shame on you shameless IB coming here to heckle RB. I say fuck you and fuck your mother.

Got balls, identify yourself and we can have a one on one. How, sissy?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The children are normal children performing for the children and seniors brought there by YMCA. Yes they are very sweet and very happy. Do you think any of them were frightened, heckled and affected?

This photo was taken immediately after the 'heckling' incident. And I have many more of many happy children performing after this.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

And I am very proud of uncles and aunties at the protest rally. Asshole Raymond, don't you insult them by calling them hecklers.

You are a shameless bastard!

Anonymous said...

RB, even RN and HHH good friend Ariffin also buay tahan, come out and express concern and doubt about what the protestors did liao.

Maybe you too busy enjoying your coffee. I'm sure that was a cordial atmosphere, no doubt, drinking coffee and chit chatting.

Anonymous said...

For " those in charge ", perhaps it should be emphasized to them whether they are "looking to treat the symptoms or the root causes "?

By "fixing" the "symptoms" , the "root causes " are still "residing" in the system?

So the "symptoms" will naturally morph into another "form" and "surface endlessly" because the "root causes " are not "fixed" or "solved" or "adequately addressed and resolved satisfactorily "?

When "root causes satisfactorily resolved ", "symptoms" naturally "disappear" ?

What do YEW think, RB?

Like that say fair and reasonable or not?

Why "wage war " to "fix the symptoms " when YEW can " peacefully and satisfactorily " resolved the "root causes "?

Anonymous said...

wat yr points, raymond.
so far, only one-0liner attacks on rb. argue,lah, man.
unless u really go no brainer.

Anonymous said...

Please post photos of Teo ser Luck smiling at Hong Lim Park.
We all want to know how dangerous the situation was.

Anonymous said...

YMCA could organize their event anywhere in Singapore.
So why choose Hong Lim Park?

Anonymous said...

Raymond, how much are you getting, I pay you lah. Then you can write honestly and no need to act like a sneaky pest.

Want or not? Just tell me how much lah. I know you have a price and I know your price is pretty cheap. Just name your price and we can negotiate on it. How?

Anonymous said...

Unless you are mentally challenged, it is plain for all to see that on Sunday, 28th 2014 at Hong Lim Park, a game of political chess was being played out.

I am afraid that the youngsters lost the game and got checked mate!

But they'll learn.

Youthfulness is on their side.

"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate. -


Anonymous said...

Hahhahahah. RB unhappy with this bo lan par Raymond. Yo Raymond, show RB that have two tiny balls lah.

Anonymous said...

People, you keep saying Raymond is IB, make one liner statements. But you keep responding to him what.

Why no one respond to me when I quote about Arriffin. Not just him leh, how about Andrew Loh, Ravi P, Worker's Party Yee Jenn Jong. All buay tahan need to come out and say something liao.

You all don't think RN and HHH this time really tio cock up meh?

I never expect one day I will see so many people who once support RN, now come around to criticize him.

Tiok bo?

Anonymous said...

10:12 tiok bo, how many of the people you mentioned were at HLP? Or were they silly people that read the main media and stupidly swallowed hook line and sinker?

I rather trust RB who was there than people making wild claims from reading the 156th ranked media.

And how many of those mentioned were moles that finally showed up at critical moments like this?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 9:54, not nice to post this handsome minister's face here and get him into a spot. His fellow colleagues may blame him for not taking action when he was there even though he could not find any good reason to do so.

Let's be nice to him. But I will post his selfies here if he ask me so. It was a happy event for all those at the YMCA event.

If there was really an ugly incident I bet all hell will break lose. You don't pray pray when a minister is around.

Anonymous said...

I dunno wat he will say

But 4 me... oh breast me, they forgotten to bring thlee; the special needs old fart called kuan yew.. he who proclaimed to b god

Maybe he is koret, god of sinful monlee

Virgo49 said...

Hi Aon at 9.07.

You are absolutely RIGHT!!


Even without the Protest Rally, some others might also speak on that day at the same venue.

If people were to speak there, you think they go there to praise the PAP and the LORD????

Definitely to protest!!!- STUPID!!!

So many classy places like the Istana for example where the President Tan can even show his handsome face with long curly white head and smile for the cameras to show the Singaporeans that he is not GAJI BUTA.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:25.

What main media? Main media was damn slow in reporting this man. All the posts came out on social media way before.

Btw, RN good buddy Ariffin was there at HLP. Are those people I mentioned the kind who "believe the main media hook line and sinker?"

If yes, that ok lor. You say they are all mole that finally show up now, also ok lor.

If all these people who were around RN and HHH and supporting them are now mole because of one disagreement, then ho say liao. Good luck. It just shows no one really support them except you all liao.

Anonymous said...

There are some quite tricky exogenous issues coming that need sinkies and super talents attention.

One important basis that took sinkieland to where it is today is GLOBALISATION.

When it took off around 1971, it more or less coincided with Sinkieland's Independence and economic strategy.

The conditions underpinning globalisation may be in reversal. The last GFC actually witnessed a huge shrinkage of global international trade and FDIs between 2008 to 2011. There are easily 10 potential crises in various dimensions looming in the horizon. Any one of them can be potentially as destructive as the last GFC, if not worst. Some may not happen in the next 5 years. Some may occur in the next 3 to 5 years. Sinkieland and sinkies should not end up in a situation where they have no way out.

There are many assumptions in sinkieland's overall economic and survival strategies. In the next crisis, the assumptions may not hold. If it happens, sinkieland will be "trapped".

The current HLP issue should be handled using ancient Chinese wisdom.


Both sides should embark on "removing the burning wood or fuel" under the pot.

It does not serve sinkieland's long term interests to be embroiled in "useless infighting or damaging civil war or even fatalistic internal squabble".

It only creates "亲者痛, 仇者快!"

Please just stick to "釜底抽薪" and not "上屋抽梯".

Otherwise, it may become an " open-ended feud " with fatalistic eventualities.

The CPF tinkie may have reached a short term stalemate.

Why not let the committee on CPF deliberating on the next course of actions and other proposals come out with the possible suggestions first?

Meanwhile, a "truce" can be "brokered".

Everybody, in the meantime, can go attend on other matters/ issues?

Anonymous said...

Just wonder why the YMCA Event was not organized in the morning knowing very well that Return our CPF Event was to be held in the evening.
Thought YMCA was helping to bring more Singaporwans, old and young, to boost up the attendance of the Return Our CPF Programmes and Minister Teo Ser Luck there to lend his support to YMCA.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why they put the safety of the children and oldies in the way of a protest rally?

Got brain or not? Responsible or not?

b said...

Stop wasting energy for all these useless protests lah. Better to channel all these energy to do something more useful and certain such as migrating or seeking asylum.

Anonymous said...

Y dun u tell papigs to fuck off with the national reserve intact

Fuck hsien loong n papigs

b said...

why should the papigs fuck off? they are the chosen one by the majority voters.

Anonymous said...

Before the Events, many question the wisdom to have the Two Events at the Same Venue(HLP) on the Same Day at
the same time.
Many were duly worried about possible conflicts that potentially could be dangerous to participants.

Got to say that personally, i am confident nothing untowards woudl happened. Singaporeans are peaceful
and law abiding by nature, so unless
there was intention and scheme to create ugly incident, there was o danger at all.

The Day did end up well though there seemed to have shit stirrers in the Crowd. Singaporeans are all careful folks and like to be on the safe side, that much we can be very sure of them.

Anonymous said...

Good evening Mr Redbean, has the authorities contacted you to inquire about the events that transpired at Hong Lim Park on Saturday? I feel that getting some statements from people who were actually there would be much more reliable and assist in the ongoing investigation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good evening. You people having a good conversation.

I was moving around shooting photos and seeing with my camera. And in the 'heckling incident' I could not get near nor get a good shot. By the time I got there, they had already moved on. That's why I ended up taking a lot of the children dancing.

If they called me I really dunno what to say.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh... u getting scare?

So pitleeful....

Air condition full blast, spotlights.... n no kopi served.... y they called limkopi... onlee god know

And god know.... n god nephew left your office

Anonymous said...

Fook the mata