Abe the compulsive liar

Below is a report by to show how sneaky Abe is when he made a speech in UN to project Japan as a peace loving country and himself as a PM for peace. He has reinterpreted the Japanese pacifist Constitution to remilitarize Japan, to commit Japan to wars outside Japan, to revise Japan’s military past of conquest and aggression until the leaders of China and South Korea refused to meet him.

He had provoked the Chinese by putting on military uniform and sitting in the cockpit of a war plane with the cursed and infamous 731 painted on it. He threatened China by scrambling fighter jets against Chinese civilian aircrafts hundreds of times, threatened to use force in the Diaoyu/Senkaku dispute.

He even committed to fight on the side of the Philippines against China. Abe is every thing a war hawk. Now look at what he said in the UN General Assembly on 26 Sep 14.

Below is an abridge version of the Rick Gladstone report.
Can Abe be trusted?

(New York Times) -- Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan
sought on Thursday to counter the deep-seated anger among some
other Asia-Pacific countries over his government’s militaristic
shift, using a visit to the United Nations to denounce “war
culture” and express a desire to improve relations with Japan’s
neighbors, in particular China and South Korea, where memories of
Japanese wartime atrocities are never far from the surface….

Mr. Abe acknowledged at the news conference that he “would
like to improve relations with China and South Korea, precisely
because they are neighbors.”....

He struck a conciliatory tone in his General Assembly
speech, emphasizing Japan’s peaceful nature since the collapse of
its expansionist empire and defeat in World War II.
“Japan has been, is now, and will continue to be a force
providing momentum for proactive contributions to peace,” he
said, according to the official English translation. “Moreover, I
wish to state and pledge first of all that Japan is a nation that
has worked to eliminate the ‘war culture’ from people’s hearts
and will spare no efforts to continue doing so.”....

China, South Korea and other Asian nations once subjugated
by Japan have also expressed concern about Mr. Abe’s
reinterpretation of Japan’s postwar Constitution to allow the
Japanese military, known as the Self-Defense Forces, to expand
its functions....

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b said...

Abe is another drama king and heavily suffering from attention deficit. He knows very well how to carry his boss - the japan king - balls. Unfortunately, no matter how many balls he carries, he is just a clown.

Michael Heng PBM said...

Japanese people are tough. They survived for centuries on rice and raw fish with rice wine saki only. Very clear to me that the American Hiroshima and Nagasaki solutions were simply too mild ad ineffective. After nearly 70 years, Pearl Harbour ver 2 (NOT the movie!) is ready and launching. Japanese warships now just visit Pearl Harbour regularly, and they dun hv to hide at all. Americans are nice and want to believe others are nicer too.
But, man, that Enemy has shown no remorse or contrite over what they did in WW2! All SEA countries hv to be ready for Hiroshima (ver 2) and Nagasaki (ver 2), and Tokyo (ver 1) too. Abe only understands action; just go ahead and deploy the solutions again. And then make Japan a part of South Korea; and give Okinawa (with Diaoyu) to China as gifts.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Mr Heng, you are not afraid that the Government will revoke your PMB for giving your opinion???

Thought all PMBs must sing in sync eith the PAPIES