Please stop the PME crap

The Govt does not have any responsibility or obligation to provide jobs for PRs and foreigners. Period.

The civil service, stats boards and GLCs have thousands of good jobs available. Just reserve these jobs for citizens and the PME problems will be solved immediately. The fear of entitlement mentality is non issue as the Govt/employer has the option not to hire the bad attitude and unemployable. Giving preference and priority to citizens is not an unconditional entitlement.There is also no problem with excessive pay for oldies. It is not necessary to pay the oldie PMEs in the millions or the same pay they used to draw.

A reasonable compensation, even a 30% cut, for the same job in lieu of the age and slowness of oldies would not be disputed. However, age is not a major determining factor in many job and how the employee should be paid as many could perform just as well or better despite their age. It is the health of the PMEs and whether they are able to cope with the demands of the job. A 90 year old PME could be healthier or more able than a 45 year old. But young and healthy PMEs should be paid their fair value for the job.

The Govt should do the necessary with respect to jobs in the govt service and GLCs for Singaporean PMEs. No more crappy excuses. The Govt owes it to the citizens. If the Govt still thinks that it owes the foreigners and PRs good jobs, then let the foreigners and PRs elect them to be the Govt. The citizens should elect a Govt that takes care of their interest and well being, and to provide them with good and decent jobs before offering the excess jobs to foreigners and PRs. Why should they vote for a govt that chose to offer good jobs to foreigners instead of citizens?

And stop the silly practice of giving good jobs to foreigners followed by a pink IC at the same time. This is cheating the citizens.

The Govt is of the people, by the people, for the people. The Govt is not of the foreigners/PRs, by the foreigners/PRs and for the foreigners/PRs. The people must remember this by hard and so must the politicians that are put into political office by the people. The people must know who and why they vote them to power. Make this an election issue in the next GE. Remember, whoever you vote to Parliament must be there to look after your interest, not the interest of foreigners.

Politicians must not betray the very people that vote them to political office.


Anonymous said...

The government & civil servants are to be for Singaporeans, by Singaporeans and not the reverse to import Foreigners to replace Singaporeans. We want to invite Foreigners to be our construction workers, maids, waitresses, road sweepers and those jobs that we do not want. But our very well trained, disciplined and hardworking and smart Singaporean students and graduates must be given PMET jobs in banks, MNCs, GLCs, hospitals, etc and in due time be given the opportunities to be top honchos.

The LEEs folly was obsession to get our top students and paid them very well to make them all YES-MAN to them....this has been and still is the great human resource destruction to Singapore.
No wonder they are short of LOCAL talent.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean:

"Tolong tolong tolong...the world owes me a living"!

patriot said...

Though I agree with most of the Contents in this Thread, got to say that Sinkies ARE FREE TO ELECT THEIR RULERS.


Anonymous said...

The Govt is of the people, by the people, for the people -- if this is true, why are there so many unhappy people in sg and numbers seems to be growing each passing day. Or unhappy people is just a myth.

Anonymous said...

Where got people complain? No right? So people are all very happy. Next GE PAP majority sure to go up.

Anonymous said...

The garment very happy creating good jobs for foreigners and PRs.

What is your problem?

Anonymous said...

"Politicians must not betray the very people that vote them to political office."

But if Sinkies accidentally vote for a Pro Alien Politician then how?
What is the difference between a Pro Alien Politician and a Traitor?

Are Sinkies really so stupid that they would vote for a Pro Alien Politician who will make us and our children unemployed?

Sympathizer in Another Land said...

When you have a very sick leader at the helm, some more one with cancerous cells in his brain and heart and whole body, including the blood circulation system and lymphatic system, you really have a very big problem.

No country in the world would elect a very sick person to any office, let alone the most important office in the land.

Your country is SICK. Because your leaders are sick. You can clearly see and know this fact many years ago. There is something seriously wrong with the brains and hearts of those people who at suppose to lead you and take care of your people.

Think seriously and deeply about it. Otherwise, you people must also be sick, if you keep electing someone who are totally against you, the people, but only taking care and safeguarding their own rice bowls.

Good Luck To You Guys. Hope you won't become a sick people also.
May be it is too late for this warning. 60% may be already very sick in their brains, is it not?

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day it boils down to getting the best value from whoever you employ. For argument sake, a position held by a 60 year old Singaporean would produce X amount of work. He is paid $Y. Now to get rid of him and replace him with a FT would allow the employer to get X+x amount of work, but the employer would only have to pay $Y-y. Doesn't that make sense? If you were to own the enterprise, would you not follow the above route? The bottom line decides who you best employ to maximise your profit. Period.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line decides who you best employ to maximise your profit. Period.
March 11, 2015 3:31 pm

Really ah?
So clever.
Then what for our boys do NS for?
How does doing NS maximize the profits for our NS boys?
National Service maximizes the profits for the employers because their assets get free protection from our NS boys.
But how do our NS boys benefit?
Just vote out the PAPigs and Traitors in GE 2016.
It's time Singaporeans maximize our own profits instead of PAP or employers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.16 pm

What has NS got to do with employment of FT PMEs? At the end of all these crap argument is the size of profit/loss of the employer. If I can make a profit by employing FTs instead of locals then I would certainly do so. There is no point running a business if not for profit. NS has nothing to do with profit/loss of a business. If you think the opposition will do better, then by all means vote for them. Whoever wins the next GE is not going to make an employer do whatever he can to maximise the profit of his business.

Please stop confusing the issue. NS has nothing to do with profit/loss of any Singaporean company.

Anonymous said...

NS has nothing to do with profit/loss of any Singaporean company.
March 11, 2015 5:08 pm

If National Service does not contribute to profit/loss, then by definition, National Service has no economic value.
If National Service has no economic value, then why do National Service?

Anonymous said...

There was a time when the purpose of a business was to provide society with a valuable service and the gratitude of customers resulted in a `reward` for the business that we call `profit`; some good examples of companies following this principle remain but they are few and far in between. This kind of thinking has been replaced by the rampant self-centred greed that underpins the failures of so-called `free market` ideology and precipitated the recent financial crisis. We have not learnt that such unbridled excesses are ultimately self-destructive. Governance is about recognising the failures and limitations of free markets, so-called `trickle down economics` and so on. It is to appreciate the tendency towards excesses and to reign in such impulses for the greater coillective good. Naivety about how ideological imperatives shape priorities and policies that are detrimental to society is responsible for the sometimes `gung-ho` bottom-line attitude still much prevalent among many Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.49 pm

I totally agree with you. However, in this sad era, especially here in Singapore, there is this overwhelming tendency to maximise profit at all cost. there is no room left for sentimentality or good old fashion values. GDP growth is the ultimate goal. Many salaries increment are based o GDP growth.

Anonymous said...

The profit maximizing mentality as promoted by PAP Millionaires "I'm here to maximize profits, you die is your business."
It matches the definition of a "sociopath" - A sociopath is defined as someone who is suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder. Sociopaths show a pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights and feelings of others.


Read the definition again.
"Sociopaths show a pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights and feelings of others."
- would detention without trial be a sign of a sociopathic politician?

Anonymous said...

If a company didnt increase the salary of staff for 3 years and yet they still stay on. This can only mean either they are overpaid or they cannot get current salary elsewhere. What do you think.

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as a self-serving, profit maximizing mentality of a PAP Millionaire?
If there is ... and the PAP Millionaire is willing to continue working for 3 years without a pay increase ... what does this mean?

Anonymous said...

Why do you think PRC is refusing to pay their leaders the same as ours after learning from us? Why are the PRC leaders demanding a pay cut from their top bank management staff?

Why are they offering the world a stock exchange with minimal manipulation and no HFT?

Why are they going after the corrupt officials?

b said...

this small island is a little playground to screw the locals lives by the rich lees who own it.

patriot said...

It could also be poor performance.

They are very lucky that they are not sacked.


Virgo 49 said...

Right bro, why should we be burdened to serve half of our prime lives away from families and defend the country, their businesses, their families, if that does not add value to do them.???

If Sinkie bosses have these mentalities that NS does not benefit them to protect their interests and this crazy matilah keeps harping that no one owes us a living, then abolish NS.

If we are not entitled to our rights to be the ones with the priority of our country jobs then we are also not obliged to serve the country in NS.




Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anti free market folks:

How nice it is to be ale to criticise "gung ho" Ayn Randian types who selfishly focus on profits, when you all can sit back and talk shit from the wealth you live in using technology that has been developed by billionaires and sold to you at an affordable cost.

Singapore is wealthy for many reasons, but an "open-economy" called "laissez-faire" in the old days had a huge part to play in the massive economic growth and wealth creation over the last 50 or so years.

No, the market doesn't guarantee "equality", because in nature there is no such thing. we as humans invented this thing called "equality"---i.e. it is a philosophical concept, not a "thing" that is real.

Competition can be brutal, but it does bring out the best choices---even though these choices may not accord with your idea (and it's only your own personal idea---invented in your mind) of "morality". Well, folks, that's tough. suck it up and deal with it like an adult.

Capitalism depends on each persona ability to create VALUE for as many other people as possible. Even though Singapore is not a 100% "free market", there is abundant economic freedom to place Singapore as #2 (behind HK) for anyone with a dream to have a MORE THAN FAIR SHOT at "making it" in private enterprise.

It all depends on ===> Y O U <===. All the resources and potential internationally-connected networks are already there, and growing. If you want a slice of the "action", you must act.

Private property, private sector, private enterprise...they fucking ROCK!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Sympathizer in Another Land, welcome to the blog.

There is a nicer to say what you said. Our leaders are not sick but not feeling too well. Otherwise still going strong.
Everything is fine.

Anonymous said...


How nice it is to be able to criticise "gung ho" Ayn Randian types...using technology that has been developed by billionaires and sold to you at an affordable cost.

Look who is talking!! Exploiting the 'entitlement-minded' Sinkies and then slinking back to his Aussie Lair to enjoy his ill-gotten gains. Hypocrite! Why don't you earn your keep and pay high taxes in the country you live like a responsible resident instead of moaning about it?

The technologies we enjoy today were developed NOT BY BILLIONAIRES but by young idealistic kids who were excited by what was possible for society not by making big bucks. They did BECOME billionaires and deservedly so. They are the real creators of wealth. There is a world of a difference between profit-seeking and profit-making; this distinction is obviously lost on you. Capitalism is about making a profit by offering a valued product/service; profit comes on the REBOUND. It is the aggressive profit-seeking at all costs mentality that Greenspan, an ardent disciple of your Ayn Rand, with her impoverished philosophy, promoted with dire consequences as he himself acknowledge on 24th Oct 2008 when the financial world collapsed. 'The global financial crisis has exposed a "mistake" in the free market ideology' Greenspan admitted to a congressional committee that he had been "partially wrong" in his hands-off approach towards the banking industry and that the credit crunch had left him in a state of shocked disbelief. "I have found a flaw," said Greenspan, referring to his economic philosophy. "I don't know how significant or permanent it is. But I have been very distressed by that fact."

So much for Rand's destructive outlook. Indeed Greenspan had an earlier warning 10 years before with the collapse of LTCM which nearly cause a bank run in America.

It is this 'toxic' brand of Capitalism still being promoted that is the cause of much misery around the world.
Singapore did not operate along these lines from the 1960s through to the 1980s; rather they stuck to good old fashioned Capitalism of the kind Adam Smith (whose thinking has been totally distorted)would have approved. You are probably too young to know about this 50 years ago.

'No, the market doesn't guarantee "equality"...Competitioncan be brutal, but it does bring out the best choices'

Nobody's talking about 'equality' but about equitable treatment; a concept associated with civilised society. There is no sacrosanct law that says a CEO must earn 50 times that of a cleaner; it is what society deems equitable or otherwise.

Only a simple-minded moron believes that Competition will always brings out the best. Competition often brings out the worst kinds of behaviour like subversion of others in the interest of self-survival. Moreover, this kind of 'dog-eat-dog', 'survival of the fittest' world reduces us back to the kind of caveman mentality that we left more than fifty thousand years ago. From hunter gatherers we became normads, then tribes, then we cooperated and built homes and cities; this is called civilisation. It requires sacrifice, deferring of self-gratification, consideration for others. This is why the father of Modern Capitalism wrote 'No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable..the whole body of people..should have a share of the produce of their own labour as to be themselves tolerably well fed, clothed, and lodged'

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 245:

I see that you don't particularly like free market capitalism. That's quite ok, no one is forcing you to ;-)

When you understand that I consider taxation as a form of theft, you will probably come closer to understanding my "applied hypocrisy", adopting the 3 flags theory of a Permanent Tourist. using some version of the multi-flag setup---i.e. earn in a low tax cuntree (or these days--the internet), live in a low expense cuntree, protect assets in the cuntree with the most no-nonsense courts, have citizenship in a cuntree of your choice for your own reasons.

I see you are quit the ex-spurt at cherry picking data to "win" an argument. Jolly good for you! May you win many arguments in your lifetime ;-)

Me? I'll just live quite nicely on this beautiful planet, and enjoy all the benefits I so evilly and selfishly accrue. Hope that's alright with you...actually, I don't care :-)

Got Selfishness?

Anonymous said...

No country can bring down the USA except the Americans themselves. Today they are indulging in all kinds of crimes at the highest level and thinking they can get away with it.

They could when their supremacy was unchallenged and when they was no alternative models.

Today their military supremacy is being challenged and there are other alternatives. When the American financial system collapses, they can't pick up the pieces anymore. The rest of the world will move on.