why no singaporean blogs/forums?

Should The Singapore Media Or Culture Be Shot First? by Let Children Breathe Your Smoke I mean seriously, don't you guys have better stories or issues to discuss? Blogs? Seriously? Blogs are what you have to talk about? I copied the above from Singapore Surf. And today, Sunday Times devoted an entire Editorial Page on Blogs. Two third of the page was on an article by Carolyn Hong, Malaysia Correspondence, titled 'Bloggers rising to the fore in Malaysian politics.' And an editorial comment on the negative impact of bloggings with the title, 'Bereaved Netties.' And I quote some of its comments: 'A scan of blogs and random postings would suggest the national IQ has not risen (how patronising), but then the sober, sombre types are not in the habit of sharing their thoughts. (They are most heroic after wine and good food at house parties.) Attacking under the belt. Has the Net goaded famously guarded Singaporeans into the habit of venturing opinions? Political parties' research depts are the people to ask, as sounding off on public affairs is a reliable measure of a society's engagement.' in bold are my comments. Then it went on about Net and effect on marriage, Social Development Unit and Cupid and dating agencies. I think it is the last part that it is really interested. There seems to be a conscious effort to refrain from mentioning the names of Singaporean blogs and forums, especially the political ones. I don't believe that professional journalists whom we were reminded by Andy Ho that they did a lot of research before writing an article, would not have known the existence of many quality blogs and forums by Singaporeans. I am still waiting to see a major article on Singapore blogs and forums, not the food, hobbies, travels type of blogs/forums or blogs about who dating who and who is the most well dressed teenager in Orchard Road.


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Hey i thought your inisights were ind of cool. I shared it on Mallr.com, see http://www.mallr.com/story.php?title=Singapore-media-substandard

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