Chinese bashing as racists continues

The cold blooded killing of a black teenager in the US by white policemen who pumped in 6 bullets to make it six times confirmed that the boy was dead, became an excuse to accuse the Chinese as racists by as black Asian American named Jamil Anderlini. Oops, I shouldn’t mention his colour as that is racism for a start. In Singapore we often used terms like dark or fair complexion although these would not make any difference to a racist. Anything can be racist to a racist.

This Jamil’s article, Understanding China style racism, reported in The Financial Times and reposted in the Today paper makes me wondering what is the agenda of the paper. Is the paper confirming that what Jamil Anderlini’s condemnation of Chinese as racists is true? Or is the paper simply saying that there are people like Jamil Anderlini who is obsessed in his thoughts that the Chinese are racists? Or is the paper saying that this Asian American and The Financial Times was trying to distract the brutal killings of a black teenager by a white mob of policemen in the US by condemning the Chinese to take the attention away?

Looking into the content of the article, the only thing the author could say about Chinese racism is name calling or jingoism. And indirectly he is saying that he and his race are free from such name calling and jingoism. What is glaring is that the Chinese style racism of name calling to this Jamil is more serious than the white form of racism when coloured people are murdered in cold blood or attacked physically by the whites. I just hope this Jamil will have a taste of white racism to change his mind. Or maybe he had but chose to live with the bruises and his bruised ego.

The big question is, how many coloured people have been subjected to physical violence by the white men in the US, UK, Europe and Australia, and how many non Chinese have been subjected to physical violence by the Chinese in China or in other countries? All I know is that the Chinese have been victims of racism in the US, UK, Europe and Australia and even in Singapore by white men. Not true?

I am still puzzled for the reasons to publish this biased report against the Chinese as a people in the Today paper. The Chinese are racists? I say fuck you. Now would that make me a racist?

I  may also want to ask, what is the agenda of this Jamil? Does he has a sinister motive?

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Anonymous said...

The Americans are all out to paint the Chinese in a bad light. And there is a group of people helping the Americans doing it to attack the Chinese in everything they do and in all corners of the world.

Anonymous said...

This kind of bashing will become a fake reality if not stopped. They will keep pointing the fingers and keep publishing such sinister reports and soon the unthinking will believe it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that did not fight back when wrong bashed deserved to be bashed.

The said...

What has the murder of an unarmed black teenager by white Missouri police officer got to do with China-style racism?

Two Wongs make a White?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak redbean. Relac lah. Why so reactionary? The man is entitled to his opinion lah, even if he is wrong.

Anyway, in most Asian cultures, making selections or comments on the basis of race or tribe or looks etc. is quite acceptable.

As you always freely express your "discomfort" with white folks, in Asian cultures it is common for Chinese and Japs to criticise each other on the basis of race, or Indians and Malays (e.g. in Malaysia) or everyone and White People. (Poor ol white folks...they kena from every corner of the globe).

I've always been of the opinion: If you don't like someone because of their race just fucking come out and say so. Be honest. Be clear. Then people can make an informed choice on whether they want to associate with you or not.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You mean he can express his opinion and I can't express mine? He asserts himself is alright and I assert myself is not alright?

Veritas said...

Our minorities hate Chinese and they take whatever chance to accuse Chinese as racist.

Many clowns migrated to Australia and claim Australian is land of color blind, despite the incidence of many hate crime.

I have debunk many of their lies.

In the core states of our minorities, there are either Bumiputera-Islamofascism, or shit caste system. Our minorities never self-reflect, but they keep ranting discrimination.

And many of them even fume as a busybody when they see Israel went into Gaza, ignoring that Hamas fired 4000 rockets into Israel.

They keep quiet went IS murder and rape. Then they make a lot of noise and accuse "everyone think Islam are terrorist" when our ministers inform us that somebody among us went Syria to fight.

Due to their jingo and racist behavior, they are punished to be backward and hate ridden. Meanwhile Chinese being a tolerant race will see China becoming more and more prosper.

These bigots will forever ask why why they remain dead poor while wicked Chinese prosper and advance.

b said...

lol. Chinese are color blind peace loving beings lah. They only can see dollar signs and peace means more $$$. This Jamil (whatever he is) got it all wrong. He should go back to primary school and pick up chinese history from scratch if he wants to understand chinese better. After he graduated, he can come discuss about chinese. What an idiot.

b said...

btw, is he a former underwear model? no phd or doctorate whatsoever? anyone who buys his article must be an idiot too. his firm should sack him.

Anonymous said...

Many Chinese deserve to be blamed as they 忘本 forget their origins and uproots themselves.
Some even work for enemies of the Chinese Race. There are millions of Chinese who cannot speal a word of their Mother Tongue. Worse, they dare jeer at those fidel to their roots, thus becoming racists to their own Race.
Are thesr folks capable of loyalty and piety? Doubt so, they betray themselves and others of his/her own tribe and are likely traitors.