The 3 long and 2 shorts of LKY 三长两短

Yesterday was a day of rumours, all about the 3 long and 2 shorts of LKY. It was proven false with the PMO coming out with a denial but not before international news like CNN made the wrong call. LKY is still in the ICU and breathing.

The other big controversy is the opposing camps, one calling for people to be kind and forgiving and the other throwing the most unspeakable diatribes against the man that cannot talk back now. I have never had any direct contact or personal dealings with LKY and thus have no reason to say not nice things about him. Neither do I need to forgive him for he has done me no wrong.

The two camps engaging in the war of words are still at it with many in the middle calling for moderation, be reasonable and be forgiving. It is always good to forgive whenever one can do it than to live with a mountain of hate. The contrary argument is that those who suffered badly, life destroyed, career destroyed, family destroyed, fortune destroyed, it is easily said than done. The pain and suffering are felt personally and by everyone in the family. Asking to forgive is easy, but when in their shoes, it is a totally different matter. They are in the best position to know to want to forgive or not to forgive. Unless one is in their shoes, it is not easy to understand what they have gone through.

For LKY and his family it is just one of those things, a stage in life that we mortals have to live with. The time has come to leave and part company. There will be sadness, but for a man that has lived so well, did so many things that only a few could ever dream of doing, more ups than downs and more good than bad, it was a remarkable life to go through. He lived a good life, there is little regrets I supposed.

How many would have lived and left behind a fortune, a lot of children and grandchildren, and in the dying hours, with so many keeping in vigil, keeping him company, and really without a worry of unfinished work that still needs to be done? And in his condition, there is no pain and no suffering, it is like in a sleep, a semi conscious or more unconscious state, what a way to go.

At the ripe age of 91, according to Chinese customs it would be an occasion for celebration, a red event. The joss sticks would be red instead of green. In fact red would be the colour for the occasion. Wish him a good journey and RIP when the moment comes.


Anonymous said...

Good to talk about forgiveness when someone is on his deathbed.

But those wicked people who are still wicked in the hearts must not get away thinking that when their time comes they will equally be forgiven.

Many of these asses today have no qualms about doing evil, and they have eyes to see. Look at what is happening around us and what had happened in Parliament. If they don't stop their evil ways, let there be no forgiveness when it is their turn to go.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee to forgive Roy on the defamation suit for a start and accept his $5000 compensation lah. Keep the ball rolling.....

Anonymous said...



Veritas said...

The world is still running without this man and I bet SG will be better. He need to go see his creator ASAP instead of committing more sin in Singapore.

When Tunku Abdul Rahman is gone, Malaysia move better. Suharto gone only make Indonesia better. Vietnam lost Ho Chi Minh and China lost Mao, world does not collapse.

When Stalin and Hitler gone, the earth is still spinning.

All these Great Man have many devotees who thought that they cannot live without their leadership. But now they are gone and world is much better.

Is Kuan Yew greater than those above?

And we need to think that if Lim Chin Siong came to power, SG may be better.

We can hope for better years when God get rid of Kuan Yew.

b said...

No one is perfect. No one can live forever. No one is sinless.

b said...

We all have to learn to forgive and move on.

Veritas said...

If Kuan Yew died in 1985, he will be remembered as the greatest man in SG, far higher than Stanford Raffles, by reaping in credit from Goh Keng Swee's economics management.

People will remember him as a good man, never mind he just jailed his opponent, but at least he delievered.

If Kuan Yew died in 1995, people may put some blame of property ponzi on him, but they will choose to exonerate him by giving the blames to Chok Tong.

If Kuan yew died in 2005, people will blame population ponzi on him. But nevertheless, people may still think that Kuan Yew has good intention of bringing in talents.

Unfortunately Kuan Yew will die in 2015. Now he will be remebered as a bastard, undoing all the goods of Goh Keng Swee. He will be blame for population and property ponzi. He will be remembered for creating inequality, and creating unemployment for our sons.

He will be remember for many of the shit policies like medical cartel, telling lies about Foreign talent while flood us with people like prostitute. He will be remember for importing FT Indian to set up caste system in Singapore.

And what if SG become more and more shit, people will blame it on the mess he created while wiping his backside.

Great man should die in appropriate time. Now, Kuan Yew is 30 years late. He should have seen God eariler.

Anonymous said...

Is PAP the vision of one man?
I think YES.
Is Singapore the vision of one man?
I think NO.
PAP needs LKY for their million dollar salaries.
But Singaporeans do not need LKY for our million dollar salaries.
We just need to be free to run Singapore in the best interest of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

No matter how powerful, the end is still ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

Veritas said it that if he had died in 1985, he would have left behind a good name. Now, I just wonder whether most people would think so.

Of course, even tyrants and dictators have their followers and these people will always wallow in the dead person's wormy tomb. Like the taracotta worriors of ancient China.

patriot said...

怨生不怨死 。
老人家虽未断汽, 但年事已高,
命在旦夕, 已无作为,
李光耀是历史人物, 故此
Simply put, blame not a dying man
and those that had departed.
Dead man CANT be held accountable for any mistake and failure, even crime.
Been a historical figure, facts and deeds of the Man will be accurately recorded and it shall be up to the Individuals to rate the Quality of the Man.

Let us hope that with Lee Kuan Yew leaving the Scene, there could be positive changes soon.

Let the Man make his last journey peacefully.


Anonymous said...

I do not repent.
I only stand corrected.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I have to defend the trolls and rumor mongers. You may not like what they do, but as far as I'm concerned, if you value FREE SPEECH, then even hate speech or spreading falsehoods must be OK.

I don't say you have to "like it", but if you want society where people can freely express their sentiments, then you have to let the trolls have there day.

Also, the best "weapon" against hate or falsehood speech is MORE SPEECH. i.e. you are free to criticise the trolls. However they are not to be "hunted down" and "dealt with" by the authorities---at least not in a so-called 1st world cuntree. Perhaps in N Korea, but please not in Singapore.

Unless you are a moron, or have selective hearing, or just simply won't accept FACT, here is a fact you slumber-party cocksuckers should wake up to:

FACT: Lee Kuan Yew is a controversial figure---not every one likes him or likes what he has done. Some people absolutely HATE the man. Can you fucking deal with that? Or are you going to embarass the cuntree by your childish outbursts at the trolls.

Also, if you are a PUBLIC figure, living off PUBLIC money, then sorry lah, your life is not PRIVATE. So the arguments to "respect the privacy...blahdy blady blah blah blah....all BULLSHIT. It is up to each individual to conduct themselves---i.e. some peope are "nice" about it, and others "not very nice at all". So grow the fuck up, become an ADULT and act like one.

The makority of the trollas are YOUNG people. These internet-savvy folks can read, buy content, say, listen to anything they fucking like on the net. It should therefore come as NO SURPRISE to learn that these young people are not going to put up with the BULLSHIT they get on a daily basis from the PAP. Why should they? why should they even acknowledge an "authority" who attempts to control their minds by "social engineering"?

So to all the trolls, you have my blessing, my approval, and occasionally my agreement. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Comeuppance time. Take your just dessert like a man.

Anonymous said...

Knn, thot you are heavily sedated and hooked onto a machine. Why are you still here?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

According to Business Insider, he is #2

Benign Dictatorship rocks!

Anonymous said...

Even a small young fellow citizen like Roy, they are not even gracious enough to show mercy to him by giving him the benefit of doubt.

Instead, they killed his career and are out to destroy him. Similar as what the old man did to others when he was younger.

If you happen to be at the receiving end, can you so easily forgive those who are out to destroy you to the end without any give and take and yet at the end of it, they expect themselves to be forgiven ?

Are other peoples' lives so cheap ?

Anonymous said...

Benevolent dictator rorts.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 514:

>> Are other peoples' lives so cheap ?

No. Usually it is cheaper. People tend over-value themselves and their abilities. This is known as the Dunning Kruger effect.

It is quite "normal" for the authoritarian state to sacrifice a few heads to set an example and reinforce the idea of "authority" in the minds of the people.

An effective dictator motivates his docile sheeple by carrot and stick. However when a stick is used, it must be a big one and applied with great force. Otherwise the sheeple will get crazy ideas of "freedom" and slowly take the dictator less seriously.

We just cannot have that. Singapore will collapse.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As I was saying...these trolls tend to be young folks.

The "naughty boy" who kena tangkap by the coppers is a minor, under 16. He successfully duped CNN, and other international news services, and made them "lao qui" by reporting news without first checking their facts. Idiots.

Epic stuff, young man. Gotta give this kid some props ;-)

Hope the PMO and SPF cut this fella some slack, and let him off....ok lah, scold the fella a bit. But all he did was a harmless prank lah, a joke. I hope the adults can appreciate some "youthful exuberance" and "childish mischief".

Anonymous said...

Get the man stuffed and everybody is happy.

patriot said...

Hey Matilah Singapura.

The Kid was playing prank about THE FOUNDING FATHER OF SIN. How dare he play play with such BIG SHOT?

For playing, which most kids do, the PENALTY COULD BE $50K FINE AND OR 10 YEARS JAIL OR MIXURES OF BOTH.

You asking him to be let off? Any chance of it happening?
I hope so.
As we know, he is JUST A KID.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:

>> How dare he play play with such BIG SHOT?

Well, he did. And good on him for doing so. He had the balls to do "his thing". He had the spirit, the drive---those elements sadly lacking in the countless, useless rallies at Hong Lim by orgnanised and attended by scared and docile Sheeple---idiots who think that talking alone will change the world. No sunshine, talk is rubbish, you need ACTION or nothing will change.