Film on Guantanamo banned for national security reasons

A film producer from Sinkestan, called him Mr Tan, made a film on the Guantanamo Prison. He tried to get it screened in New York University’s film festival. According to Mr Tan, the purpose of the film was to better understand the country and to start a national conversation for the citizens to understand their country better.

The FBI stepped in and banned the film. Hilarious Clintan, the Secretary of State, said the film put the legitimate actions of the security agencies to protect national security and safety of the Americans in a bad light, in a distorted way as acts that victimized the innocent prisoners in Guantanamo Prison. And also the prisoners have given distorted and untruthful versions of how they were tortured inside the prison by the officers. Hilarious added that these prisoners were committed to armed struggles to overthrow the legitimate govts of the state of Israel and the USA. And the film conveniently omitted the crimes of the prisoners in kidnapping and terrorism and attempting to laundry their crimes as innocent acts.

The State Department did not think that these ex prisoners should be allowed a public platform to disseminate their distorted and untruthful past, to mislead the public and to absolve themselves from their criminal activities.

The news on the banning of this film has travelled across the Pacific Ocean and scholars have made comments on the case. One professor Eujin Tan said that the banning of the film was right as these prisoners must not be allowed to distort the truth as it would be unfair to those that suffered from their terrorist acts. Another professor Tan Kum Hong said it was natural to have two sides of the story and the gov’t ‘s account need not be the unequivocal truth.

It is not sure how Hilarious Clintan and the FBIs are going to react to the comments from across the Pacific Ocean. The film would definitely be banned in the America, like it or not. Hilarious Clintan has decided and Mr Tan would just have to accept the decision, which is normally final.

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Anonymous said...

Any govt anywhere in the world.
USA, Russia, China, PAP and etc.
What do you & Yew have to be afraid of if what you do is really for the "greater good"?
A little bit of transparency.
A little bit of dissent.
If what you do is for the "greater good", no champion complainers from Singapore to Tiananmen Square can harm you.
Tio bo?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The stupidity of the US Federal govt never fails to entertain.

What the fuck are they thinking? BANNING A FILM, in 2014?!? Where in a world of 7 billion plus souls, and a significant number of those are active on social networks, and visit YouTube regularly. Then there is widespread P2P activity. P2P activity in total uses a significant amount of internet bandswidth -- lets face it, people like Bittorrent for their music, movies, games, porn, software.

....and then if worse comes to worse, there is always the Tor(The Onion Router) network or "darknets" where you can distribute just about anything.

Can't wait for Clinton to be the next US president. Oh what fun! China will kena terok terbokok from one bitch of a woman. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If Scotland declares independence from United Kingdom ... will the army be sent in?
- If Taiwan & Tibet declares independence from China ... will the army be sent in?
- If Okinawa island declares independence from Japan ... will the army be sent in?
- If Singaporeans declare independence from PAP ... will the army be sent in?

Is the "greater good" nothing more than the tyranny of the majority"?


Anonymous said...

Well, no need to go all the Way to Guatanamo.
Tan Pin Pin and Martyn See are suffering worst than Sinkestan. Both had their International Award Winning Films barred from Public Screening.
Any outcry from Sinkies?

Maybe MS will yell here about it.

b said...

Of cos must ban lah. The voters are naive little toddlers. They can watch porn and violence stuff but not real political power struggle stuff. They are incapable of making a sound conclusion of what they are exposed to. They must be protected from the 'real' stuff.

This shows that the world need another medium to show all these banned films.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Today I wrote two pieces of fiction and everyone mistaken that they are truths. Next time I must add the clause, 'This story is fictional and any resemblance to places and people are purely coincidental.'

Anonymous said...

Ya lor. RB was writing about the Sinkiepore film that kena ban. Tan Pin Pin's To Singapore With Love. RB, perhaps the above commentators were also like you writing fiction.

Anonymous said...

I so elated, like national, going to ex spurt,

American leerning from papigs the finer points on good governance

So leemembere papigs bestest. Vote 4 papigs

Anonymous said...

Redbean is overtaking newnation.

100% real truth / 100