Candle Light Vigil on 17th September at Hong Lim Green (Pl note change to 17 Sep)

There will be a Candle Light Vigil for Roy Ngerng on September 17, to express support and solidarity for his High Court hearing.

It will be held at Hong Lim Green from 7 pm till midnight. You can bring your own candles, ground sheets, umbrellas and light refreshment for the evening.

As Roy will be facing the biggest trial of his life it is incumbent on all of us to come forward and lend him the moral support that he needs,

 He has done us proud by raising an issue which was left dormant for so many years.

We will mark the evening with music camaraderie and communion on our country’s future.

Please come with your friends and loved ones and spend an evening under the stars

Thank you.
Convenors: Patrick Low, Teo Soh Lung

The above is a release by the organisers of the event. For those who would like to show their support for Roy Ngerng, this is a good opportunity to do something. It is not just about Roy, but also about opposing the methodology used against the critics by the rich and powerful. We have witnessed in the past how the rich and powerful have used the courts of law to force their justice onto the weak and poor who could not afford the legal fees and had to swallow injustice against them. 

For those who have contributed to Roy's legal fee fund generously, this would be another way to show your support, in silence, in the darkness of Hong Lim, with a little light.

For those who are fighting for the return of their CPF money, they could show a little gratitude to this young man who have valiantly fought alone, on their behalf, against a mammoth machinery. Show Roy that you care and are deserving of his sacrifice. Show the rest of the Singaporeans that as a people, you are united behind Roy and would not abandon him at a moment when he needs your moral and physical support most.

The last thing is for Roy to walk alone in this difficult part of his journey, with the people he was fighting for walking away from him.

Would you be there? Do you care? Is there anything that matters to you for you to want to be there with your candle light?

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

Confirm. My vote is not going to be white.

Virgo49 said...

Right Bro @09.51

Not WHITE but please do not leave the ballot marking column WHITE, please mark a cross of any other colour of the other candidates except the WHITES.


Anonymous said...

It would have been better to organise during the day as nightfall would bring out the mosquitoes sucking your blood. Daytime already kena suck dry by white mosquitoes and night time kena black mosquitoes, tak boleh tahan leh

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ overly and overtly MAUDLIN RB:

»» He has done us proud by raising an issue which was left dormant for so many years.

BZZZZZT! WRONG! . The issue of CPF has been a hot button for years. it has NEVER BEEN "dormant". Get your fucking facts straight, asshole roadside story teller!!

For e.g. I was writing about CPF being a Ponzi Tax long before Roy had even sprouted hair on his balls lah.

»» how the rich and powerful have used the courts of law to force their justice onto the weak and poor ««

Wah, so sad ah? Play the world's saddest song on the world's smallest violin lah!

Roy did good. But he also LIBELLED the PM -- i.e. indirectly accused the PM of theft lah, without offering any PROOF. This was a bad bad move. Had he not done so, Roy would have maintained his well-argued and strong position.

But everyone, relac lah. We all make errors in judgement when our passions get the better of us. So just "tahan" and take it on the chin, no big deal lah.

Q: »» 1. Would you be there?
2. Do you care?
3. Is there anything that matters to you for you to want to be there with your candle light? ««

A: 1. No
2. I care about FACTS. I do not give one shit about "feelings" or "emotions".
3. No. Everything in Awesome Singapore is already fait accompli. Just enjoy the show and make the most out of any profitable opportunity...i.e. maximum exploitation for maximum self interest....aka "Mind Your Own Business"

Anonymous said...

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When leaders start renumerating themselves with millions in tax payers fund, sinkies should have guessed the leeders' hearts could not have been in the right place. Which caring leaders in history ever helped themselves to the millions of tax payers monies in salaries and bonuses and yet still have the interests of the masses in the heart of their policies?

Anonymous said...

MS, wah seh, you so clever. You raised this issue before Roy? You want to claim credit?

How come no one knows? No one even bother to go and read your silly blog. And you don't care about feelings? I am very sure, double confirm sure, that you are so jealous of RB. So everytime you appear here you must take a dig at RB for taking the limelight from you.

Loser!!! Sad and pathetic loser. If you are worth your salt, go and get a few readers to go and read your blog. If not you can't even hold a candle to this roadside story teller that makes you feel so lonely.

Thank you RB, for putting this attention seeker in his place by not saying anything and not be dragged into this vulgarity that he is so proud of. He thinks that is maturity.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anger-issues @ 110:

WOW! Thanks for the attention and the psych ANALysis.

However I do have to correct you:

»» You raised this issue before Roy? ««

No, you dumb motherfucker. Read again.

I said I was WRITING about CPF, I do not claim to have RAISED the issue. So please don't accuse/ credit me with things I don't deserve the blame/ accolades for.

I "double confirm" for you:

»» And you don't care about feelings? ««

No, I really don't. Then again, I clarify for your cunt-brain: I certainly DO have feelings and I definitely feel them...but I don't care about them -- they come, they go...

...just like an orgasm -- which is probably the King Of All Feelings/ Experiences. When it happens. it is AWESOME: As I climax from the sexy blowjob, I shoot my man-cream all over her face, in her eye, on her hair...and it FEELS GREAT.

...and then it is over. No big deal. Get on with life.

Hopefully I've explained it so even a moron like you can understand ;-)

Anonymous said...

Matilar I think I agreed with you about not having emotion cause if u do have emotion, u would not fuck your daughter for example shooting your cum over her face etc as you have described. Your animal lust over your emotional bond of protective father over the daughter. I only hope that one day she has the courage to report u to the police.

Your talent is more on story telling and I think you should proceed to write your books using your talent.

Matilah_Singapura said...

mortal and losing @313:

Thank you for the attention you are paying. It is good for you to waste your time, remember, one day you die (probably painfully) and by then it is TOO LATE to recover the time you've wasted on trolls like me, who are here to "entice" you to waste your time :-)

Good luck -- obviously you don't have much of it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your concern. Fortunately time is what I have now and nothing much to do except to try to get u to the right path. God bless.

Anonymous said...

7.42, he is beyond help lar with incest and what not. He is good in writing mainly nonsensical thing but he is good at writing some books that some one suggested to him but this knn greedy guy wanted to be paid first.

Anonymous said...

Someone better tip off the IMH that he is back in Spore.