Tharman’s budget – Handouts or welfarism

For once I share the pains of our Ministers and MPs in Parliament for speaking out against the angpow budget pushed out by Tharman. We have resisted 50 years not to turn our country, sorry, not sure if it is still a country, into a welfare state. We have carefully planted in the minds of our people that welfarism is bad. It would lead to a crutch mentality when the people become too dependent on the Govt for handouts and refuse to work, become lazy.

This Tharman budget is exactly that, a welfare budget, leaning to the left and like what NMP Chia Yong Yong said, would lead to nothing left in our reserves. How can we empty our reserves and turn this island into a welfare state? This is not sustainable. Where is the money going to come from? The recipients of welfare would lose the drive to work. This is very dangerous.

Look at our Ministers and MPs, no welfare or subsidies except their million dollar income and $16,000 allowance and they could live well and never bother to ask for welfare or subsidies. And they are still working so hard, never loosen their work ethics despite the big handouts, oops I mean pay and allowance. See the point?

It is not the subsidies or welfare. It is how much they are getting. The solution is simple. Give the people enough like the Ministers and MPs and they would scorn and talk cock about the danger of welfarism. They would go to the street to demonstrate against welfarism and handouts. They would throw out any govt that proposes the easy way of going left.

Maybe giving the people millions would not be sustainable. A few ministers getting millions is surely sustainable. How about $16,000 to the MPs or more political appointment holders, more mayors and ministers of states? Sustainable? Where is the money coming from? How come no MPs asking any questions whether these largesses are sustainable? Silver Support Scheme not unsustainable? Maybe $3,000, yes $3,000 is just right. I think if the Govt were to give the people $3,000 each, no need $16,000, they would be so happy and would tell the Govt to do away with all the subsidies and handouts. And they would surely work as hard as the Ministers and MPs. The more entitlements or handouts, the harder they will work. The Ministers and MPs are testimonies to this formula. See how hard they are working despite their high income, not handouts? See, no crutch mentality right?

To those who are talking against the handouts or welfare state mentality, I think they are wrong. People work harder with bigger handouts and welfarism. When they are earning millions, working is for fun and they are enjoying every moment of their life, working or talking cock doesn’t matter. The trick therefore is to make the people rich and fat and they would all be happy working and enjoying life. No more needs for subsidies and welfarism.

Tiok boh?


Anonymous said...

It's the Singaporeans that are subsidizing this PAP government.
PAP government tax away my money with their GST.
PAP government make me pay my rent 99 years in advance for leasing my HDB flat from them for 99 years.
So when I receive my money back from the PAP government, why is that called a subsidy?
It was my money in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Tax Tax Tax Everywhere!

Handouts and subsidies have to come from somewhere, ie. YOU!

Our minister cannot play magic.

You have to pay taxes!

Therefore if you want to live in this crowded tiny city state you have no way to escape, no choice but be taxed, taxed and taxed!

Tax tax tax everywhere!


Anonymous said...

cheers...minister lim say say
said it right this time.......

he called for GROWTH this time to
balance/fund the budgets......

not in the past....where the call
was to be cheaper and betterer
and bester......

yes! GROWTH is what we really need.....

not just Cheaper, Betterer and Bester.....


Anonymous said...

To think of it, what is our reserve anyway? If we have no idea what it is and how much we have, all talks are useless. RB may think by giving welfare we will become dry but what if we had trillion trillions in our stashed somewhere?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 9:33 is right. How much is in our reserves? I am writing something on this.

Anonymous said...

"How much is in our reserves? I am writing something on this."
March 05, 2015 9:44 am

Just don't take 56 man years hor.

Anonymous said...

I am speechless with the nmp comment that not all of our cpf is our money. Why dont she tell the govt that it is also not their money.

Anonymous said...

"I am speechless with the nmp comment that not all of our cpf is our money. Why dont she tell the govt that it is also not their money."
March 05, 2015 10:13 am

If I understand PM Lee correctly, NMP Yong Yong had a prior discussion with PM Lee before finalizing her speech.

"Yong Yong had asked me earlier whether we had settled the CPF policy, and if so was it worth her while to speak. I said we had worked out the main changes, but strongly encouraged her to express her view and contribute to the public debate. I am glad that she did, and to such good effect."

I have to wonder just how independent minded these NMPs are.
These NMPs are "nominated" into parliament.
As such, these NMPs do not represent Singaporeans in parliament since NMPs were not elected by Singaporeans in a General Elections.
And yet, these NMPs can cast votes that affect the well being of Singaporeans ... like the Population White Paper.

Am I correct to be concerned?
Are there any justifiable validity for my concerns?

Anonymous said...

Just because one is a lawyer does not mean one is intelligent.

Just because one is a lawyer does not mean one is good in numbers.

Just because one is a lawyer does not mean one can go around saying other people are mad.

Just because one is a lawyer does not mean one will be a good political leader.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1013:

>> I am speechless with the nmp comment that not all of our cpf is our money

What the fuck have I been telling you "selective hearing " motherfuckers all these years?

I think it is about time Singapore experienced some good old fashioned lefty welfarism.

The best part about welfarism is that it is ADDICTIVE, and it is very difficult to return to what was before, or remove it altogether.

The 2nd good thing about welfarism is that the sheeple become MORE DEPENDENT on the govt, i.e. the politicians can exert MORE CONTROL over you, because now you are DEPENDENT on these "hand outs".

It begins with "hand outs" After a few iterations of hand-outs, it becomes a NORM---i.e. something everyone expects at every budget.

This is in line with my prediction of MATILAH SINGAPURA The Sheeple will self-sabotage themselves without even being aware. They will depend more and more on the government for "help". The Sheeple will believe that the government actually "cares" about them.

The entertainment value? Swweeeet! I'll be laughing my balls off!

Anonymous said...

Neither handouts nor welfarism, it is vote buying.

Anonymous said...

The people getting all the big handouts and welfare are the ministers and the MP/directors.

And they are accusing others of asking for more handouts and welfare.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are cheap, a few dollars and small subsidies will buy their votes when GE comes.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Singaporeans are cheap. At least the gahment still got money to give out. I want that few dollars.

You go America, it is the other way round. Come erection time, the citizens give the money to the gahment.

Which one you want?

Everyday complain, like a small frog in pond, think that you are big frog.

b said...

There are smart and kuku sinkies. Smart ones will pocket the monies and do as they think fit. They have a mind of their own. Kuku ones will pocket the monies and do what the gahmen tell them. THey are like sheeps and do not have a mind of their own.

Anonymous said...

1:25, your wife went to see RB again? Or was it your mum?