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A green Sunday

What a lousy Sunday morning My eyes were sleepy, and everything takes an unusually slow pace. Even my movements were slow, slower than any other day. Sunday is meant to slow down, relax, forget the world, forget the rat race. The sexy pictures of Tang dynasty women did raise the heartbeat a little. But my poise and serenity vanished when I hit page 3 of the Sunday Times. My eyes turn green and instantly I am fill with rage, the rage of envy. How can young upstart claims that it is normal to earn US$500k at a tender age of 34 years? And what he was implying is that many are earning much more. This reminds me of those heady days of an unprecedented bull market when stupid remisiers went bragging that any normal remisier would earn $30k a month. And what happened to them is history. The same pathetic state also befell the insurance and housing agents. Probably many have now turned to become taxi drivers. In Singapore it is very hazardous to brag about your stratospheric income. People not only get envious but angry as well. Just like how I feel now. How can these young people earn so much and easy money some more. Must do something about it. I am still wondering what is the agenda of the paper to splash the erotic incomes of children and what will likely to happen to them later? It was only a few days ago when we read about the pathetic existence of 'has been' high flyers and the top 20% of our population only having a per capita household income of $3000 a month. If we have a young couple earning three quarter of a million each, it will mean that their per capita household income will be $60,000 a month or $30,000 if they have 2 children. This is really obscene. I am still seething with green rage. I am going to do something about this. I am going back to sleep and forget about this brutal reality.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, I too read about the high income of some young bankers working in the world of finance. However, unlike you I was not angry. I can only say, good luck to them. They are born at the right time and being in the right place to reap the benefits of the bullish Singapore economy.

One thing does puzzles me though, why are they earning so much while there are some Singaporeans taking home monthly $1000 or even less???

The difference between the two worlds are staggering, don't you think so ????

redbean said...

hi speed,

didn't hear from you for a long while. actually i was just teasing. i wish i am one of them. : )

the two worlds are pulling further apart each day and can snap. historically national leaders sought to raise the livelihood of the people as a whole but after some time got intoxicated by wealth, power and greed, and nations fell.

it is just what it is meant to be. otherwise powerful nations and people will remain powerful forever and ever.

Speedwing said...

Let us hope this snapping scenario does not happen here in Singapore. I seriously doubt it will. The conditions here are too well controlled.

redbean said...

all empires are well controlled. so the emperors thought. cannot failed. all the measures are there to ensure that they will last forever. they didn't.

it is the measures that are there to protect and safeguard the empires that will ruin the empires.

funny logic right? but that has been the way things will be.

Anonymous said...

"In Singapore it is very hazardous to brag about your stratospheric income. People not only get envious but angry as well. Just like how I feel now. How can these young people earn so much and easy money some more. Must do something about it."

are you the only one that is feeling angry?? why are you so sore about it? how much some people earn is due to their hardwork. maybe they don't spend so much time writing blogs and complaining and complaining all the time, instead they spend their time more wisely? :=)

insens said...

It's pretty obvious why this report was published....

Remember that the pay of our ministers is pegged to the top 5 earners in Singapore. So if SPH can 'broadcast' how much a high earner is earning, then Singaporeans cannot question when the minister's pays are revised upwards.

redbean said...

hi insens,

welcome to the blog. your view is very lucid.

and anonymous, you are right that these people don't earn a living writing blogs. so do i.

how about you? earning a living disrupting blogs?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.38pm. Don't blame him. We should instead sympathise with him. We now know that his delusions and twisted logic ideas are a result of prolonged exposure to sewerage waste.

redbean said...


why are you people here when you think everything is sewerage? have a special affinity for sewerage?

now i am getting to realise how important this blog is. it is attracting attention.

and thanks for taking down the piece of rag.

Anonymous said...

Gasp, the contamination is even worse than I imagined. bean head now thinks he's the centre of the universe. Guess it is quite plausible you're Robert Ho's padawan.

redbean said...

hey, what i said about the piece of rag is a compliment you know. at least you have finaly done something useful.

Anonymous said...

Ah Bean,

If ther r so many people making fun of you about your blog, they can't all be wrong can they..Give it up..blogs were meant for intelligent people.

Anonymous said...

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redbean said...

where are all the pests? given up?