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It is all in the mind

While I am calling for more bloggers and forumers to join cyberspace, while all the bloggers and netizens are named the Person of the Year by Times Magazine, the battle for cyberspace has begun. Three snipers entered and started to challenge my postings. It just shows that mysingaporenews is worthy of reading. But how worthy and how good a blog is is all in the mind. When the mind is good it will see good things. When the mind is bad, it will see bad things. When the mind is big it will think big. When the mind is small it will think small. Then comes the clever element. A clever and good mind will think very big. But a clever and small mind will think very small and think very bad. In the drawer of a CEO, there will be two books. One is for good and honourable people and one for small and sneaky people. Both are very useful to him. The good and honourable people will be groomed to take over important positions. The small and sneaky people will do the sneaky jobs. And that will be their lives in the organisation, to do sneaky things. And the CEO knows very well that only such sneaky people can do such jobs. But never will he use them for good and honourable jobs.


Anonymous said...

u should be wise to know that this talk about CPF restoration is a smokescreen to distract the public from the measure of GST hike and also loss of ShinCorp and coming billions of fine. U should know very well that is wayangness at it best and pretend to go through motion but in fact, the result is clear. Why ? First, gov talk about reducing company tax, than suddenly they talk about increasing company's expense ??? Gov shoot themselves in same foot trying to put ambiguous action. The only best explanation is that gov pretend to support cpf restoration but know it will going to be implemented since company will complain but this talk and pretentious action will make ppl forget about the shincorp and loss and fine, and sudden increase cost of living. Redbean, if u don't believe me, just wait and see. This strategy of pretention had been going for lot of time. A debate that seek public and now company help, but outcome already been determined just like casino. In this case, no cpf restoration is possbile but just endless talk and discussion in headnews in newspaper to distract the public.

Anonymous said...

So, if you think all this is wayang, why are you still sticking around to watch it ? No one's forcing you to. The door is always open for those who do not appreciate what this country's leaders have done. Many others who are more deserving, not to mention grateful will gladly take your place.

gecko said...

Ah. But the illusion of capability will be dispelled when the time comes for truth to be revealed.

I wonder how happy are those who use the false premise of leave-the-country-if-you're-not-happy argument.

The day will come when their lives will be one of the countless caught in the foreboding uttered by many bloggers here. The day will come when karma befalls these sneaky people on death's door.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that is so predictable. When you cannot put up any more arguments, you turn to the last-resort karma bogeyman. Nice try, but try something a little more original next time.

redbean said...

hi all,

this cpf thing is real. they have promised the workers that when good times are back, cpf will be restored. and they are keeping their part of the promise. now for the details.

and gecko, in the law of karma, ignorance can be an excuse to minimise the retributive karma. young people are understandably ignorant to many things and rightfully they should be forgiven.

you see, i am quite compassionate to the wrongdoers too. amen.

redbean said...

seriously anonymous,

how old are you? i have seen many karmic retributions in my life. please do not try to laugh it away. everything is countable and counted.

'...and every hair in your body is numbered.'

this is in the bible, not in the buddhist scripture. don't pray pray huh.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Christian, so biblical mumbo jumbo is of no concern to me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah u better pray to the bean-god for more intelligence, mr bean.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean,
unfortunately, the CPF restoration is never promised in the mandate and manifesto in the first place. If it has, ppl might just vote them more.

So why the economics has become so good in Singapore, and strangely only in Singapore when Singapore index goes high, everything positive. There must be a reasons, and it will be revealed soon perhaps.

gecko said...

Trolls are aplenty on the net. By being inflammatory, by attacking the person rather than the argument, by inciting hate and negative responses, they hope to distract the essence of the original post. Because they cannot find a sound argument but instead use a 'circular argument' to get around the original.

But that's not even the point. These "people" even hope that by doing so, we will waste our time responding to them. It is a waste of time indeed for us to want to scold them or curse them. Because they have already cursed themselves by their fallacious and hateful comments.

Redbean, once in a while must send a clear message to these characters lah.

Anonymous said...

Look who's talking, lizard-breath. Your compatriot, the bean brain is the one who started the insulting game. Go take a look at the "$3,400 psf properties" entry. Who started the name calling there ? PS. Do lizards eat redbean ?

Anonymous said...

well say,some ppls. are just born to do sneaky thing....haha

Anonymous said...

Beanhead, why worry about other people's karmic retributions. Worry about your own. For all you know, you may find yourself reincarnated as a redbean in your next life. Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

And some people are just born with a redbean for a brain.

redbean said...

hi gecko,

i have received several offers to trace the pests with minimal charges. i am pondering whether i should spend the money and engage them.

wow, my blog will be famous if i bring them to court.

gecko said...


No need lah. You trace one and eliminate it, another will pop up. Just like parasites. You could fork out some money to identify them if they persist though.

Or you could lodge a police report and file a court order to trace IP address and account of these abusers. When that happens, we will see who stands just and who stands corrected.

Afterall, all they know is to bark only.

redbean said...

ok lah gecko,

no good embarrassing anyone in this kind of things.

by the way they have been told to stay out from here.

we should have some peace for a while until another boy takes over and think he is god and starts to send his angels here again.

Anonymous said...

Trace IP ?,
Redbean don't bother because these basher's IP say it all, it stand for (I)diot (P)eople. Since that is his IP, just leave him alone since he is an idiot.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

agree, as long as they leave us alone to chat, no need to waste time and effort changing after silly boys.

Elfred said...

So far... one eye can see...
Honorable people are not the groomed.
What you groomed will result, and the result yields what you groomed.
Office political players... thinking of power and connections and trashing competitions...
What can you get?