LKY – Dancing on the world stage

The world was his stage. He was one of the key actors playing his part brilliantly and at times to eclipse the roles of many big players. In a way he usurped the roles of other bigger players and claimed the stage as his own when others faltered or could not continue to stay on and were replaced. His endurance made him a permanent cast to provide the continuity in an unending play. He was there when new players were introduced into the stage to show them the rope, how to play their roles without tripping on stage.

At home he had a smaller stage, in fact too small for him that there was no room for anyone else except himself. The years of honing his skills pushed him to eminence as the undisputed master in the trade, both at home and in the world.  Now the master is gone. The students have learnt, but not too well. Oops, some thought they have learnt enough to be able to carry the candle and pass it on. None of the students are in his class, to level up with him, but could be masters in their own right, in the smaller stage back home.

LKY is the equivalent of Huang Fei Hong, and his disciples will remain his disciples, with none able to achieve and attain his level of skills to play at the highest level of the game.

The students will play their parts but would not excel to propel them to the international stage like the master, not at the moment. Perhaps some might hone their skills to keep the flame burning and find their place in the international stage as a major player, perhaps. Perhaps left on their own, they would grow and fight their way onto the world stage. They would have to prove their worth to be there, no one will be there to offer them a place on stage. They must earn it.

What is worrying is that the smaller stage, the home stage maybe too small for the students but not in the same way it was too small for LKY. In their blinded ignorance or arrogance, they brought in bigger players to play in the small stage with a false sense of security. Little did they realize that when the master was around, no outsiders would dare to usurp their role to upstage the disciples. The master was still keeping a keen eye on the stage. Now master is no more.

Would the students be able to hold on to their prominent role in the home stage? Or would they be ousted from the stage by the bigger and more ruthless players from afar, without the protection and watchful eyes of the master? The students have a small stage to play on. Would the stage be too small that there would be no standing ground for them to stand on?

The students have learnt, or may have learnt, but may not have mastered much of the master’s prowess and shrewdness to stay on the stage. It looked easy when the master was around. It even looked easy to be calafare on the international stage, as stand ins or guest stars. Minus the master’s overwhelming presence and aura, the big stage would be too crowded for them. Hopefully they can keep on dancing on the small stage and not be taken away from them. Dancing on the small stage can also prove perilous to the naïve, innocence and daft.

Would they lose the stage? Would they lose their pants? Forget about dancing on the world stage when the master is gone.


Anonymous said...

Would they lose the stage? Would they lose their pants?

Not at all.

How could the students lose the stage or their pants, when their strongest opponents are not even ready to go up the stage, let alone take over their stage, u tell me lah?

And u know why their opponents are not even ready? Due to their great teacher lah, of course. And this is he best thing their teacher left behind for them and will last even for years to come.

Anonymous said...

I think it all depends on whether majority Sinkies still think LKY = PAP = vote for PAP lah.

If they do, then sorry lah, the Sinkie opposition, including Ah Hia and team, 101% for sure will be wiped out in the next election. Of course this is from judging the extraordinary crowds and queue paying their last respects to LKY lah.

But then hor, Sinkie crowds are also no indication that they will vote for the party lah. Or else, u tell me lah, how could WP not have won more seats, judging also from the extraordinary crowds at their election rallies, as compared to the pathetic crowds at PAP rallies?

Anonymous said...

They will not lose to the opposition parties. The stage will be stolen by those they dragged in, inside the bowel of the Trojan Horse.

Anonymous said...

I will not vote for wp or any other opp party because the opp parties are just not ready and good enough to be the SG govt.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Opposition Parties so that they will quickly learn to be ready to form the next government.
They will learn by doing.
Just like crybaby LKY learn by doing in 1965, after Separation from Malaysia.

Mikospace said...

Simple maths:


Those who criticise him (perfectly ok to do so, yes!) do so within the comfort and safety of the Nation he created.

No matter which way you turn, we are inescapably in LKY's Singapore; We shall enter the Future with his strong Legacies,
Or perish altogether by copying others and becoming ordinary.

His work is NOT finished;
WE have to continue making Singapore stronger and more viable,
Tweaking policies as we adapt
To a changing world,
Holding fast to LKY's Wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Is this a better description?

LKY = PAP = Pro Alien Policies

Anonymous said...

LKY = PAP = Pro Alien Policies

Yew mean Singapore and Singaporeans are not part of the PAP equation anymore?

Anonymous said...


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What usually happens when after The master has shrugged off his mortal coil is that he leaves a "power vacuum" and thus a jostling for power will break out amongst his "disciples", and as redbean so correctly (this time) suggests that there could also be outside contenders possibly highly motivated with a high degree and quality of "innovative ruthlessness" come into the ring to give it the good old college try.

This should be exciting to watch, to cheer and jeer along with the action; a sort of "political UFC". Perhaps everyone could take sides, perhaps even take it to the streets until they deploy the army and riot police---make those "tan chia" fellas work for their money---enjoy the entertainment by seeing---in real life---our TAX DOLLARS WORKING for us.

The news reports, videos and pictures will be worth their weight in gold. The world will see a once pristine Singapore---one of the planet's "premier brands"---descend into an orgy of political and social unrest with images of bleeding people, tear gas, burning objects, and fuckers being mowed down by water cannon and automatic fire. I say, fuck the rubber bullets, use live ammunition---it is more fun and amplifies the entertainment value to Bollywood-style action films. There is nothing more thrilling in human history than to see a cuntrees military being deployed against The Sheeple they are supposed to protect. I guarantee you, I will have an INSTANT ERECTION; no Viagra® needed :-))

But, alas, that probably won't happen. Singapore sheeple are too docile and the parliament too boring and orderly. The best we can hope for is a string of DEFAMATION LAW SUITS and counter suits, the way The Master used to do it to remove "unfit contenders" from the political arena.

Got Queensberry Rules?

Anonymous said...

Were the seeds of our current Pro Alien Policies in 1977?
- see Straits Times below

The Straits Times, 19 August 1977, Page 16
Lee: Things going to get tougher as new problems arise

“If that is so, then our work permit phenomenon is a permanent one.
We will have an annual intake, which will be permanent, of so many thousands of healthy, striving, often because they are hungry, types.
They, having stayed here five years, can be expected to marry a Singaporean and add to your population.
There is, logically, no other way.
At the same time, we must also lower our birth rate in order to absorb foreign workers on a permanent basis.”


- would I be correct to say that LKY seems to be suggesting a permanent policy to reduce the population of Singaporeans.
- and to replace Singaporeans with aliens.

- Is it correct to also infer that if there are not enough jobs to go around, priority will be given to foreigners and Aliens?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Amos Yee, a singularly very AWESOME young man, who on one level makes me feel jealous because I wasn't as ELOQUENT as he is at fucking religion or dictators when I was his age.

Sorry Singapore. As a "mature" cuntry, you are not. The moment someone says something which "offends" you, you make police reports. FUCK YOU, to those people who cannot take it.

Well done young man!, you are truly GOAT!