Who is the real Shinzo Abe?

Tokyo Subway Gassing Was Abe’s First Strike

By Yoichi Shimatsu

This essay by the former general editor of The Japan Times Weekly, is the first in a retrospective series of articles on the Tokyo Subway Gassing issued on the 20th anniversary of that precedent-setting attack.

Within three hours of the Tokyo subway gassing that felled 20,000 commuters, our reporting team realized that the government was manipulating and censoring the news media to divert public attention from state sponsorship for terrorist cells planted inside the Aum Shinrikyo cult. In open challenge to censorship and disinformation, our investigative journalists, in tandem with Japanese-language Takarajima 30 (Treasure Island) magazine, exposed the key political heavyweights who had financed and directed secret agents inside the neo-Buddhist sect. The aim of Aum’s sponsors was to obtain nerve gas, nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles from post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine in order to stock Japan’s clandestine arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.
Working with the only two news outlets willing to print leaks from honest but disgruntled police detectives and government officials, our editors recognized that the subway gassing was not just a crazed plot to trigger a global Armaggedon, a factually unfounded theme repeatedly cited by the collaborationist media. The untold story is that the subway attack was part of a larger coup attempt by the neo-militarist faction inside the powerful coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and Clean Government Party (Komeito). The paralysis of the nation’s capital was a preliminary step toward isolating and eliminating those respected personages who defend the antiwar Constitution.

The retrogressive coup failed for several reasons. First, on the week after the gassing, an assassination attempt against National Police chief Takaji Kunimatsu was foiled by his nearly miraculous recovery from four gunshot wounds. His survival rallied those constitutionalists opposed to the shadowy alliance of neo-militarist politicians, yakuza, defense corporations and the nuclear industry. Second, our tiny remnant of the free press was able to sustain public discussion as well as discredit politicians who sponsored terrorist elements inside Aum Shinrikyo.

Unflinching truth in reporting reversed the pendulum of political opinion against the coup leaders. A few big fish like Liberal Democrat spymaster Toshio Yamaguchi were exposed, removed from office and imprisoned for their role in creating Aum. Other guilty parties got away amid the confusion that gripped the capital. Among those escapees was a WMD specialist named Shinzo Abe, who had acted as mentor of arms dealer Kiyohide Hayakawa and Aum’s “science minister” Hideo Murai….


The full report can be viewed at http://rense.com/general96/tokyosub.html. This would give the background to what Shinzo Abe has been doing and explain his aggressive and militant policies that could lead to a war with China. The Japanese themselves are wary of his intention and where he is leading Japan forward, to a war of mutual destruction with China. Abe apparently is the connect between his father and the inhuman chemical and biological Unit 731 of World War II and the hawkish govt of today’s Japan. His proud appearance in a photograph in front of a fighter aircraft with the marking 731 is no coincidence. He knew what it meant and is telling the world what he is up to.
Shinzo Abe is a very dangerous man.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If everyone let out a fart all at once in the MRT underground, I reckon it could take out a few thousand people.

>> Shinzo Abe is a very dangerous man.

Nah. Vlad Putin is a dangerous man. He has proven this time and again. Abe is a weak contender, a cartoon wannabe. Abe can't even make it as a Hentai comic hero lah. Tin-pot dictator, maybe can.

Anonymous said...

Shinzo Abe is a very dangerous man.

No lah. If Japan can make money with China, Shinzo Abe will not be dangerous. Because it is stupid of him to be dangerous and Abe is not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Shinzo Nabeh!!

patriot said...

Shinzo Abe has the Disposition of a cult leader more than a national political leader.
Somehow he has managed to return to be the Prime Minister of Japan again. For him to lead Japan to war with any other country will be a trajedy for the Japanese People.

Though me am of the View that younger Japanese WONT like war, Shinzo Abe getting re-elected as Japan Prime Minister does not augur well for the Japanese People, especially the Younger Generations.


Abao said...

I have to agree with matilah this time.

Drink more, and make merry.

Anonymous said...

LoL, Putin is dangerous and Obama with the rest of US congress are not huh ?

Just another solid proof that there are Sinkies talking big but no nothing about the REAL world put there.


Anonymous said...

The Empire can do anything they want and is always right. They can invade, kill and burn and walk away like nothing happens.