Cheng Meng at HDB estates?

Is it lucky or unlucky that the columbarium idea at Sengkang West is scrapped for the time being? For those who were thinking of paying respect to their ancestors in HDB estates during Cheng Meng they must be quite disappointed. The convenience of walking downstairs without the hassle of going to Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Brown or Yishun or Mandai must be a let down.

There is a brighter side to it though. Think of the crowd and cars parking in the HDB estates like those along the roads in Choa Chu Kang, Mandai and Bukit Brown during Cheng Meng, and all the smokes that came along, which is better? The traffic jams in HDB estate would not be easy to bear for the residents.

Traffic jams during Cheng Meng normally lasted practically the whole day and for a few weekends. Can HDB estate residents tahan or not? I think it will increase the strains on our multi racial population and unpleasant incidents could happen when the estates are packed by the visitors descending on them at the same time. The new citizens would need more time to adapt and integrate into this social event of the locals.

Anyone still wants a columbarium in your backyard? Would there be more columbarium built in HDB estates?


Anonymous said...

Travel No More! Travel No More!

Think-out-the-box, please.

Now, if most homes can come with
bomb shelters, a quiet resting
place for placing the urns can be
creatively designed within the

In this way, there is no need to
travel anymore during festivals.

What say U?


Goh said...

Use our brain to think than to blindly listen to those poot how kias, no brainer , losers or chia kantang angmosais....

I am one who will go Chengbeng annually and travel to Penang and other places just to pay respect.
You dun see much vehicles nowadays at cemetery or columbarium unlike those days where I have to be there at 5am.
Vehicle getting lesser nowadays becos not many remember and pay respect to their love one once the latter kick the bucket.
If columbarium is built in Sengkang,
Sengkangites should be given priority .
Where got carpark problem. Even if resident of other estate can have a place there, it does not pose any problems as not everyone drive and public transport is more accessible than those cemetery or columbarium elsewhere.

Sengkangites miss a chance to enjoy such facilities. All becos of these poothowkias.

Goh said...
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jjgg said...

Why not build columbariums outside all government offices..they are well sited and serviced immaculately by mrts... The biggest columbarium must be at hdb hq...The smoke n sounds of cheng meng will go a long way to arouse the sleeping fat cats

Goh said...

Me has sixth sense that a columbarium will be built there and specially apply for a flat near to it., so that I can let my forebears be near me.
Because of this opposition my dream evaporated.
Sigh .
Wonder can I withdraw my application and take back my deposit:-(

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

Former NSP secretary-general Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss leaves to join Chiam See Tong's party - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/former-nsp-secretary-general-jeannette-chong-aruldoss-le#sthash.sGsYgP5B.dpuf

Hahahaha. One more reason HDB can build columbarium in HDB estates without fear of their master, the PAP Khaw losing more votes next GE.

Anonymous said...

Wah lau eh. Sinkie opposition are like frogs.

How to vote for frogs?

Anonymous said...

How to vote for frogs?
Anon 12:34 pm

Why not? If Ah Chiam can accept frogs, why u cannot vote for frogs?

And if Teochew Ah Hia can praise PAP, why u cannot vote for PAP?

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with columbarium in my HDB backyard if the PAP Millionaires will also build columbariums in THEIR own millionaires' backyard at 6th Avenue and Orchard Road.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I find it both sad and funny that people---in the year 2015---are still so squeamish not only about death, but about columbariums.

In a previous post I mentioned that I once rented a room overlooking the back lawn of the mortuary at Tan Tock Seng, and was one of the nicest places I've lived in Singapore. (dead people are quiet people).

For me, I'm donating my body to science. Scientists and students can play with my asshole, perform "comedic acts" such as cutting off my dick and shoving it in my mouth, or slicing off a hand or finger to play jokes perhaps in restaurants or other public places. Or they can do real science. Fact is, I don't care---"I" am NO MORE. My existence has ceased.

No need for Cheng Meng. My relatives and friends can save their money and spend both their time and money however they fucking want---no obligation to "honour" my memory, and definitely no grave to clean. (an absurd cultural practice)

Wake the fuck up lah, superstitious cunts ;-)

Goh said...

Cheng Beng got nothing much to do with superstition lah.
I choose to agree with Professor Wu Te Yao who can explain to you better if he is still around.
You donating your spare parts to science meh. Have you made the will or just say only.
Maybe you should ask for the spare parts to be thrown into the sea to see whether the fish n prawn died instantly:-)

Goh said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Cheng Beng got nothing much to do with superstition lah.

Please lah...ancestral worship? It is nothing BUT superstition! Which is ok....people are free to be as silly as they choose, but I don't have to agree with it ;-)

>> You donating your spare parts to science meh. Have you made the will or just say only.

No, not 'spare parts"---the whole body lah. No parts fit for transplant. All too old and fucked already.;-) Will made and filed with West Australian court already. No big deal here in Australia. People donate their bodies all the time. Save on funeral costs :-))

b said...

Sg land too precious, just build them in batam or bintan or best, spread in the sea lah. 生不带来,死不带去.

Goh said...

Netizen Patriot here will agree with you to say that except mentioning batam or Bintan.
死无葬身之地 is oredi pathetic for Sinkies.

Suggesting to put them far away is not a good idea to me.This NIMBY mentality should not be encouraged :-((

Goh said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone:

Please lah, your superstition is based on fuck-knows-I dunno-what.

Here is how human remains are cremated. The bones are crushed up in like a big food processor---imagine your kitchen. Then they are mixed up with the rest of the ashes and put into a cardboard box. No one gives a shit about your dear departed. Every dead person is just a lump of organic matter, which very soon begins to rot as bacteria and insects feed on it. (i.e. your"dear departed" isn't anything special)

A few years ago, I went to collect the cindery remains of my uncle who died at age 90. None of the other superstitious idiot relatives of mine would do it, including his fucked children. I picked up the cardboard box---still warm, brought it home and kept it in my cupboard next to my shoes :-)

Being an inquisitive type, I of course opened the box. There were ashes with very distinct tiny bone fragments.

A few hours later I get a call form one of the female relatives asking me to "deliver" the box to their house because "a priest is coming over to bless your uncle". WTF? Uncle mati orleidi lah. This is a box of ashes, it is NOT uncle.

Anything and everything religious/ superstitious and "spiritual" (WTF is spiritual? I have no idea. I doubt anyone knows either. They just throw the word around as if it means something. It doesn't!) makes me angry---not because it is all stupid, unimaginative FICTION, but because intelligent adults, with good jobs and good standing in society believe this SHIT.

So this moron aunty of mine made me mad lah. I decided to get her back. I asked her: "Hey aunty, how do you know that the box contains uncle's ashes? The crematorium does several cremations at one time. They just burn the corpses and crush up the bones...who knows which ashes and bones belong to who?"

To this day, this aunty still hasn't forgiven me.

Moral of story: Ask a question which shines a light on The Truth, and some people will HATE you for it.

No wonder they killed Socrates :-)

patriot said...

Ancestor Worship is a Chinese Tradition since time immemorial.
As an atheist, many could and will find it surprising that I am in favour of remembering our forebears in a formal manner. Must say that though I find most rituals too superstitious, not all are so. There are many meaningful ones in them. Other Races too have rites for the Deceased.
Most fundamental to most humans is the Sanctity of life. All sane and reasonable person will also be grateful to all who brings him/her up with love and sacrifice. The Special Relationship in blood and kin is of the Highest Order and should be treasured when one is alive.
Humans are spiritual beings with feelings and are most able to show and express them. Love, loath, sad, grief, compassion, joy and happiness are all manifestations of spirit(mood).

So, how death is treated shows how one values the Sanctity of life and how grateful one is in existence. Do not treat the Dead like they are worthless. That is all I would say for the Topic.


Goh said...

Well said.
I share the same view

patriot said...

Like to add that I do not make offering to the Dead.
I visit their places of rest.
When involve in rituals, I fulfill the Wishes of living elders with my mind goes blank. However, I would recall whatever I know of the Deceased and mix with others around.
For the consolation of elders, I will satisfy them to the maximun as I do not lose anything in fulfilling their wishes or even demands.


Goh said...

Cheng Meng is an event that allow the descendants seperated everywhere to gather together and get to know one another once a year.
No religious connotations.

Goh said...
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patriot said...

With reference to Agongkia's Comment about get together at Festivals, Religious and Otherwise, I am in favour of most celebrations, except the Superstitions and Fairytales behind them. Valentine and Mothers Day, though without Religious Connotation, are commercialized events not woryh supporting. All matters regarding love for everyone should be constant and consistent throughout.

The Fact is that most people, of all Races and Religions, make times to be at weddings, funerals and at festival celebrations. Otherwise, most do not get together whether as family, kin, relative and old neigjbour, school mate and colleague etc.
Many festivals are given public holidays and this gives rest and time for gathering to enjoy celebrations.

All in, there are much to enjoy in festivals and other celebrations though there are much exploitations and superstitions that unfortunately get in the Way. Hopefully, as time goes, superstitions are removed for the good of all civilizations.