Lee Kuan Yew - People queuing to pay last respect

I made a trip down to the Padang and Parliament House to take some photos on the people turning up to pay their last respect to LKY.

The photos run in sequence from the top to the bottom with people arriving and moving into the holding area at the Padang. The Padang was dotted with army tents to provide some cover from the sweltering heat while the queue zigzaged from one side of the field towards the Esplanade. After crossing the road they moved towards Victoria Concert Hall, going through the underpass beneath St Andrew Road to emerge in front of the Asian Civilisation Heritage Centre. From there they walked along the Singapore River towards the new Parliament House.

Another queue in front of the City Hall/Supreme Court was formed for the seniors and children for a shorter route to the Parliament House.


Anonymous said...

"Stop queueing.
Go back to work!"
What LKY might say.


Mikospace said...

"Q-ing" - A lasting legacy of MM Lee Kuan Yew. He made us Q, taught us how to Q, and fined those who did not. That was the 1970s.
Today, Singaporeans are borned to Q.
It's in our DNA - the Q-markers programmed into all true Singaporeans!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> People queuing to pay last respect

Or maybe to make sure the guy is actually dead. You just can't trust the info you get form the media these days---best to discover the "evidence" for yourself :-)

>> the queue zigzaged from one side of the field towards the Esplanade.

He's a ROCK STAR lah. Bona fide, no nonsense, more dynamic "front man" than Mick Jagger, bigger than Elvis.

Anonymous said...

He is bigger than a rock star. Where got people Q for 8 hours for a rock star? Not in this island for sure and for so many days.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You're right. Much bigger than rock star.

>> Q for 8 hours

Seriously?!? I had no idea. That is truly awesome. This is true god/ idol status. Respect lah!

Anonymous said...

RB, one of your pics showed a road sign, Indian National Army Monument. Did they consult the historians on the role of INA and whether INA was involved in the massacre of the Chinese by the Japanese during WW2 in the island?

b said...

must see with their own eyes that he really passed away?

b said...

Q-ing is a national sport for sinkies whether it is for LKY or Hello Kitty.